Stormie Clark responds to Farrah Abraham’s claims she ‘stole’ Sophia

Stormie Clark Twitter Farrah Abraham

The reignited feud between Farrah Abraham and Derek Underwood’s mother Stormie Clark continues as Stormie takes to Twitter to respond to Farrah calling her a “crazed pill popping mom” and her claim that Stormie “stole” Sophia from her babysitter’s home when Sophia was only 6 months old.

I will just step out of the way and let Stormie speak for herself:

It should be noted that Farrah has since deleted her tweets that included the “pill popping mom” comment. Those deleted tweets also said of Stormie: “she kills people & ruins families.” Farrah’s original Instagram post (in response to our story about Stormie being upset at MTV for calling Derek Underwood’s dad Jerry’s wife Debbie “Derek’s mom” on the show) still remains:

Farrah has yet to address not allowing Sophia to meet Derek’s grandmother Rose.

UPDATE – More from Stormie:

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