AUDIO Listen to Debz OG’s new song ‘Suga Momma’ with Money Carsin

Debra Danielsen Debz OG song Suga Momma

The Debz OG is BACK! It’s been more than four months since we first heard the eponymous debut rap from Teen Mom hip hop sensation Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen, and now we finally have her second single, entitled “Suga Momma” and featuring Money Carsin.

In a bit of good news/bad news (or perhaps bad news/good news for some), Debra doesn’t actually rap much on the record — those chores are handled mostly by Mon€¥ ¢ar$in. (I hooked up Money with all those currency symbols!) And even more bad (good?) news is that there isn’t an actual music video (yet).

But we do have the audio:

Here’s the song’s chorus, as dropped by Debz:

I’m a fly suga momma
And it’s plain to see
No one does it better
Than Debz OG

All the people hatin’,
I’m gonna let them be
They’re not gettin’ money
Like Debz OG

Debra Danielsen Debz OG Suga Momma lyrics

So whatya think? Is “Suga Momma” hip hop or hip flop?

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