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How did Dr. Luke get his nickname? Is he a real doctor?

Dr. Luke's nickname has been the source of both confusion and controversy in light of Kesha's lawsuit against the 42-year-old songwriter and producer. Though he's written some of the best-known pop songs of the past thirteen years, Dr. Luke has been on the receiving end of a firestorm of criticism in recent months, due to allegations that he sexually, verbally, and emotionally abused Kesha.

Kelly Clarkson says Dr. Luke is a demeaning liar

Kelly Clarkson had a clear message for any women who might be interested in working with famed producer Dr. Luke in the future. Don't waste your time! The 33-year-old pop star and American Idol winner didn't pull any punches when she was asked about Dr. Luke, who is in a legal battle with Kesha over allegations that he sexually, verbally and emotionally abused the "Tik Tok" singer for years.

Kesha responds to Dr. Luke court decision & fan support with lengthy Facebook post

Yesterday, a court ruled against Kesha's injunction that would allow her to be released from her contract amid allegations that producer Dr. Luke raped and bullied her. Now, Kesha has taken to Facebook to share a lengthy response to the tidal wave of support she has received, as well as to clarify exactly what she is fighting for. PLUS, watch a video of Adele's BRIT Awards acceptance speech in which she comes out publicly in support of Kesha!