Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman punches Meeka Claxton at Italian nightclub

Basketball Wives star Meeka ClaxtonBasketball Wives Tami Roman full-length photo

It seems the guys and gals of Jersey Shore aren’t the only rabble-rousing America reality stars currently raising a ruckus in Italy! The cast of VH1’s popular Basketball Wives show are in Rome filming for the show and two of the stars reportedly came to blows during a night on the town and had to be escorted out of the club by security guards!

Basketball Wives Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton fight in Season 4
^ Tami Roman (left) and Meeka Claxton have words during Season 4

The catfight was between Tami Roman and newbie Meeka Claxton, who have been going at it all season with Tami blaming Meeka of trying to stir up drama between the cast members. According to TMZ the two Phi Drama Momma sisters were arguing when Tami Roman punched Meeka Claxton in the face! After that witnesses say a full-on brawl broke out and that’s when security guards showed the “ladies” the door.

So what does all this mean? All this means you need to be tuned in to Basketball Wives Sunday nights at 9! That sh*t is about to get cuh-razy!

UPDATE – Tami has reacted to the fracas via Twitter by writing:

Re: TMZ – Meeka is not a victim! She wanted 2get it poppin w/me 2 impress Evelyn. If I feel threatened, I have a right 2 defend myself.

(Am I the only one who finds Tami’s tweets intimidatingly sexy?)

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