Below Deck Med spoilers: Zee, Courtney and Captain Sandy filming Season 7 in Malta?

Below Deck Med Courtney and Zee returning for another season?

Bravo is currently filming Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 7 in Malta, and we have our first photos and video of the captain and crew!

The first images that I could find of the new crew were shared on reddit on September 3 and 4. There are two separate posts on r/belowdeck titled “Spotted: Filming new season in Malta” and “Below deck Malta crew.” Here are embeds of both posts, but you will have to click through to see the full images due to the posts being tagged as “spoilers:”

The first gallery looks to feature the crew picking up provisions prior to a charter. We can see multiple crew members, including one female with long dark hair, another female with short platinum hair, and two males with beards.

Here are some zoomed-in looks at the crew from the first gallery of photos:

New Below Deck Med Malta crew 2021

The second gallery has a much better look at four crew members and Captain Sandy Yawn dressed in their whites as they stand on the dock behind the yacht. Here are some zooms on those pictures:

Below Deck Med Season 7 crew in Malta

Below Deck Mediterannean Season 7 crew spoilers

Aside from Captain Sandy, there doesn’t appear to be any recognizable faces. However, someone commented on the post claiming to recognize the bald chef with a beard!

I did a little sleuthing and found a chef named David White (who goes by Dave) who is followed by Captain Sandy, Zee, and a Below Deck Med producer on Instagram. He looks to be the co-owner of Method Kitchen and Bar. Here’s David’s bio from the Method Bar’s website:

David White hails from the city of London, where he knew from an early age he was going to become a chef. Starting his exploration into food as a youngster growing up in his family home. He trained and worked in London where he honed his skills and received and NVQ1-3 before continuing on his journey of culinary excellence and exploration.

David has since been fortunate to work with and learn from some of best chef’s in restaurants such as Claridges and The Ritz have to offer.

David competed in TV series Masterchef the Professionals into the televised stages.

David is also an accomplished skier, winning gold in the British Freestyle Ski Championships in 2014, he also attempted to summit the North Side of Mount Everest in April 2018.

UPDATE – On September 14, David posted a series of videos of himself jogging via his Instagram stories. The streets, buildings and landscape certainly look like Malta. Plus, the license plates on the cars in the clips appear to be Maltese license plates. Here is a Malta license plate from Google image search compared to a couple of examples of license plates in the videos uploaded by David:
Below Deck Med chef David White evidence Malta license plates from his videos

Breaking down the stripes

You can see the stripes worn by most of the crew in the second gallery of photos. The platinum-haired woman has three yellow stripes, which would indicate that she is either the first officer or first engineer.
The brunette woman next to the chef (I assume he is the chef) has three white stripes, indicating that she is the chief stew.

The brunette on the far right appears to have two white stripes, which would make her first stew.
The guy with the man bun has one yellow stripe (I think), and that means he is a deckhand. (Or third engineer.)
There is another man in the background (included as an inset above), but I can’t make out how many stripes he has.

Zee and Courtney back for another season?

The photo galleries don’t feature any non-captain crew members familiar to Below Deck fans, but a video posted earlier today just might! Check out this clip posted by @lovinmalta this morning:

Here’s the caption for the video:

The crew behind a well-known reality series have been spotted filming in Malta – again!

This time, footage emerged of Captain Sandy, having returned to the helm for the filming of season six [whoops] of @belowdeckmedbravo in Birgu.

The superyacht, named HOME, was spotted again docked on the Maltese shore as various members of the crew were filming aboard it.

And here are a couple screen caps:

Zee and Courtney filming Below Deck Med Season 7 in Malta?

Below Deck Med Season 6 fans will most certainly recognize stew Courtney Veale in the clip. That’s Courtney, right?

There is also a man in the clip seen from behind that definitely looks like deckhand Mzi “Zee” Dempers! Could we be in for another season of Courtney running hot and cold with Zee depending on her blood alcohol level? 🤔 I’m OK with that!

Courtney, Zee, and Captain Sandy are pretty much the only crew members visible in the clip. There are two women that Zee is speaking with, and I assume they are charter guests. You can clearly see three different cameras capturing Zee’s conversation with the women.

Why isn’t Malia White on Below Deck Med Season 7?

One crew/cast member that everyone expected to see back next season is bosun Malia White. However, she doesn’t appear to be in any of the photos or the video included above. So where is Malia?

Malia is still recovering from a rather frightening scooter accident in late June. She shared some photos of her injuries on Instagram and assured her followers she was OK. “I was able to walk away with a few stitches, fractured elbow, broken toes, severe road rash and a very sore body,” Malia wrote.

Malia has continued to update her Instagram followers on her recovery, including a photo last week after she got her first road bike. You can see that her leg is still healing in the gallery:

I continue to wish Malia a speedy recovery, and I hope to see her back for Season 8!

Meanwhile, be sure to continue following along with Malia and her band of happy deckhands with new episodes of Below Deck Med airing Monday nights at 9/8c on Bravo! Or you can stream new episodes a week early on Peacock Plus!

UPDATE – We now have info on what is reported to be the entire crew of the M/Y HOME for Below Deck Med Season 7!

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