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LOVE IS BLIND Do Stacy and Izzy get married? SPOILER

We previously posted spoilers about whether or not Love Is Blind Season 5 couple Milton and Lydia actually got married, and now we can reveal the same for the only other couple to make it to the altar this season!

Did Izzy and Stacy get married, or did it all fall apart before becoming official? Keep reading to find out!

Plus, we tracked down the wedding venue for both weddings from Love Is Blind Season 5!

LOVE IS BLIND Did Milton and Lydia get married? SPOILER

Love Is Blind fans are eagerly awaiting the last episodes of Season 5 to drop, especially after the preview clips tease wedding footage for couples Stacy and Izzy as well as Lydia and Milton.

However, having a wedding ceremony is no guarantee that the couple actually went through with their nuptials and made their marriage official. Actually, according to court records, one of the Love Is Blind Season 5 couples with a wedding ceremony in the previews DID NOT make it official! Was it Milton and Lydia?!

LOVE IS BLIND BOMBSHELLS Did Uche cheat on Lydia? Were they ever together?

This article contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 5, Episodes 1-7.

At the end of Episode 7 of Season 5 of Love is Blind Lydia revealed that Uche cheated on her, and pointed out that she felt it was hypocritical of Uche to criticize Aaliyah for her cheating, since he had more recently done it. In a new Instagram Q & A Uche has a shocking comeback to Lydia’s accusations.

PERFECT MATCH Nick Lachey hosts Netflix reality series; cast from ‘The Circle,’ ‘Love is Blind’ and more

Fans of Netflix reality dating series are in for a treat. New series Perfect Match, hosted by Nick Lachey, combines all-star cast from eight different series, including Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle and several others.

Similar to Bachelor in Paradise, singles from across the different series will compete together in “the ultimate game of love.”