Man in Black’s son arrested after stripping down to whitey tighties at Canadian airport


John Carter Cash, the son of legendary country performers Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, was arrested Monday afternoon in a Canadian airport after having stripped down to his underwear.

The 44-year-old record producer and country artist was returning to Tennessee from a hunting trip when the incident took place at Deer Lake Airport in Newfoundland.

CBC reports that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to a call that a man had stripped down to his underwear in the middle of the airport. They were told as they were in route that Cash was either drunk or suffering a medical emergency and that he had missed his flight.

When the authorities arrived airport security informed them they had convinced Cash to put his clothes back on and that he was drunk.

Cash was very cooperative and no charges were filed. He was released Tuesday morning and flew back home shortly thereafter.

In a 2007 bio about his mom, Jon Carter revealed that as a young man he also struggled from some of the same addiction issues that his famous father battled with.

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