SISTER WIVES Janelle Brown’s celebrity crushes revealed

Janelle Brown from Sister Wives spoke to Radio Andy and confessed THREE different celebrity crushes. We know Christine Brown fancies Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore. Who does Janelle like?

Find out here…

Janelle and Christine Brown

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown are known for being 2/5ths of the TLC reality series Sister Wives. The show has followed the Browns since 2010 as the polygamists added a fourth wife to the group and navigated life as a plural family.

Though they had their ups and downs, no one expected Sister Wives to crumble as it has. Currently patriarch Kody Brown is only married to his newest wife Robyn, as first wife Meri, along with Christine and Janelle, have subsequently left the family.

Christine was the first to leave, moving back to Utah and starting completely over. After downloading the dating app Stir, it took Christine just mere months to meet the “love of her life” widow David Woolley. The pair are now married and living the good life roasting Kody every chance they get.

Janelle has moved on from Kody as well, however she has expressed that she is not as likely to jump into dating quite as fast as her bestie Christine.

Sister Wives celebrity crush

Most Sister Wives fans have heard Christine Brown go on about her celebrity crush, Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore. Allegedly she even has a blanket with his face on it?

While we appreciate that Christine is so open about her sexual interests these days, Janelle has always played things closer to the cuff… until now


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Janelle Brown has finally admitted who her celebrity crushes are, and lets just say… we love them for her!

Before we list the lucky guys we have to clarify… while we don’t find Kody Brown attractive, we can see that his hair was certainly a turn on for Janelle – all her crushes have long luscious locks.

Janelle Brown’s crushes

According to Janelle, the following celebrity men are the ones who get her hot: Gerard Butler, Sam Elliot, and Sean Connery (RIP!)

Janelle’s celebrity crush
byu/QuietlyLoud-Shh inSisterWives

Yes, all of Janelle Brown’s crushes are known for their sexy hair. It’s also cute to note that they all have facial hair, or more importantly, mustaches

They are also interesting ages: Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) is the same as Janelle, 54, but Sam Elliot (The Big Lebowski) is 79. Looks like age is nothing but a number for Sister Wives star!

These days Janelle is happy as a clam following around Christine and her new husband David, but we do hope that once she is ready to date that this queen finds herself a hairy, sexy, rugged guy who is WAY better than Kody Brown.

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