What are Kody Brown and his Sister Wives doing for Father’s Day?

The Brown Family of TLC’s Sister Wives show usually spend Father’s Day together with all four wives and their soon-to-be 17 children, but this Father’s Day is different.

The family, who lives in four separate houses in Las Vegas, reportedly had “scheduling issues” today, and instead held their Father’s Day celebration breakfast last week. The unique family noshed on pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, french toast and cereal. All of the wives bought Kody the same gift: a survival toiletry bag so he’s sure to have deodorant and dental floss at each wife’s house.

The Browns are still having some issues settling into their new Las Vegas life. Neighbors tried to evict one of the wives from her house, they’s still struggling with their finances, they don’t have a church with their particular faith to go to, and they no longer have the physical family unity they once enjoyed. This is truly shaping up to be a fascinating and unique American story, but here’s to hoping they’re able to survive the effects of fame. Most people have a trying time with fame, and reality television, but it must be amplified for The Browns because of their taboo lifestyle.

PHOTOS: Doug Meszler / Splash News