The Brown Family’s Sister Wives are getting in shape, promoting LIV weight loss supplement

Last Sunday we saw all of Kody Brown’s sister wives (including pregnant Robyn) hit the gym for some personal training. The episode began with all the wives revealing their weight, and except for Robyn (who weighed in at 158 lb.) all of the other wives were over 200 pounds.

They all attested to Kody’s love for curvy women, but at this point weight loss for the wives is really about health concerns. Janelle, the brightest and most savvy of the bunch, has watched her weight creep up slowly over the years (especially during her six pregnancies) and was mortified by having to reveal her weight on national television. It was heartbreaking to watch her almost forced into doing so, and facing the words of the trainer who laid out the emotional and mortal consequences of remaining at a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 44 (She weighed in at 271.) The ideal BMI range is 18-25, with over 30 being obese.

Meri, who seemed the most fit, looks to have gained weight after the family’s traumatic move to Las Vegas, but was the first to hit the gym (and possibly help arrange these sponsored training sessions.) Even so, she still came in at 213, with Christine weighing at 222. It was odd that they didn’t show any dietary counseling, but when they went to a Chinese buffet later that night to meet with an open-minded and inquisitive Episcopal priest (Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio, click here to read why she lurves her some Brown family), Janelle had done some online research to see what she could eat, and stuck with her own dietary restrictions. Janelle also seemed comfortable with how the trainer worked her out, so hopefully she’s on track to be healthier than ever.

It turns out that these workout sessions weren’t just for the health of the women (BTW, why didn’t Kody come to the gym too?) it seems their looking for some sort of “health” theme to their family business (not that that negates their sincere efforts to make themselves healthy. In fact, it’s a great choice.) Just last weekend (Oct. 20 – 22) all the Browns (excepting Robyn, who is currently very overdue) hosted a conference with Liv International, a health supplement and drink company.

Here’s the Craiglist advertising asking for people to join a “humanitarian” event (we found this Craiglist ad via :

This whole health theme reminds me of when Kody suggested that the family business be some sort of health food restaurant. You definitely can’t blame the Browns for looking for outlets to monetize their fame and provide for their huge family, and a health angle is a good one. It’s hard for the family to find a good niche to shill stuff because of their unique situation. If the wives have successful weight loss, they’ll have the opportunity to sell some before-and-after magazine shot spreads, and get to promote some products. Hopefully they’ll find regular product sponsorship, and stay away from LIV, which looks like a pyramid-scheme type company that seems more concerned with gaining memberships and “business kits” (which require a large fee!) and promising cruises than actually selling their products themselves. Not that programs like that are necessarily bad (look at Avon!)

Either way it’s great to see the Sister Wives get in shape and help promote a healthy lifestyle while supporting their family! They have a complicated lifestyle, probably made more so now, but they all come off as extremely likeable and confident on television.

Need to catch up? Click here to watch Season 3, Episode 6 “The Wives Diet Woes” and all of the Sister Wives episodes via Instant Video!


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