Michael Abraham defends Farrah Abraham in marathon Twitter session

Teen Mom OG Michael Abraham on Twitter

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham receives quite a bit of criticism on social media. Earlier today, her dad, Michael Abraham, set aside a big chunk of his day to defend his daughter on Twitter by responding to the haters.

In his many interactions, Michael addressed everything from Farrah’s recent “fake firing” from Teen Mom OG, her ventures in the adult industry, her finances (pre- and post-MTV), and the well being of his granddaughter Sophia.

(Being a celebrity blogger, I am often a bit numb to the fact that this sort of back-and-forth goes on all the time. But @Starcasm was tagged in most of Michael’s Twitter conversations, so my phone blowing up all day was a humbling reminder what it must be like for a lot of public figures who attempt to get in the ring with the critics.)

OK–I will just step out of the way and let Michael speak for himself — and for Farrah and Sophia. I used first names when Michael does; otherwis, I just used the generic “TWEETER.” Farrah and her 16 & Pregnant co-star Nikkole Paulun also chimed in, so I used their full names. I also edited a few grammatical mistakes and typos to improve for readability.

MICHELLE: Can’t wait to see Farrah lose custody

MICHAEL: Michelle you are a cruel person…. Sophia nor Farrah deserves what you said & wishing a child to lose her only live parent is sick… shame on you #farrahabraham #mtv #bullying

FARRAH: love Unexpected @TLC how honest and non scripted it is!! Honest story telling! @MTV needs to take notes their fake teen mom quality is not even credible to watch anymore.. OG real talk

ANDREA: You weren’t b!tching when those checks started rolling in though. ?☕️

MICHAEL: Yes and they weren’t changing peoples lives for “drama’s sake” then also… get your facts correct Andrea

ANDREA: My facts? They’re obviously correct. You even said so, just now. ? I can’t believe you stick up for the monster you created. The way she treats you is ridiculous and you’re just as guilty for letting it happen. I feel so bad for Sophia. Poor kid.

MICHAEL: Andrea first of all Farrah does not treat me that way anymore. You should have seen the change last season if not next season & facts are facts Farrah has/had reason to act that way. She is working hard to overcome her challenges & she is not the person you’ve seen over the years

NIKKOLE PAULUN: Farrah’s right. Teen Mom is so unrealistic that people don’t even know what being a teen mom is really like anymore. I hope this new show gets the message out better than MTV has.

TWEETER: While this is true, it sounds just like bitterness coming from Farrah.

MICHAEL: No bitterness from Farrah… pure facts that’s all

TWEETER: Oh, I agree. It hasn’t for a while. But, coming from someone who was supposedly fired, it hard not to think there isn’t some bitterness. Farrah isn’t an example of the realities of teen motherhood either.

MICHAEL: Yes she is a pure example of teen motherhood..more so than any of them. She is a true single mother … Sophia’s Dad pasted away before she was born. Like it or not 68% of all teen parents work in the adult industry because they can’t find any other work – that’s a documented fact

TWEETER: It’s not about being a teen mom, it’s about these teen moms. The issues that they have is definitely realistic. If Farrah had an issue with the way @MTV works then why doesn’t she quit and stop collecting their checks?

TWEETER: That’s funny she complains now but who was paying all her bills… #MTV

KIM: She had money way before MTV

MICHAEL: Yes Kim she did…. most likely Farrah made more money in her teen years before she got pregnant for modeling and working multiple restaurant jobs than you do NOW. Farrah has always worked hard.

TWEETER: Exactly! She had money before MTV? Hahahaha. Please, don’t hate cause they don’t want to keep paying yr bills while u try to make it in p0rn.

MICHAEL: Kim Pull your judgemental head out of you @ss…. Farrah makes more money from her retail business, books, and TV work than most people make in 20 years… no she is not trying to make money in p0rn… she had and moved on… why can’t you?

TWEETER: Those businesses came AFTER 16 & Pregnant and AFTER Teen Mom and AFTER p0rn

MICHAEL: So what is your point? The calendar of those events (shows) mean nothing without the hard work and work ethic Farrah invested to make them successful.

NIKKOLE PAULUN: They repeatedly say Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant were created to help prevent teen pregnancy. These teen moms do not have a realistic life of a normal teen mom so people aren’t getting the message they claim to portray.

TWEETER: About the issues! The issues is what they hope to use as a message.

MICHAEL: No Heather it was not the issues… it was supposed to be about making correct and responsible choices about (teen) pregnancy. And yes that’s the fact cause I have the documents from the network unlike you.

SHANNON: Plus they keep getting pregnant themselves to random guys!

MICHAEL: You’re right on Shannon!

JOHN: I think she makes enough money trying to show her little @ss. Even though some really don’t think about the emotional stability of her daughter later in life when one day she goes to P0rnHub and sees mommy swinging on a swing

MICHAEL: John, Sophia has more “emotional stability” than any of the children on these shows… I know because I’m with Sophia everyday and no Sophia can’t see her mom on camsoda because Farrah (or her images) are no longer on that site… get your facts correct

JOHN: But she is still on P0rnHub? And the camsoda is also on P0rnHub so maybe you should log in and see about that

JOHN: Should I proceed? Or do you get the point

MICHAEL: John save yourself and time because you’re the one that does not get it nor have the facts …. and I’m not one to debate if you don’t have all the facts and if you’re going off your “opinion”.

JOHN: [provided a link to Farrah’s sex tape video on P0rnhub]

MICHAEL: So what it will be gone after the legal process is done.

JOHN: And it’s not my opinion Whenever there are visual proof of it. I mean it is what it is man it’s your daughter not mine. I just know if my daughter sucked d**k on camera I wouldn’t be the proudest

MICHAEL: Well John if you had children (do you) you would not abandon them. And since 97 percent of people do what Farrah does BIG deal. Oh it’s on camera … big deal 60 percent of Americans have nude and sex pictures on the web…. take your judgement else where

JOHN: There’s nothing to get your daughter f**ks herself on camera eventually Sofia is going to find that out you can’t hide her from that forever. I mean we can try to put it as nicely as we can but at the end of the day your daughter still f**king herself on camera

MICHAEL: John… like you profile states … you just another confused person. Well I’m not. So why don’t you just go get un confused

JOHN: No I don’t have children but that doesn’t mean that I would still want my daughter’s pu**y all over the place. All I’m saying is I think she should think about Sophia and just because you guys throw money at Sophia does not mean she will emotionally be okay in the long run

Michael Abraham on Farrah and future of Teen Mom

TIMMY: If Farrah calls me daddy in bed that’s all that matters. She can continue being a mom

MICHAEL: Timmy I have a better idea… how about I teach you some respect towards all woman.. and yes little boy I can

TIMMY: Hey man in just joking around. @F1abraham is my crush i could care less about sex. would dazzle her with a date though.

MICHAEL: Thank you for your message…. a sign of a gentleman! Sounds good Timmy! You take care and have a great day!

JAMES: Business mogul? Is getting it up the A qualify someone as a mogul now? Lol

MICHAEL: James my daughter has more business than you do and they are profitable…. little boy you have to try harder lol!

TWEETER: MTV fired her from OG so…

MICHAEL: It’s the truth MTV and Viacom (MTV’s parent company) did not fire Farrah the production company did .. just like they shamed her, bullied her, and discriminated against her.

TWEETER: Thanks for clearing that part up @ekimabraham. So you can confirm Farrah was indeed fired though?

MICHAEL: No I’m not confirming Farrah was fired. Another organization canceled the filming session for Farrah she did not. We are and have been ready to film and we are compliant to all our contract terms.

HOPE: I don’t think they were that well off -maybe- but no way would she have made it in p0rn if it weren’t for teen mom. Hence what took her career off “back door teen mom”

MICHAEL: Hope we lived in a million dollar plus’s house and Debra and I made more a year than most people make in 10 years… yes we were blessed and worked hard for every red cent we made…

AMBER: [responding to Farrah’s video modeling her new lingerie line] I’m sure her dad is very proud right @ekimabraham #daddyissues

MICHAEL: Amber your right … I’m very proud of Farrah…your comment shows your judgement…. maybe you should look at everyone in your family … are they all perfect and with out sin…. I bet not

TWEETER: I do not agree w/ p0rn but I think more of Teen Moms should take there fame and make a life of it cause the show isn’t going to last.

MICHAEL: The show was never going to last forever…

TWEETER: I do admire you defending your daughter. I that said she didn’t make money b4 mtv . They brought her fame w/ that fame came money & the businesses are more successful bc of her fame? Yes?

MICHAEL: MTV etc. did help but what made Farrah who she is and her successes is her work ethic and that she works hard…. and she got that from her family not MTV or Teen Mom

HOPE: Yeah, she is a hard worker! I don’t doubt that… she seems like the hardest working mom of all of them.

MICHAEL: Thank you Hope!

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