Skinny model Karlie Kloss’s rib cage was photoshopped to look less thin

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 8.04.41 AM

Fashion photo retouched usually involves shaving down a model’s frame until her shape is unrecognizable as a human form, but in this case the model’s skinniness is what had to go. One thing’s for sure: no matter what you’re looking at in a magazine, it’s been altered.

Japan magazine Numéro photoshopped the appearance of flesh on top of thin model Karlie Kloss’ ripcage. She’s lifting up her arms, which can really make the ribs stick out more, but she still looks scary thin, and the difference in the images is amazing.

According to The Daily Mail, the magazine was trying to avoid a scandal that erupted after Italian Vogue published this image of Karlie last year. The editor pulled the image from their website after it cropped up on a number of pro-anorexia, “thinspirational” websites. Later, Italian Vogue’s editor Franca Sozzani actually called the fashion industry out to a group of students at Havard University, admitting that “fashion becomes one of the causes” of anorexia.

What do you think? Should the magazine have left the model as she was? Should they not have used her at all if they were concerned about her looking too thin? Is the fashion industry (at least partly) responsible for eating disorders?