VIDEOS Teen Mom 2’s Jonathan “Jo” Rivera rapping as N.I.C.K. B

Kailyn Lowry's baby daddy Jonathan Jo Rivera rapping in a Youtube video

It seems we have a new headline king in Teen Mom 2 land! Kieffer Delp has handed his crown over to Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy Jonathan “Jo” Rivera who follows up an arrest last week for suspicion of being under the influence of marijuana with a YouTube video of himself busting some serious rhymes under the alias N.I.C.K. B!

I have to confess that I put brand new batteries in my sarcasmometer and was all prepared to type up my diatribe making fun of Jo’s rapping skillz, but let me be the first to say that he isn’t bad! Am I right? I mean, I don’t know rap all that well but the word play seemed creative to me. I googled some of the lyrics and nothing came up so I assume either Jo or someone he knows wrote ’em.

There’s not much information about the track other than the YouTube title “JO aka N.I.C.K B from TEEN MOM 2” and a brief description that reads, “Jo from TEEN MOM 2 killing this Alchemist beat.”

UPDATE – Here is a second video of Jo rapping and in the description it says “JO recording TEEN DAD 2 response”

How ’bout those vintage black and white special effects!