BLIND ITEM One of the Basketball Wives cast’s partners has allegedly been hiding his bisexuality for years

Basketball Wives cast

According to an anonymously sourced blind item, an NBA player either dating or married to one of the Basketball Wives cast has been keeping his bisexuality a secret since the two men began seeing each other five years ago.

If that description sounds a bit vague, it’s because the source who came forward with the allegations kept them that way. The tipster revealed his information to Fameolous back in November, shortly after Basketball Wives LA finished airing Season 5 and several months before the revamped Basketball Wives cast was revealed for Season 6.

Here’s what the source had to say. (You can read the message as it was originally posted on Instagram by clicking here.)

I am a 27 year old Bisexual/Lowkey guy from Fresno, CA

I’ve been dealing off and on since 2012 with a cast member of Basketball Wives LA ex/boyfriend/babydaddy/husband

I have plenty of text/emails/pics/plane tickets/hotel receipts to prove so. I want to know what I can be paid for my receipts, since I’ve been getting curved by him since July. He’s very popular with the IG Models/Thots and I’m sure it would be quite the surprise to many of them to know that he loves to get head as well as give it.

I tried to warn him and give him a heads up that if he couldn’t meet my money needs he would be exposed. but I guess since I’ve been keeping his secret and privact for 3years, he doubts I would change now.

News flash for him I’m willing to give up my receipts for some type of financial gain as well as my privacy to public. obviously he will know who I am which is fine with me, but I don’t want the Public to know

In the months since, there’ve been no further revelations involving members of the Basketball Wives cast. So it seems likely that either the man got his money and kept quiet or that his message was bogus from the start. Still, he’s given one key detail: by pinpointing 2012 as the start date of the relationship, he appears to suggest that the man in question was with a woman who was both part of the Basketball Wives cast for LA specifically when they began their relationship and who was still associated with the show as of the end of 2016.

Given those parameters, there are only two possibilities: Jannero Pargo, baby daddy to Malaysia Pargo, and Doug Christie, Jackie’s husband for 20 years. Both Malaysia and Jackie are the only two members of the BBWLA cast to have been with the show from 2012 through 2016. However, neither Jannero nor Doug has a particularly robust Instagram following, whether with models and thots or in general.

(In addition, Shaunie O’Neal and Tami Roman are the two BBWLA cast members who jumped ship from BBW after that show’s cancelation in 2013. Tami’s boyfriend Reggie Youngblood has a decent Instagram following, but never played ball professionally. And Shaunie’s ex-husband…is rather popular.)

But there’s also an inconsistency in the source’s dates. The man says he’s been “dealing off and on since 2012” with the baller in question–only to say that he’s been “keeping his secret…for 3 years” just a few lines later. The number “3” could have been an innocent slip of the finger–or there’s a missing year somewhere, which raises further doubt about his story.

In any case, the just-released supertrailer for Basketball Wives Season 6 promises what may well be the most intense season in the franchise’s history. The fights are so jam-packed that there wasn’t even room to introduce the six new cast members, let alone hint at a complex bisexual love triangle. So we’ll all have to watch and see what happens: Basketball Wives‘ new season premieres Monday, April 17 at 9 PM on VH1.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives cast via VH1; h/t to Fameolous)

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