BASKETBALL WIVES Jackie Christie strikes back against Takari Lee with Instagram receipts

Is Jackie Christie's daughter Takari Lee depressed 2

There’s only a reunion special standing between Basketball Wives Season 6 and a hiatus filled with drama and speculation about the cast–and most of all between Jackie Christie and her estranged daughter Takari Lee. Takari has been airing the family laundry in public for months, accusing Jackie of neglecting and abusing her from girlhood to the present; Takari’s even gone so far as to pen a tell-all memoir in which she details some of the most explosive allegations ever associated with a member of the show’s cast.

Since those allegations have to a large extent turned Jackie’s fellow Basketball Wives castmates against her, she’s begun a new counterattack on Takari. Several months ago, she claimed that Takari was only lashing out at her because she was “depressed,” which led to fan backlash and a retort from Takari that Jackie was no medical professional and shouldn’t be diagnosing anyone. Now that we’re at the very end of the season, it seems Jackie has a new strategy in mind: she’s calling Takari a liar.

Ealrier today, Jackie shared the following text exchange on Instagram, and captioned it with fighting words. (We screencapped the upload just in case Jackie deletes it; you can see the original here.)

Basketball Wives Jackie Christie 1
Prayed on it and decided I can’t sit back quiet taking the high road and allow my name & character to be assassinated and be wrongly accused… this ain’t my thang… ✨but folks are being tricked & that’s not right ~ I stand in purity honesty & love I’m a open book always have been, just ask me? my family has and always will be my world. ♠️ photo is of Derek Ta’Kari’s kids father and their sons,
Text was kari & myself January 2017′ & for the record this is the Kari I know & love.

Then, just a few hours later, Jackie doubled down on the implication, sharing another exchange. The main caption (which you can see here) was exactly the same, except that, according to Jackie, the exchange took place in May and not January. However, before the main body of the caption, she added a little something extra, which we’ve included beneath the photo below:

Basketball Wives Jackie Christie 2
♠️ ~ just gonna sit this right here… ✨i

Takari has yet to respond publicly to either of Jackie’s uploads.

The Basketball Wives Season 6 reunion special airs Monday night at 9 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives Jackie Christie via Instagram)

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