Derek Underwood’s real mom Stormie Clark angry at MTV, still frustrated with Farrah

Derek Underwood's step-mom Debbie and real mom Stormie Clark

In last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham took her daughter Sophia to visit the grave of Sophia’s deceased father, Derek Underwood. Prior to visiting the cemetery, Farrah met with Derek’s dad Jerry and Jerry’s wife Debbie. For some reason, MTV labeled Debbie as “Derek’s mom” on the episode, and Derek’s actual mom, Stormie Clark, is furious.

On a Twitter account that looks to have been created after the episode aired, Stormie posted a screenshot of MTV’s error and wrote: “REALLY MTV?? You owe me an Apology! I am Derek’s Mother! I look NOTHING like her! Get it right!”

Some of our Twitter followers were confused by the scene as well:

Stormie later spoke with Radar Online about the issue. “It ripped my heart out,” Stormie told the site. She pointed out that Jerry is Derek’s real dad, but the rest of the people featured in the scene, including Debbie and “Sophia’s Aunts Christie and Stephanie,” are Derek’s step-family.

“It saddens me that Sophia is falsely informed about me, her grandmother, and they want her to believe that Debbie is her grandma, which couldn’t be further from the truth,” Stormie added.

Derek Underwood's mother Stormie Clark with Sophia

Stormie (seen with Sophia above during the first — and I believe the last — time they met, which was by chance in a park in Iowa) has had quite the acrimonious relationship with Farrah since Sophia’s birth, including taking Farrah to court in hopes of getting grandparent’s visitation rights. Due in large part to the fact that Stormie had not been able to establish any sort of relationship with Sophia, that attempt was denied.

Stormie seems to have come to terms with the fact that she and Farrah will never be able to mend the fences in their relationship, but she points out that Derek’s grandmother Rose was very dear to Derek, and she would love to meet Sophia. “She and Derek had a very strong bond,” Stormie said. “She would love nothing more than to meet Sophia as well. She has no ill will toward Farrah, and never has. My mom knew how much Farrah meant to Derek, and I’m pretty sure that Derek told Farrah all about his Grandma Rose.”

I have to agree with Stormie on all counts here. I think it was egregiously distasteful for MTV to call Debbie “Derek’s mom” on the episode! Plus, Farrah continues to talk so fondly of “Daddy Derek” (despite the rather terrible relationship they had according to her book, My Teenage Dream Ended), so why wouldn’t she let Sophia meet her great grandmother Rose? Well, I think we all know the answer to that question — because she’s Farrah.

UPDATE – Farrah has since responded to our story and to Stormie, and as you would expect, she did not pull ANY punches! Click here to read what Farrah had to say.

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