BRINGING UP BATES Michael Bates, Brandon Keilen share tragic baby news

Bringing Up Bates star Michael Bates and husband Brandon Keilen have been struggling to grow their family.

The couple recently shared sad news with fans about their fertility journey.

Michael and Brandon

Michael Bates Keilen and Brandon Keilen have been married since 2015.

The happy couple has been trying to have a child since immediately after their wedding, but the pair is still childless despite their efforts.

The Bringing Up Bates stars have been fairly quiet about their fertility journey until now.

Michael Bates pregnancy questions

The Bates’ opened up their Instagram for DM’s on the topic “assumptions about us” and of course pregnancy responses started flooding in from fans.

One comment touched on something everyone has been wondering – if the couple can’t conceive naturally, will they explore other options?

According to Michael’s answer, this doesn’t seem likely. Responding to questions about IVF and surrogacy, it sounds like this isn’t the right path for the pair.

Bates baby in heaven

For the first time ever, Michael and Brandon shared with fans that, while they don’t have any kids earth-side, they do have a baby in heaven.

The news is sad, especially since the pair made it through their first ultrasound successfully after several positive pregnancy tests.

Though the two don’t know when they’ll share more details, we did learn the Bates’ lost a little girl and they are very grateful for the prayers they receive from fans.

Auntie and Uncle Bates

You may expect a couple on this difficult journey would be too sad to enjoy all the babies in their family, but Michael Bates Keilen and her husband Brandon are actually the most doting aunts and uncles.

The couple doesn’t shy away from posting about their many nieces and nephews, even taking them for playdates like they recently did with sister Josie’s little girls.

The above post caused the official Bates’ family Instagram to comment:

thebatesfam You always make every kid ❤️feel so special!!!

A sign the couple will make the most amazing parents once the timing is right for them.

Starcasm offers our best wishes to Michael and Brandon on their family planning journey.

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