VIDEO LHHH Soulja Boy and Nia Riley in hot water over murder threat

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Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have seen their relationship take its share of blows over the years, but the most recent shot has observers shaking their heads at the pair. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Soulja–real name DeAndre Cortez Way–threatened to kill a man he thought Nia had been seeing, and brandished a gun on-screen as he did so.

The real difficulty, as Hip Hop Wired pointed out, is that Nia, despite reports to the contrary, appears not to be seeing anyone else at the moment. It seems that the man Soulja threatened to kill was nothing more than an internet troll who wanted to get a rise out of the 26-year-old Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star.

Though Soulja Boy has since deleted the video from his Instagram page, numerous sites managed to snag it before the removal. Here it is, courtesy of TMZ:

“Hey, dude, f*ck you and f*ck Nia Riley, n!gga,” Soulja Boy says in the clip. “Stop playin’ with me ‘fore some shooters be outside your house, n!gga. I’ll kill yo’ b!tch a$$, n!gga, stop playin’ with me.”

According to TMZ’s take on the situation, Nia has no plans to call the police, and that Soulja didn’t realize he was actually responding to an internet troll who was trying to get a rise out of him. And, beyond that, apparently one of SB’s reps claimed that the gun was only “a fake,” and that he’s already apologized directly to Nia.

And at least one prominent gossip site claims that the showdown was completely fabricated:

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(Photo credits: Soulja Boy and Nia Riley via Instagram)

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