I LOVE A MAMA’S BOY Mom Kelly reads a sexual poem to her son and future daughter-in-law

TLC I Love a Mama’s Boy is a show about the relationship triangle that arises when a man’s mother is the third wheel in his romantic partnership. Kim and Matt are a returning couple from last season. They have been dating for four years and have been engaged for six months. Kim didn’t realize what a strong connection Matt had with his mother Kelly until they had to move in with her a couple of years ago because their apartment burned down. Now, Kelly’s constant presence in every moment of their life is driving Kim up the wall.

Kelly even made their proposal about her and is inserting herself into every detail of their wedding and the life they’re building together. Right after they got engaged, Matt Facetimed his mother, who was upset that they got engaged without her.

“I did not burn down their apartment building,” Kelly joked about the catalyst that led the young couple to move in with her.

Matt and Kim have plans to move out of Matt’s parents’ house, but they’re not moving far. Matt’s parents are helping them build a 2-bedroom, 2-bath house for them in the backyard garage space. When they started building, COVID hit so both the building and the wedding plans were put on hold.

Kelly decided she would be in charge of decorating the guest bathroom. She has a lighting fixture reading, and wants to paint the walls black, a choice that Kim isn’t happy with.

The family’s next scene for the show was quite surreal, and a bit uncomfortable. Matt was outside working out and Kim was chilling with her laptop. Kelly shows up in a sheet face mask to serve Matt a protein drink. She dramatically pulled off the face mask, which she says is supposed to take ten years off of her face.

Kim joked that Kelly would look younger than her in no time. Kelly replied back that Matt has these good genes as well. “The pandemic has been great for Matt’s body,” Kelly says. “And I’m proud of him.”

Kelly and Matt then performed a reenactment of SNL’s iconic Hanz and Franz bit from the 90s.

Things took a turn from slightly cringe to off-the-rails when Kelly shared with her son and future daughter-in-law a poem she’s been working on, which she swears has nothing to do with sexual innuendo.

“Her curve-shaped petals open to a new dawn’s day.
Open wide, consume thy sun.
She thrives with her kin.
Calling all fans,
a hint of mint,
my senses teased.”

“Is this a poem about sex?” Kim immediately asks. “A vagina?” Matt asks.

“No!” Kelly insists. “It’s about a flower!”

Matt then brings up the fact that Kelly wants to read a poem at their wedding, and makes it clear he doesn’t want this to be the one. The topic then jumps to Kelly’s role in their wedding because it turns out she plans to officiate the wedding AND read a poem. Kim says this is the first she’s heard any of this.

Kim lets them know that it’s not up to Kelly to make the big decisions for the wedding, which ruffles Kelly’s feathers a bit.

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