Derek Underwood’s mom upset about Farrah Abraham’s portrayal of her late son

One of the story lines that has continued throughout Farrah Abraham’s run on Teen Mom is the stormy, or better said non-existent, relationship with Derek Underwood’s mother, Stormie Clark.

While Farrah pined that in spite of her and Sophia’s late father’s tumultuous relationship, she hoped back then that they might end up together. Since that time some of Farrah’s comments about Derek have been critical and Stormie hasn’t been too keen about that. In the latest edition of OK! she said:

“Derek loved Farrah. He would have never laid a hand on her. They argued just like any normal teenage couple, but he was not the person that she is portraying him to be.”

Clark has (almost entirely) been prevented from seeing or being a part of Sophia’s life. In the article it says that: “Stormie says she has never met her granddaughter Sophia.” Well, that’s just not true. Back in November of 2010 we ran an article featuring the only known photo at the time of Stormie with Sophia. She had told Star:

“It was like a blessing from God. I couldn’t help but cry. When I held Sophia, she never cried or wanted to get down. To me, it was like she knew that we were her family. She was acting like we had been in her life forever. I said to her, ‘Hi, I’m your Grandma. Grandma loves you.’”

As for the rest of the stories from the issue, man I ain’t even goin’ there! How ’bout the TMs dwarfing Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, and Kimye though?

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