Sister Wives Meri, Janelle and Christine old school photos

Sister Wives Meri Brown

TLC’s Sister Wives attracted large audiences during its first and possibly only season.  The polygamy themed reality show followed the hectic lives of the Brown family from Lehi, Utah as they struggled with the ins and outs of living in a plural marriage.  In addition to these trials and tribulations a fourth wife, Robyn, was courted by the king of the Brown castle, Kody Brown.

The Browns have risked quite a bit with their television exposure putting their family and livelihoods directly in the line of fire.  As of this post, the family is still under investigation for bigamy in Utah County and during a recent appearance on Oprah, Kody’s first wife Meri revealed that because of the show and her lifestyle choice she was let go from her job in the health care industry.

The Browns have insisted from the beginning that they wanted to present to America a polygamist family that is relatable, functional and loving; a plural marriage not in line with many of the stereotypes that have been portrayed in the media.  This exposure, they hope, will allow similar families greater public acceptance and free them from having to hide so much of their lives from the world outside.

I have to admit that what audiences witnessed via the show was a seemingly well adjusted if not somewhat chaotic American family.  The kids appeared to be well adjusted and articulate and their lives come across as a mostly joyous one.  Without question we were provided an intimate look into the lives of a polygamist family living in America.

In keeping with this “putting themselves out there” theme the first three wives, Meri, Janelle and Christine have provided TLC with some great old school photos of themselves and the family.  These Browns are not holding back regardless of how big the hair dos or how awkward the grins were!

First wife Meri, shown above in a wonderful big hair masterpiece also provided the following photo of her as a youthful little cutie pie:

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Isn’t little Meri just adorable in that shot?  She has stated that she was raised in a polygamist family and that dress and hair seem to accentuate some of the stereotypes that the Browns are looking to now disparage.

Next up is wife #2 Janelle.  In this first photo Janelle does her best sexy Fundamentalist Mormon bed pose.  My favorite part has to be the religious themed posters taped to the wall!

Sister Wives Janelle Brown

These ladies are not your parent’s reality stars.  Could you imagine Kim K or Audrina Patridge letting a photo like that out on purpose!?!  This second photo of Janelle is possibly even more glorious in a yearbook fiasco kind of way.  Big hair alert!

Sister Wives Janelle Brown

That white outfit has a glow that you can still probably see on late Utah nights!

Last, well Robyn is last but her past is a little less publicised, but certainly not least is wife #3 Christine.  She is the sassy house manager and the sister wife who does the best job at putting lover man Kody in his place.  Photo # 1 of Christine shows off her penchant for baby maintenance even at a young age.

Sister Wives Christine Brown

Nice jammies Christine!  And it just wouldn’t be fair if the new adventurous Christine didn’t share an embarrassing yearbook style photo of the old Christine.

Sister Wives Christine Brown

Sister Wives was a coup for TLC and a highly controversial topic among many of its viewers.  Whether or not you approve or disapprove of their lifestyle I think we all can agree that the Brown’s are following through with their mission to expose themselves to the world.

CLICK HERE for an easy-to-read chart illustrating the entire Brown Family Tree, including all 4 sister wives, 16 children and 2 ex-husbands!

If you want to see wonderful photo galleries of all the Brown clan I encourage you to visit the show’s official page at TLC.  While you’re there maybe you can drop a comment that you would just love another season.  I know I would.

All Photos: TLC

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