REPORT Half the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast to be fired following Season 3 reunion special

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It’s the end of one season, so the rumors have begun about the next: according to a new item, half of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast will be fired after this year’s two-part reunion special airs, and replaced with all-new members for Season 4. The report comes from MediaTakeOut, so take that for whatever you think it’s worth; nonetheless, the claim is that seven cast members have already been told they won’t get their contracts renewed for LHHH Season 4, because producers think there are “too many” cast members as-is. Apparently, “snitches” are responsible for the leaked info.

Perhaps the most high-profile of the alleged Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast firings is Teairra Mari–which would be something of a surprise, as she’s been with the show since it began. Lil Fizz and Soulja Boy are next in line to get the axe, though Soulja told fans last month that he had quit the show–because it’s “too ratchet” for him–and is getting a spin-off all to himself.

After those three come Willie & Shanda. Again, though, it wouldn’t be a total shock if they left the show willingly, given how rocky their marriage has been this year. Willie himself has suggested more than once that he might like to take a step back from the spotlight for his marriage’s sake. Hazel-E is the next-to-last LHHH cast member mentioned on the “Fired” list; she only came back to the show for a handful of appearances at the very end of Season 3, though, and never rejoined as a proper cast member.

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Finally, Safaree Samuels is the last–and most surprising–mention. Safaree has been something of a breakout star among both Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast members and fans this year, and his love triangle (and confessionals) provided some of the funniest moments of Season 3. It’s hard to see producers catching anything other than flak for firing Safaree, should this turn out to be the case; if Safaree does leave the show, it’s possible that he did so of his own volition. (Though who really knows what goes on behind the scenes…)

It’s also worth pointing out that this same rumor cropped up just as Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 was drawing to a close earlier this year. The only difference is that then the rumor was the entire cast was going to be let go by VH1, as producers were reportedly fed up with the endless over-the-top drama and backstabbing among cast members. The rumor persisted for a few days, until Mimi Faust was asked about it in an interview and laughed the suggestion off. Since then, other than a report claiming that both Stevie J and Joseline were fired from the show, there’s been no official word about cast changes–and there usually isn’t, for any Love & Hip Hop franchise, until right before the next season begins.

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