90 DAY FIANCÉ Scott Wern and Daniele Gates feud escalates, police called after death threat?!

90 Day Fiance Love In Paradise Scott Wern and Daniele Gates feud

90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise co-stars Scott Wern and Daniele Gates are currently involved in an online feud that escalated on Monday to the point where Scott claims he received a death threat and had to call the police!

Fans were first made aware of the friction between Scott and Daniele thanks to a brief Instagram video he posted on Sunday. “You just entered the Twilight Zone and Happy Halloween,” Scott captioned the clip, adding a jack-o-lantern emoji.

The video begins with Scott holding his phone up to the camera with the Starcasm Instagram post featuring our parody image of Scott and Daniele as a Love In Paradise couple (included at the top of this article).

As the spoken Twilight Zone intro played in the background, Scott then holds up his phone again to show an apparent text exchange with Daniele:

90 Day Fiance Scott Wern and Daniele Gates text messages

After the Twilight Zone intro ended, Scott played a voice mail that certainly sounds like Daniele Gates. Here’s the transcript from the voice mail:

So, Im going to send this as a voice mail fully knowing that it’s going to be shared in a group chat somewhere, or it’s going to be discussed in a video. But perhaps, maybe if I send this voice mail, you can hear me and you can understand what it is I need from you.

I need you to stop using my name in your videos. Do not tag me in your videos. Do not put pictures of me on your feed. This is the third time that I have to ask you. Please pretend like I don’t exist!

Your obsession with cast members makes me very, very uncomfortable. I’ve said it multiple times and you’re not understanding that boundary. I’m establishing a boundary. Respect it, and honor it.

Scott’s video left a lot of his followers confused about what happened, so he posted a follow-up video to explain. In the clip, Scott said he didn’t have a problem with Daniele at all until “she she called me a clout chaser, womanizer, everything and anything” online without ever having met him in person.

Last week, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Gabriel Pabon attended Orlando Pride with Daniele and his The Other Way co-star, Jen Boecher.

Scott said Gabe asked him to attend as well. “Yeah, of course, man,” Scott told Gabe after being invited. “I’d love to help you out.”

Scott and his new girlfriend Sandra made the 80-mile drive to Orlando. But, when they arrived, Jen told him that Daniele was there as well and “she can’t stand you.”

“At the end of the day, Sandra and I are, like, ‘Listen, we’re gonna do our own thing. It’s cool. We’ll let it slide,'” Scott claimed.

After photos of Gabe, Jen, and Daniele at Orlando Pride were posted online, Scott shared them on his account. “Then she sends me this message giving me an ultimatum, and nobody’s giving me an ultimatum,” Scott said of Daniele’s reaction. “I could care less about her.”

Scott admitted that he did tag Daniele one time by accident, thinking he was tagging 90 Day Fiancé Season 2 star Danielle Jbali (of Danielle and Mohamed fame).

“That’s the whole story,” Scott continued. “So then she reaches out to me, giving me these ultimatums and this and that and the other — which are completely delusional. And I’m not gonna be told what to do!”

Here’s the rest of what Scott had to say in that video:

I stand behind my post one hundred percent because I’m not going to be bullied — even by a woman — and told ‘You can’t do this’ or ‘You can’t do that.’ No, nobody’s going to tell me that. And she’s the last thing in my mind.

And in the future, if she wants to reach out, her being married to a Hispanic man, I have a Hispanic girlfriend. So in the future, don’t contact me, Daniele, contact my girlfriend Sandra and she’ll be more than happy to speak to you, OK? Have a great day. Bye.

Scott received death threats, calls police

Scott’s defiance and standing up against Daniele’s alleged bullying didn’t put an end to the drama. He was soon back on Instagram with another video claiming that his phone number had been posted “on Daniele’s thread” and he was receiving threatening phone calls.

He said he received “like eight calls,” including one that was essentially, “I’m going to hurt you really bad/death threat…if I keep talking about Daniele.” Scott then revealed he was going to take legal action. “This is getting really serious and I’m going to report this to police,” he said.

Scott’s next Instagram post was a photo of a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office vehicle parked by his house, accompanied by this caption:

Needs to stop!! I have enough evidence to pursue this. Make this very clear cease and desist!!!! If one word of me is mentioned, slandered, my number given out, I will pursue criminal and civil action!!!!! I have phone numbers, live saved and slanderous statements to affect my livelihood as a respiratory therapist!! Everything to gain and nothing to lose!!!!

Scott shared a little more information in the comments:

COMMENTER 1: Honestly, I think you’re a hot mess, Scott, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nobody deserves having the police called to their house as a form of revenge, and in my mind, it should be a form of harassment, something the police can arrest or ticket for?? It should also be a charge of a false call to 911/the police!

SCOTT: I called the police to get everything in writing and make other party’s aware to stop!!

COMMENTER 2: One doesn’t have to dial 911 to make a police report😂 The police and sheriff’s dept do have a phone # for non emergencies.

SCOTT: I called the non emergency number. They came out cause these matters today are not taken lightly!! If you feel compelled to shed negativity or question my motives!! I’ll block you!!! I have 0 tolerance for trollers, bloggers and pure haters mixed in with idiots!!!

COMMENTER 3: Daniele had a live video earlier about you.

SCOTT: I saved it for potential criminal and civil action 🙂 I won’t say anything more.

I do not know what was in Daniele’s live video. All I was able to find on her Instagram from the past 24 hours was a bunch of Instagram story posts about boundaries, Scorpios and narcissists.

Below are all of Scott’s Instagram posts for as long as they remain up:

UPDATE – All of Scott’s videos have been deleted. Only the photo of the police vehicle remains.


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