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SELLING THE HAMPTONS Is Kelly Bensimon a real estate agent now?

Former Real Housewives of New York castmember Kelly Bensimon is now making a killing in New York real estate. <em>The New York Post reported that Kelly sold $50 million in properties in three months in early 2021, and she has now married reality television with her new career by appearing on Discovery +’s Selling the Hamptons.

RHONY Why isn’t Sonja Morgan making any money from her clothing business? Ramona investigates

Last year the Sonja by Sonja Morgan clothing line was pulling in $50k a month, but Sonja wasn’t seeing a penny of it. On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New York City, Sonja calls in friend Ramona Singer to sit down with her business partners and investigate where the money’s going.

RHONY Ramona Singer Fired? Is the Season 13 reunion canceled?

Trouble may be brewing for Real Housewives of New York as the reunion special and filming for next season have been postponed due to low ratings and other issues. One report that’s circulating claimed that longtime RHONY vet Ramona Singer has been fired from the show, but multiple “insider” tips say that’s definitely not the case. There may, however, be other cast shakeups going on.

RHONY Luann de Lesseps wants to sell a nonalcoholic sparkling rosé wine

Real Housewives of New York‘s Luann de Lesseps is currently sober again after relapsing during COVID and she’s working on moving forward with producing her non-alcoholic sparkling rosé, or “fauxsé” the masses. Many Real Housewivs have developed wine lines, but Luann may be the first to market a non-alcoholic social beverage, which is a growing market. There are a number of packaged faux-cocktails with exciting gourmet flavors coming out recently, so a fake rosé would probably be well-received as long as it tastes good.

RHONY Why did Dorinda Medley and John Mahdessian split after seven years together?

On tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of New York‘s Dorinda Medley confirms that she and her partner John Mahdessian have broken up after seven years together. The couple never felt the need to get married or move in together, which has no doubt made some aspects of their breakup fairly easy, but these unconventional elements of their relationship may have contributed to it’s demise. On tonight’s episode of the show, Dorinda explains why she’s confident about moving on despite still loving John.

VIDEO Luann de Lesseps handcuffed in court, later admits to probation violation & released with revised terms

The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps was in court in Florida today to face charges that she was not taking her probation stemming from her 2017 arrest for drunkenly assaulting a police officer seriously. Luann initially tried to defend herself against the allegations, and the judge ordered her handcuffed and taken into custody! She would later appear before him again, and this time she admitted to the probation violation. The judge added some new terms and then ordered Luann be released from custody.

RHONY Luann de Lesseps ‘failed to complete or comply with any special condition’ of probation after 6 months

The Real Housewives of New York City star Luann de Lesseps got a very favorable plea deal after her arrest stemming from a drunken altercation with multiple Florida police officers on December 23, 2017. As part of the deal, Luann was able to avoid the multiple felony charges against her by pleading guilty to three misdemeanor counts. She was also able to avoid jail time, but was given probation with a rather long list of requirements and restrictions -- a long list that the former Countess seems to have since forgotten!