RHONY Is Leah McSweeney DONE? Star calls herself ‘former housewife’

Leah McSweeney was a controversial figure on The Real Housewives of New York for two seasons. During that time she made quite the impact. Some love her, a lot hate her, but no one really knows for sure what Leah’s Housewives fate is.

Read on for what the star has said recently said about her standings on RHONY.

Two Season Wonder

McSweeney, creator of the fashion label Married to the Mob, made her debut in RHONY Season 12. Bringing a youthful spirit to the show, she immediately teamed up with co-star Tinsley Mortimer and the two became instant friends.

Some fans turned on Leah during season 13, but everyone can recall this iconic moment from season 12, which lives in Real Housewives of New York infamy. While drunk in the Hamptons, McSweeney, along with Mortimer and fan-favorite Sonja Morgan, stripped down in Ramona Singer’s pool.

It’s hard to imagine RHONY without Leah, but it’s possible we may have to. The star has recently spoken out about her status on the show, and fans are shocked by the news.

Former Housewife?

Leah recently took to Instagram and posted a video of “5 things I would never do as a former Real Housewife of NYC.” Her use of “former” sent everyone into a tailspin. See video here:


The video is funny and adorable, but it does imply that the housewife is done. Is this the last we are going to see of Leah McSweeney? The haters may not have won yet. Turns out, there’s a bit of a twist.

[Comment Retracted]

If you’re a Leah hater, don’t celebrate yet. The RHONY star immediately backtracked on her comment and clarified what she meant by “former” housewife. In a video shared by TVDeets on Twitter, McSweeney is heard saying:

“I was not trying to cause a commotion or make some major announcement,” Leah said, explaining that she simply used the word “former” due to RHONY‘s current hiatus. “[RHONY] has been on, or hasn’t been filmed, in a year-and-a-half,” Leah justified. “So why would I call myself a housewife?” 

Leah is popping up all over as she was confirmed as the drama queen during The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3, even though rumors she was banned from Thailand for throwing poop are also just hearsay. The star recently clarified this story is also false.

McSweeney is sure to confirm all crazy stories about her and her standings on RHONY during her appearance at BravoCon in October.

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