VIDEO Teen Mom Farrah Abraham talks about Stormie Clark, Derek’s mother

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham begins crying while talking about Derek's mother Stormie Clark

We mentioned in our Teen Mom Season 3 preview that a large part of Farrah Abraham’s story line this season would involve her legal battle with Derek Underwood’s mother, Stormie Clark. That certainly seems to be the case after viewing this preview clip from next week’s episode!

Int he video preview, Farrah visits her therapist Dina to talk about the stress she was feeling over Stormie Clark’s threats to get a lawyer and seek visitation rights for her granddaughter Sophia.


Here’s a transcript of the conversation:
[Farrah narrating] [Farrating?] I can’t talk to my mom about Derek’s mom without arguing, so I made an appointment to see my counselor.
DINA: So how are you?

FARRAH: I’m doing good. Well, I’m not doing “good” but I’m OK.
DINA: It sounds like you’re having a little bit of a rough time.

FARRAH: Yeah. Sophia’s dad’s mom – it seems like now she thinks she’s going to get a lawyer to like force me to have Sophia see her.
DINA: So she’s not making your life very easy at all?

FARRAH: No. It’s kind of put a hold on me moving forward in my life.
DINA: So how do you plan to deal with it?

FARRAH: By me saying I don’t need any further communication. I have so much negativity towards her that I, like – makes me cry because I think its so sad.
DINA: So who do you have that you can rely on?

FARRAH: As a friend? Nobody. Lately it seems like I don’t have friends, and it’s really hard for me to be OK with that, I guess.
DINA: You had to grow up really fast. You didn’t have a whole lot of choice.

FARRAH: [in tears] Obviously that’s why I have to come to counseling because I can’t talk to anybody about how I felt. I’m just stressed out, I don’t know what to do, and I can’t deal with it. And I’m so bothered by it.
DINA: You take it to heart.

FARRAH: It just makes me sad.
DINA: Well it sounds like you sort of had a resurgence of your grief because you’re now involved with Derek’s family in a way that you haven’t been all along.

DINA: So why not just let the courts take it from here, just let it run its course and back yourself out of it because it’s just doing harm to you. You don’t need the stress. And being caught up in the anger is only going to prolong your grief, it’s not going to have a good outcome.
FARRAH: I don’t know.

So what do you think? Should Farrah let Stormie Clark see Sophia? In Farrah’s defense the evidence suggests Stormie has never been very friendly or supportive of Farrah – allegedly due in part to her decision to be on the show. Either way, it’s obvious that Farrah is not going to back down and the drawn out legal battle will take a huge toll on her this season.

***You can find out more about the legal battle between Farrah and Stormie Clark, including how it all turned out, HERE.

Oh, and also – is anyone else noticing what an amazingly calm child Sophia is? That trait must skip two generations at a time!

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