BELOW DECK MED Bosun Raygan Tyler fired by Captain Sandy SPOILERS

Below Deck Med Bosun Raygan Tyler fired?

We’re only one episode into Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 7, but we already have a crew member who looks like she may not make it through the season!

Bosun Ragan Tyler is working with just one deckhand as Mzi “Zee” Dempers and Storm Smith are stuck in quarantine. That leaves a heavy load for lone deckhand Jason Gaskell — literally.
Just minutes into the first episode, Jason begins to struggle carrying multiple heavy objects, and he receives no help from Raygan. Jason knows the situation with the limited deck crew, and he initially manages to keep quiet about the seemingly unbalanced workload between himself and Raygan.

“I try to bite my tongue while I’m busting my butt,” Jason says in a confessional. “I stand by my work ethic, and it’s just easier to just take it on the chin and say, ‘Copy.'”

When Jason and Raygan take a break together in the crew mess, he lessens the bite on his tongue a bit when Raygan seems energized and tells him to cheer up. “I like how you have all the energy now that you’re not lifting the heavy stuff,” he tells Raygan. “‘I can’t lift this bag, it’s too heavy.’ Well, tough sh*t — lift it.”

A few minutes later, Raygan gets into a discussion with primary charter guest Billy about which water toys they would prefer to use, and her tone is a little less than pleasant.

“She looked a little apprehensive,” Billy tells stew Kyle after the conversation with Raygan. Kyle defends Raygan by saying she simply wants to make sure she knows exactly what the charter guests want.

“I don’t know,” Billy responds, “I’m not sure she’s my favorite.” Later, Billy is a bit less reserved in sharing his opinion with Kyle. “Raygan is my enemy now,” he says. “I asked a simple question and she’s kind of, like, stink face. Like, I don’t need stink face!”

Kyle lets Captain Sandy know that the charter guests are getting a bit impatient about the water toys, and she goes to speak with Billy herself. He shares his frustration, and Sandy explains that they are down two deckhands and that the slide Billy asked for on his preference sheet is held up in customs.

Billy then points out that his issue with Raygan was a customer service issue, adding that she wasn’t exactly “warm and fuzzy” in her interactions. Captain Sandy apologizes then goes to help Raygan and Jason get the toys in the water.

Show editors share a couple of scenes with Raygan taking smoke breaks, and towards the end of the episode Captain Sandy has an early morning confrontation with her over the absence of a bridge watch schedule from the night before. Captain Sandy also iterates that the water toys are a priority as she points out they should already be in the water.

Bosun Raygan

Does Bosun Raygan get fired?

UPDATE – RAYGAN DOES GET FIRED! Captain Sandy fires Raygan during the Season 7, Episode 5 titled “Breakups and Shake-ups.” After Raygan departs, Captain Sandy offers the bosun position to Storm, and he accepts. [END UPDATE]

It seems very clear that producers are setting up Raygan’s potential firing as a story line this season. So, does she get fired?
It’s not known for sure if Raygan gets fired, but she reportedly does not make it through the entire season. A redditor with the inside scoop leaked the entire cast with 100% accuracy in early May.

The leaked crew list featured one crew member that wasn’t in the Premiere — Below Deck Med Season 6 stew Courtney Veale. Courtney was also seen working on superyacht Home with the rest of the Season 7 crew in a video posted in September.

According to the redditor, Courtney joins the crew AFTER RAYGAN TYLER LEAVES. It’s unclear if Raygan gets fired or quits, or how long she lasts. But, Raygan does reportedly leave Home before the charter season is over, and it’s already looking bad for her.

The source states that a deckhand is promoted to replace Raygan (update, the deckhand is Storm,) Courtney is then added to the deck crew as a deckhand. That’s pretty much all we know. Sorry, but Malia won’t be coming in to save the day.

To find out exactly how and why Raygan leaves Home, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Below Deck: Mediterranean airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo! Or, you can stream the episodes a week early on Peacock!

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