Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth: How much will The Mooch make post-White House?

Anthony Scaramucci's net worth

Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth was already sky-high, but a new report suggests that the figure could rocket into the stratosphere once The Mooch cashes in on his eleven debacle-laden days in the White House.

Scaramucci, who was famously fired before even being sworn in as White House communications director–and who, durng those same eleven days, lost his wife and was absent for the birth of his child because he was cozying up to his boss–was already a wealthy man. His time as an investment banker and pseudo-hedge fund manager made him one of the most powerful people in finance and snagged him a net worth allegedly in the low-nine figures.

But going down in flames, even by Trump standards, will land you a huge payday on the lecture circuit: TMZ reports that Scaramucci currently commands an appearance fee of $75,000 per obscenity-laden speech. That’s well up from the $25-to-$50,000 The Mooch already commanded, thanks to his reputation in financial circles. Presumably, he’s also widened his appeal in the two weeks since he ousted Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus and then forgot the words “off the record.”

Indeed, TMZ claims that “the high drama around [Scaramucci’s] administration stint adds extra appeal…Mooch is in a position to clean up and…come out smelling like a rose.” And, given the havoc The Mooch’s soon-to-be-ex wife Deidre is wreaking in the court of public opinion, it stands to reason that Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth is about to take a big hit–which means we’re likely to hear about plenty of his high-paying public appearances over at least the next few months.

(Photo credits: Anthony Scaramucci’s net worth via Twitter)

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