Chelsea DeBoer’s ex Adam Lind arrested yet again for violating multiple protection orders, outstanding child support

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind arrested again again again 2018

Teen Mom 2 dad Adam Lind is back behind bars after being arrested and charged with violating two protection orders in addition to outstanding child support.

According to Minnehaha County Jail records, Adam’s latest stint behind bars began at 3:27 AM Monday morning when he was booked and charged with the following:

Violation of Protection or No Contact Order
Non Support of Minor Child
Violation of Stalking Protection Order Domestic

One of the protection order violations is believed to be for Adam’s ex Brooke Beaton. Adam was arrested in November and charged with domestic assault against Brooke, and he was arrested again in December for violating a protective order stemming from that arrest.

Devout Teen Mom 2 fans may recall that Brooke and Adam dated years ago with similar results. She had Adam jailed for domestic stalking in December of 2014. Prior to that arrest, Brooke filed a restraining order and said at the time that Adam “has a very bad temper” before adding: “I am very scared for my safety and for my children’s [safety].”

The domestic stalking charges were later dismissed, due in part to Adam sharing text message conversations between himself and Brooke that seemed to back up his side of the story.

Getting back to the present, it is unclear who the second person is with a protection order against Adam that was violated. Chelsea DeBoer does have a new custody agreement in place that only allows Adam to visit Aubree at a designated visitation center. Adam reportedly violated that agreement at Easter when he posted a photo with Aubree at his parents’ house. I don’t think violating his custody agreement would equate to a violation of a protective order though.

Adam Lind Aubree together May 2018

Also, earlier this month, Adam posted a photo having lunch with his daughter Aubree at her school (above), which had many concerned fans reaching out to Chelsea online to let her know. “The agreement states he’s allowed to attend one school lunch a week if he chooses (this was the first time) and to attend events such as concerts etc,” Chelsea assured everyone. “I appreciate you guys looking out for me and my girly though,” she added. According to reports, it had been more than two years since Adam last visited Aubree at school for lunch.

I’ve been writing about Adam Lind’s numerous arrests for close to a decade now, and I am simply astonished at how lenient the legal system is in South Dakota when it comes to multiple DUIs and multiple violations of protective orders! In stark contrast, Adam’s friend Justin Anderson recently revealed that he got a 20-year sentence for having a pound and a half of marijuana.

And let’s not forget, MTV is just as lenient as they continue to feature Adam on the show. Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham is fired because of her perfectly legal business endeavors in the adult industry? Granted, Farrah was also reportedly very difficult to work with, but I think Adam is close to matching her in that regard as well! As viewers have seen, Adam has demonstrated the very same kind of diva behaviors as Farrah, making the producers’ jobs a real nightmare. I assume he is still around because producers DO NOT want to get rid of fan favorite Chelsea DeBoer, and Adam brings pretty much all the drama to her story line.

UPDATE – I completely forgot that Adam wasn’t on Season 8a at all. (We are currently a few episodes into Season 8b now.) He was definitely on 7a, but I’m not sure about 7b. The reason that there were never any headlines is because Adam was neither fired nor did he quit — he apparently just continues to refuse to film when asked. I guess he invested his previous Teen Mom 2 money well! (Aside from the Corvettes and legal expenses.)

Adam appears to still be behind bars with no bond set. He has a court appearance scheduled for Tuesday, so I assume he will be back out an arrested again soon.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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