Maryssa’s mom Whitney joins the Jenelle Evans & Jessica Eason feud

Jenelle Evans and Jessica Eason feud

The fireworks continued Thursday in the dramastic online feud between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her future sister-in-law Jessica Eason as David Eason’s ex, and mother of his daughter Maryssa, Whitney joined the fray. Well, sort of.

After initially igniting on Facebook, the most recent social media venue of choice continues to be Twitter, where Jessica appears to be enjoying the attention she is getting from the “Jenelle Hatters” by spilling tea about the reality star. Meanwhile, Jenelle continues to keep the family drama off of her personal Twitter and Facebook feeds and instead fights back via her @JenelleEvansPR Twitter account.


The bullet points in the latest round are as follows:
• Her brother David Eason is a hard worker and has his own money, although she concedes that he may be on workmen’s comp because Jenelle “keeps him in hibernation so who knows”

• Maryssa did not write that Mother’s Day letter to Jenelle
• After Jenelle supposedly cleaned a toilet with Maryssa’s toothbrush, David and Maryssa were leaving when Jenelle “threw her cup of drink at maryssas window!” reminiscent of the time Jenelle “accidentally” threw a mason jar of freshly constructed ice water at Nathan’s girlfriend Jessica
• Nothing new on the “weed gummy” 🙁

• Maryssa did write the Mother’s Day letter and it was filmed
• Whitney had sex with “old guys” for money
• Whitney abuses drugs and she “lost every job given to her lately because she is nodding out on pills… now david hears its heroin”

• Nothing really because she couldn’t download the Twitter app due to Jenelle blowing up her phone

And here’s the full Monty preserved for posterity:
TWEET: Quick question for you, how long has your brother been unemployed? Did he quit working after the 1st night?

JESSICA: David works his ass off.. Hard worker.. If he and je have plans to go do whatever they do then im sure it doesnt hurt them financially… Thats so petty. He is a welder, pipe fitter, and metal fabricator.. Hes always been a hard worker. He goes w her bc he can. He has his own $

JESSICA: No i dnt look at tht type of material unless i get a notification or someone tells me
TWEET: It was simply a question to clarify another one of Jenelle’s lies. If he isnt working, fine – but Jenelle doesnt need to lie about it.
JESSICA: Its a family company.. He isnt gonna get fired if he has other plans or obligations. Business or pleasure. He can go. Then come back and wrk
JESSICA: Its pretty simple.. Not tht confusing..

TWEET: Ok, understandable. So he essentially has the freedom to just not work for as long as he wants, ie, for as long as Jenelle is sugar mama.

JESSICA: Ur. Dumb.

TWEET: That was simply a statement that he has freedom to be away from work for extended periods. Only negative part was towards Jenelle, because you damn well know she’s a habitual liar and a fraud, rotten to the core.
TWEET: I’m just wondering why he’s on this show and not back in the bargain bin at Walmart where he belongs. #TeenMomOG [This tweet was in response to a Matt Baier tweet — Jessica wasn’t tagged and I have no idea why she responds]
JESSICA: F**k u. Damn the stupidity in here is thick af
TWEET: I think you forgot how to use twitter for a second. That was directed at Grandpa Matt.
TWEET: She told everyone he was off on workmens comp, huge difference if he’s playing the system.
JESSICA: He could be… She keeps him in hibernation so who knows

JESSICA: Omfg #tea bags errrrryyyy where. Im still on the line… Good lort yall so much effin tea.

JESSICA: Im drowning #webouttof*ckab!tchup Lmao

JESSICA: Whitney is about to join us…. #itaintaboutthamoney Shes downloading twitter as we speak
JESSICA: “Id appreciate it if youd not tell everyone i used maryssa’s toothbrush for the toilet thats all bye” Signed JE
JESSICA: And whitneys reaponse to that request from jenelle was, “why? If it aint about tha money?”
JESSICA: Someones been textin my girl whitney 2day tellin her to keep her mouth shut..
JESSICA: Like really? Did u really think someone here was on your side? #thisaintnationwide
JESSICA: Damn SS had to switch counties when yall moved? That would suck having weekly visits like tht

Jenelle Evans Whitney text messages

TWEET: Yeah. Even Jenelle isn’t as stupid as to send a text incriminating herself.

JESSICA: Uhhh.. Yeah she is
TWEET: ..this is Whitney messaging you. Where’s a SS of the original conversation between Jenelle and Whitney?
TWEET: … So what does this prove?
JESSICA: Jenelle doesnt ppl to knw wht happened tht day.
TWEET: Is there an a missing from your keyboard or are you just abbreviating it bc I’m sure you have a very impressive job to get to
JESSICA: U mean missing ‘key’ ? I dont know are u missing one?
TWEET: It proves, that some yokels from bfe thought just bc the tall slow one for on tv that ppl would be interested in what they have to say
JESSICA: They are interested u dumb@ss… #focus #whyareyouhere ?
TWEET: Well I’m hear bc someone made a huge production and countdown to some major tea and instead it’s just a bunch of choppy misspelled tweets
JESSICA: Ya know what.. Im blockin u.. Bye felicia

JESSICA: When david and maryssa went to leave because of the toothbrush deal, JE threw her cup of drink at maryssas window!

TWEET: Well, if something disrespectful was done to his daughter why did David go back? What voodoo does she do on these men?!?!?

JESSICA: I guess she apologized
JESSICA: Someones child hates JE and did NOT write sh!t! Why would u throw your glass of drink at a childs window? Because she told on u!
TWEET: To clarify: are you saying Maryssa did not write that letter to Jenelle??
JESSICA: She did not write it
JESSICA: So if ur child doesnt wanna go around the new GF because she is rude to her, u take their phone away from her before u leave as punishment?
JESSICA: Then JE takes, said phone, and starts texting the mom threatening to fight her.. Whitney would whip ur ever lovin ass
JESSICA: Jenelle whered u go tough girl?
JESSICA: All those staged pics w my niece.. Acting as if she likes u now.. For show.. Then writing a fake ass 2pg essay for her. #fakeassb!tch
JESSICA: Duuuudde… What kinda weirdo does that?

TWEET: The bigger ? is why would you brother stay with a female that acts that way toward his child? That’s messed up!

JESSICA: I think shes fake to his face. Thick wool from lots of practice

JESSICA: Annnnnddd not to bury my own brother.. Im just shocked u thought she wouldnt give me your new number lmao!
TWEET: do you know anything about Jenelles custody case for Jace?
JESSICA: No i cant say i do. I know it is currently under way. But i dont know deets
JESSICA: What hurts mostttt.. was being sooo close, to having whitney back, until u met jenelle.. And watchin u wash awayyyyyy. There were so many cards on the table at that time.. Including Whitney.. U called and askd me my opinion. Sorry i didnt save u david.

JESSICA: Top secret: The conversation between the Grandmas..

JESSICA: If they werent acting like assh0les to me and the entire family i would not be doing this… But u just dnt knw wht she has been doing.

TWEET: If you’re going to air it. AIR IT OUT LOUD dirty confessions food habits bad habits drug habits etc you may as well go there damage has done
JESSICA: See i wanna hold back but thn i keep finding out new crap tht she has said and how they r treating my mama after all shes done for them. NO Because im in shock.. Thats why im telling it. Im not gonna lay down and take it!
JESSICA: If u brown noser #mudduck fans dont like it then dont look!!!!
TWEET: We’ve watched her for years do the same sh!t and she expects different results. She’s a life ruiner. Your brother is at risk for DV charge.
TWEET: It happens every single time.
JESSICA: Well it seems a lot of people dont knw that. Brown nosing. Im not kissin no ass im sorry
TWEET: does david even know about twitter and social media and what JE posts?!

JESSICA: She covers her tracks.. Thats what David doeant UNDERSTANNNNNDDDD! That is killin me!!!

David Eason and sister Jessica together

JESSICA: If i had it my way, i would apologize to my brother David, beg for his forgiveness, tell him wht JE really is. It falls on deaf ears.
TWEET: Don’t get me wrong we love this but I doubt David will ever talk to you again. Regardless if all this stuff is true this is extremely Disloyal and you’ve been socializing with people that have said horrendous things about David for years. But again thanks for all the info ?
JESSICA: I dnt know who these ppl r u speak of but the problem is that je wants him to disown his family along side of her doing it to hers!!!
TWEET: All these hatters that are suddenly your friend, myself included, have called him Uncle Bad Touch, Uncle Little D!ck, nasty, gross etc. Open your eyes girls. You’re digging your hole deep as f*ck with this brother you supposedly want to make up with.
JESSICA: That part hurts… But i kno for a fact tht he has said he wouldnt speak to any of his family anymore for her.
TWEET: Do they still let mama eason babysit? Maybe his mom can talk to him? You’ll have to get in his hear when they’re arguing
JESSICA: Of course! Who else is gonna clean her messes and raise her kids?

TWEET: Can’t be that much of a fool he’s got boats trucks and a house out of the deal if he leaves with the kid he probably get child support too

JESSICA: The truck is his, she can keep the Lego home, and yeah take the kids.

TWEET: show David what she posted about your son. Maybe then he’ll open his eyes
JESSICA: Ya know wht.. Youre smart fr. But he is actually givin her ammo to fight me w. It’s all falling on deaf ears tho
TWEET: You should let him know what she’s been up to. At least for the sake of the kids
JESSICA: She deletes, hides, and repeats.. Ive never seen anyTHING like it.. Like my Aunt said. Hes in love
JESSICA: But she said pu$$ywhipped
JESSICA: Just to be clear. I made an apology statement to David this morning before work. But then i stumble upon more insults to my fam..
TWEET: Why does that b!tch always have a beverage in a glass in her hand while people are trying to flee ?
JESSICA: ???? why arent there more in here like u?
TWEET (With screen caps of multiple tweets from Jenelle that seem to contradict each other): It only takes minutes for the hooker sk@nk to confuse herself #theytalk #theydontalk

JESSICA: Holding a conversation w Jenelle literally hurts!

JESSICA: And to think… I took up for you jenelle. I gave u a chance. Youre effin psycho. Believe it or not idgaf. All the crap ive been told is tru

TWEET: I really feel for you we watch it on TV & move on but you’re living it. I would call your brother daily but don’t bother with JE if I were u
JESSICA: He has turned on his entire family. Like she has
JESSICA: Whitney cant even finish downloading Twitter because JE is textin the hell outta her now for tlkn to me!!!
TWEET: Did Whitney get lost on her way to Twitter ??
JESSICA: She ran in to jenelle.. And all her fans ratting.. But whitney cant wait to beat the brakes off her
TWEET: she ran into her like face to face ?
JESSICA: Blowing her phone up.. Whitney is boiling hot

Jessica Eason and Whitney texting about Jenelle Evans

JESSICA: Thats whitney and i texting… ^^ before those texts was me telling her to get a twitter account

JESSICA: But jenelle began texting her to death mad bc she told me the truth about the letter being FAKE .. Made up letter and pics to take to court
JESSICA: ???? anyone u let into your life is LUCKY?? Omg u REALLLLYYY do NOT know us.. U ARE NOT SH!T JENELLE.. A piece of sh!tty @ss
TWEET (With a photo and screen caps of Jenelle stating no one babysits Kaiser except for David’s mother): Idk about you but this looks like Jessica has babysat Kaiser to me. ?there are plenty of pictures of Danica and Kai playing together.
JESSICA: Lies all lies out her mouth.. every breath has a lie somewhere in it..
Jessica Eason and David's ex Olivia Leedham together

TWEET: I absolutely love this chick!!! AND TO TOP it off, she’s well spoken and her grammar is correct. Jenelle might not even understand her ?

JESSICA: Having a conversation w jenelle is hard.. Theres a bigger hole between her ears than between her legs..

JENELLE EVANS PR: david went and got Maryssa’s phone because Whitney took Maryssa’s phone away and wouldn’t let David even see Maryssa
JE PR: david had to go find his daughter because Whitney was telling david he wasn’t allowed to have Maryssa anymore for no reason
JE PR: they filmed the entire scene of Maryssa and her letter so yeah guess Jenelle wrote it
JE PR: while Whitney was off having sex with old guys for money and doing drugs.. david was taking Maryssa to school and taking care of her and still does. This has nothing to do with Jenelle. This has all to do with you.

JE PR: talking about your own brothers penis is pretty damn sick. Nasty b!tch

JE PR: why don’t you ask Whitney about how she was taking Maryssa overnight to Kenny Broxton’s, hence why david got custody … or how Whitney lost every job given to her lately because she is nodding out on pills… now david hears its heroin

JE PR: Whitney trying to make phone calls when the phone is dead… eating an apple and the core of it nodding out… on camera…
JE PR: I mean we can keep going about her… there’s plenty to say but you are bringing her into this for no reason… dramaaaaaaa
Thus concludes this chapter of Jess ‘N’ Jen.

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