MY 600 LB LIFE Steven Assanti falsely reported dead, confirmed to be alive by brother

Steven Assanti


My 600 LB Life alum Steven Assanti’s brother Justin Assanti took to Facebook and Reddit to refute false reports that Steven has passed away.

“I need to address more of this stuff again. Messages, Phone Calls and news articles and the production company,” Justin wrote on his Facebook page.

“Steven Assanti did not pass away. He is alive and in his apartment,” he continued.

“I have no direct contact with him but my father does and they talk everynight. Hopefully this message will reach those making the news articles/phone calls and messages.”

Justin also posted on Reddit via a Reddit account @JustinAssanti600life, that has been confirmed by mods to be him.

“This is Justin Assanti addressing the Rumors: He isn’t Dead. Reputable enough?”

The rumor that Steven had died might have started with his own Instagram account. A report of his death from All About the Tea used his Instagram account as a source.

All About the Tea states that on February 11, 2023 Steven’s accounted posted the following message: “Steven Assanti has passed away yesterday his heart gave out. We aak [sic: ask] that you please respect the privacy of his family. Thank you.”

We found that there was a screenshot of this post from the account @stevenjassanti, an account which is currently deleted, floating around Facebook for several days now.

There are a few possibilities about the origin of this post. It could have been shared by Steven Assanti, or someone close to Steven Assanti on @stevenjassanti before the account was deleted, or it could have been a fake Instagram post. Either way, the post is currently not on Instagram.

All About the Tea also says Steven posted on February 1, 2023 stating that he was dying and asking for prayers:

“Prayer warriors. I feel like my journey is coming to an end soon – prayers are welcomed. I am now dealing with fluid around my heart which was found on x-ray, which scares me and now i have to live in fear everyday wondering how long i truly have to live. I love you all even my haters – goodbye for now!”

Currently the latest post from Steven Ashanti’s Instagram is from November 11, 2022, and the only post of his TikTok account is from October 10, 2021.

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