TEEN MOM 2 Chris Lopez told Briana DeJesus that Kail Lowry broke into his mom’s house before alleged assault?

Briana DeJesus Kail Lowry lawsuit motion

As we were the first to report, Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus has retained high-profile attorney Marc J. Randazza to represent her in the defamation suit filed by Kailyn Lowry on June 25. Marc officially filed a notice of appearance announcing that he was representing Briana on July 23. A little more than two weeks later, he has filed a motion for summary judgment asking that the judge in the case toss out the lawsuit for multiple reasons.

For those Teen Mom 2 fans looking for just the juicy tidbits, the lawsuit reveals that it was allegedly Chris Lopez who told Briana that Kail broke into his mother’s house the day that she allegedly assaulted him and was arrested.

From the filing (with first names substituted):

As for the reference to breaking and entering, which does not appear in the Instagram post but is briefly made in the Instagram Live broadcast, Briana spoke with Chris prior to publishing her statements, and Chris told her that Kail had broken and entered into his mother’s home as part of her assault of Chris. Briana considered Chris to be a credible source of information, as he was a first-hand witness to these events and his claims appeared sufficiently credible for Kail to be arrested.

Aside from this revelation, there was no real “tea” spilled in the filing. However, if the case is not tossed, I suspect we will have lots of tea spillage via depositions of those involved — including Teen Mom 2 producers.

Monday’s filing is technically an anti-SLAPP motion. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, which is a lawsuit “intended to censor, intimidate, and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition.” [Wikipedia] Many states, including Florida, “have adopted anti-SLAPP statutes in the interest of protecting free speech that provide for speedy hearings of the claims and the possibility of the defendant recovering legal fees and punitive damages.” [Cornell Law School]

I felt those terms needed to be defined up front before I move on to quoting the filing. Here is the Introduction from the filing, with last names replaced with first names once again — something I will continue to do throughout this post:

Kail’s Complaint is a classic SLAPP suit. It is meritless and directed exclusively at protected speech on a matter of public concern brought for the purpose of harassing and trying to silence a critic, rather than to vindicate any of Kail’s rights.

Kail has filed suit based on Briana discussing the fact that Kail was arrested for allegedly physically assaulting the father of two of her children. She verifiably was arrested for this, and her arrest garnered media attention. Kail cannot show falsity, she cannot show actual malice, and she cannot even show that she complied with the pre-suit notice requirements of Fla. Stat. § 770.01. The Court should dismiss Kail’s Complaint with prejudice and award Briana her costs and attorneys’ fees under Fla. Stat. § 768.295(4).

I will now provide highlights of the defense’s arguments.

* Aside from the section regarding Kail’s alleged failure to notify Briana about the lawsuit in advance (as required by Florida law), everything is a direct quote from the filing — with the first and last names swapped. Also, citations have been removed for ease of reading. I will include pdfs of the actual court documents at the bottom of this post for those interested in the full legalese.

Defense arguments

Briana’s statements were legal

Florida’s Anti-SLAPP statute defines “free speech in connection with public issues” to include “any written or oral statement made in or in connection with a play, movie, television program, radio broadcast, audiovisual work, book, magazine article, musical work, news report, or other similar work.”

…In interpreting California’s Anti-SLAPP statute, courts have found that speech does not need to “meet the lofty standard of pertaining to the heart of self-government” to qualify for Anti-SLAPP protection; “social or even low-brow topics may suffice.” … The lifestyles and conduct of well-known public figures and celebrities constitute an issue of public interest.

Contrary to Kail’s characterization of the statements at issue, Briana’s statements contained ruminations on the nature of reality television as a genre and criticized cast members on such shows who present a false impression of authenticity by hiding or ignoring embarrassing and uncomfortable details of their actual lives.

Kail’s arrest for alleged assault of her ex-boyfriend was already a matter of public record, with newspapers and entertainment blogs reporting on it starting in October 2020. (Exhibits 3 & 5.) Whether it is true that Kail actually broke into a relative’s home and attacked her ex is immaterial to the purpose of the Instagram post; what is important is that Kail was arrested for this alleged conduct, which unquestionably affected her family life, yet she chose not to share any of this with her audience expecting a candid view into the struggles of her family. Briana’s statements were thus in connection with an issue of public concern given Kail’s reputation and her status as a cast member on a television show about domestic life. The public concern in these issues is evidenced by the fact that third-party media entities had previously reported on Kail’s arrest and the status of the criminal case against her.

Briana has thus met her burden of proof under the first prong of the Anti-SLAPP analysis. The burden now shifts to Kail to show that her defamation claim has merit. She cannot meet this burden.

Kail’s Defamation Claim is Meritless

A defamation plaintiff must show (1) the defendant’s publication of an allegedly defamatory statement; (2) falsity; (3) the defendant acted with knowledge or reckless disregard as to the falsity on a matter concerning a public figure; and (4) actual damages. Kail cannot satisfy these elements.

Kail didn’t notify Briana

The “pre-suit notice requirements of Fla. Stat. § 770.01” mentioned in the Introduction above state that “before any civil action is brought for publication or broadcast, in a newspaper, periodical, or other medium, of a libel or slander, the plaintiff shall, at least 5 days before instituting such action, serve notice in writing on the defendant, specifying the article or broadcast and the statements therein which he or she alleges to be false and defamatory.” Marc says that Kail “did not provide pre-suit notice to Briana, nor does she allege to have done so.” He concludes that “her failure to comply with this requirement ‘requires dismissal of the complaint for failure to state a cause of action.'”

Marc argues that not serving notice isn’t something that can be fixed after the fact. As a result, “the Court is bound to dismiss Kail’s suit and award Briana her attorneys’ fees.” If the judge agrees on this point, then the suit could be tossed without even considering the other arguments.

Briana’s Statements are Substantially True or Are Expressions of Opinion

None of the complained-of statements in the June 8 Instagram post are even conceivably false.

Briana mentioned that Kail “could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with [Kail’s] baby daddy that I was told she was trying to hide. This was back when a child’s hair was cut and she was allegedly arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Her baby daddy.” (Exhibit 2) (emphasis added.) It is literally true that Kail was arrested for allegedly physically assaulting Chris, the father of two of her children. There was media coverage discussing the arrest and the underlying factual basis for the arrest. Kail cannot dispute that this occurred. There is nothing defamatory about these statements.

Kail also alleges that Briana’s reference to “breaking and entering” in her June 8 Instagram Live broadcast is defamatory. Though Kail was not arrested for the actual charge of breaking and entering, there is no material difference between this claim and the unquestionably true fact that Kail was arrested for attacking Chris. The surrounding context of Briana’s broadcast makes it clear that she was asserting the alleged breaking and entering was part of Kail’s assault of Chris, rather than some independent incident. For purposes of defamation, there is no difference to the average viewer between Kail being granted entry to the home of Chris’s mother before attacking Chris, or Kail forcibly entering the home before her assault. The “gist” or “sting” of Briana’s statements remains the same whether or not there is any mention of breaking and entering. As Briana’s statements are true or substantially true, Kail’s defamation claim is meritless.

Kail can’t show actual malice

The degree of fault a defamation plaintiff must prove depends on whether they are a public figure. Public figures must plead and prove actual malice, which is “knowledge that [the statement] was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.”

…Kail is a limited-purpose public figure. Florida courts use a two-step analysis to determine whether a plaintiff is such a public figure. “First, the court must determine whether there is a ‘public controversy,'” which depends on “whether a reasonable person would have expected persons beyond the immediate participants in the dispute to feel the impact of its resolution.” … Here, Kail pleads facts that establish, conclusively, that she is a public figure. She alleges she is “a reality television personality, a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. As of the date of this Complaint she has approximately 4 million followers on Instagram, and co-owns and co-hosts two podcasts. She stars in the reality television show Teen Mom 2. There was also media coverage regarding her arrest for attacking the father of her children. (Exhibits 3 & 5.) Given her large viewer base and social media presence related directly to her status as a Teen Mom 2 star, coupled with the media scrutiny she received for her domestic assault arrest, there was an existing public controversy at the time Briana published her statements.

Second, a court “must then determine whether the plaintiff played a sufficiently central role in the instant controversy to be considered a public figure for purposes of that controversy.” There is no question that Kail was central to this dispute; she was the primary participant in it and is a star on Teen Mom 2, rather than some ancillary cast member. Kail is thus a limited-purpose public figure.

A public figure plaintiff must provide proof that the defendant had a “high degree of awareness of … probable falsity” of their statements. “There must be sufficient evidence to permit the conclusion that the defendant in fact entertained serious doubts as to the truth of his publication.”

“[The plaintiff] must prove actual malice with clear and convincing evidence.”

Kail only makes the conclusory allegations that Briana “recklessly disregarded the truth,” “made the Post with actual malice” and “knew the Post was false and/or acted with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.” These barebones allegations, unsupported by any facts, would not survive a motion to dismiss, and Kail cannot provide any evidence to show actual malice.

It is unquestionably true that Kail was arrested for allegedly physically assaulting Chris. Briana’s statements do not contain affirmative representations that she did, in fact, assault Chris, but rather refer only to allegations that she did so. It is also apparent from the context of Briana’s statements that Briana was talking about the familial disruption caused by Kail’s arrest for these alleged actions, not that Kail actually assaulted Chris. As for Briana’s reference to Kail “breaking and entering” into the home of Chris’s mother (which is where the alleged assault took place), Briana spoke to Chris, an eyewitness to Kail’s actions that day. Chris told Briana that Kail broke into his mother’s house when Kail attacked her. Briana found Chris’s representations to be credible and reliable. These facts cannot give rise even to an inference of actual malice, and Kail’s defamation claim is meritless.

Recap of Kail’s allegations

Kail alleges that, starting on June 8, 2021, Briana made defamatory statements about Kail on the extremely popular social media website Instagram. The allegedly defamatory statements are as follows:
Briana “claimed that Kail had committed violent, physical crimes towards Mr. Lopez.”
Briana “asserted that Kail was arrested for breaking and entering into the home of Mr. Lopez’s mother.”
Briana “stated, ‘Kail doesn’t wanna [sic] film about breaking and entering into Chris Momma house and beating him for cutting his child’s hair.'”

After the Instagram post was published, Briana stated during an Instagram Live broadcast that she “‘know[s] the real story, [she] know[s] what happened’ concerning why Kail was not included in the June 8, 2021 episode of the Series.”

During the Instagram Live broadcast, Briana “asserted that Kail was omitted from the episode because she ‘didn’t want to film about the issues that goes [sic] on with her and Chris’ and ‘tryna [sic] clean up the bad girl act.'”
During the Instagram Live broadcast, Briana stated “that ‘[Kail] did not want to film about the situation with the domestic violence, about her getting arrested, about her breaking and entering into … Chris’s mom’s house. She didn’t want to film about her hitting Chris because Chris cut her son’s hair.'”
Kail also alleges third-party publications wrote about these statements and that Briana “perpetuat[ed] the false allegations contained in the Post” by continuing “to interact with her wide audience of followers in a series of comments and reaction,” though no such comments or reactions are identified or alleged to be defamatory.

While Kail quotes a small portion of the June 8 Instagram post and characterizes the statements therein, it is useful to view the entirety of the post for context. It reads:

Like the other women on the show – I had absolutely no idea that someone was going to be cut from the show tonight. However, as a cast member who takes pride in being my authentic self and telling my full, true story – the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between – I would be remiss to not address the situation.

Since joining Teen Mom 2 (which, as we all know, is something Someone wasn’t exactly thrilled about from the beginning) I have worked hard to show my true authentic self while filming. Personally, I feel like if you are too good to film your real life than [sic] why would you be on a show that is supposed to be about your real life. Like someone is sitting on the show legitimately filming about a wallpaper color choice when she could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with her baby daddy that I was told she was trying to hide. This was back when A child’s hair was cut and she was allegedly arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Her baby daddy.

While I understand all of us want to be shown overcoming our struggles and that we all take pride in our names (and someone takes pride in her brand and her podcasts) at the end of the day she shouldn’t try to cover up the real her or things that are going on in her real life. It comes off as exceptionally inauthentic and an insult to her other cast members.

Think about it – if I’m being upfront about something as personal (and humiliating) as an STD from an ex, why should she get away with just talking about buying a dream house and letting her son design a bathroom when real life problems actually are occurring in her home. It just doesn’t make any sense and I really would like to see her showing her full, true, authentic life as I’m sure would the viewers. I’m also sure the ratings would reflect it.

Regardless, she’s made her choice to show what she’s shown but I just wanted to speak up to make my point known. Whether she likes it or not, we are cast members at the end of the day and this is how I truly feel. Make sure y’all tune in tonight and yes stellas [sic] face is my actual mood right now.

The use of “allegedly” in discussing Kail’s arrest for a “physical altercation” is particularly important, as Kail was indeed arrested for this alleged conduct.

Around October 2020, newspapers and entertainment blogs began to publish articles reporting that Kail had been arrested for an alleged physical altercation with her ex-husband, Chris Lopez, regarding a haircut of their 3 year-old child.

The Hollywood Life Article contains a partially redacted copy of an investigative police report regarding this incident, showing the alleged assault was committed on September 4, 2020. (Police report, attached as Exhibit 4.) The police report recounts accusations from Chris that Kail struck him “several times with a closed fist,” because she did not want their child’s hair cut. The report also recounts corroborating statements from two witnesses whose identities are redacted, including attempts by one of the witnesses to pull Kail off Chris.

The Hollywood Life article goes on to report that Kail was arrested for “offensive touching” and, while released on her own recognizance, she was ordered not to have any contact with Chris. (Exhibit 3.) Subsequent reporting stated that these charges against Kail had been dropped around February 2021.

As for the reference to breaking and entering, which does not appear in the Instagram post but is briefly made in the Instagram Live broadcast, Briana spoke with Chris prior to publishing her statements, and Chris told her that Kail had broken and entered into his mother’s home as part of her assault of Chris. Briana considered Chris to be a credible source of information, as he was a first-hand witness to these events and his claims appeared sufficiently credible for Kail to be arrested.

Declaration from Briana

I…Briana DeJesus, declare:
I am over the age of 18 years and have never been convicted of a crime involving fraud or dishonesty. I have first-hand knowledge of the facts set forth herein, and if called as a witness, could and would testify competently thereto.
I am the Defendant in this matter.
I am a cast member on the television show Teen Mom 2.
I own and operate the Instagram account “@_brianaDejesus.”
Plaintiff Kailyn Lowry was scheduled to appear on the June 8, 2021, episode of Teen Mom 2. She unexpectedly was removed from the episode.

On June 8, 2021, I posted a statement on the @_brianaDejesus lnstagram account in which I discussed Kail’s removal from the Teen Mom 2 episode. I deleted this post within 24 hours, but it was captured and reposted by the Instagram account “teenmom.tea,” which I do not own or operate, without my knowledge. A true and correct copy of the post, as re-posted by teenmom.tea, is attached to my Anti-SLAPP Motion for Summary Judgment Under Fla. Stat. § 768.295 (the “Anti­ SLAPP Motion”) as Exhibit 2

Also on June 8, 2021, I posted an Instagram Live broadcast in which I discussed this same subject. The broadcast, as captured and re-posted by teenmom.tea, can be found [below].

Prior to June 8, 2021, I was aware that Kail had been arrested for allegedly physically assaulting her ex and father of two of her children, Christopher Lopez, in September 2020. I obtained this knowledge by reading media reporting on her arrest, as well as the investigative police report filed shortly before her arrest.

Specifically, I read an October 29, 2020 article from “Hollywood Life” titled “‘Teen Mom 2′s Kailyn Lowry Arrested For Allegedly Punching Ex Chris Lopez Over Son Lux’s Haircut.” A true and correct copy of this article is attached to my Anti-SLAPP Motion as Exhibit 3.

I also read the investigative police report included within the Hollywood Life article. A true and correct copy of the report, as included in the Hollywood Life article, is attached to my Anti-SLAPP Motion as Exhibit 4.

While I am aware the charges against Kail were ultimately dropped, I am not aware of any statement from law enforcement or any prosecutor that Kail was found innocent of physically assaulting Chris.

Prior to June 8, 2021, I spoke to Chris regarding Kail’s alleged assault. He told me that Kail did, in fact, physically attack [him]. He also told me that, as part of this attack, Kail physically forced herself into the home of Chris’s mother, where Chris was at the time.
As an eyewitness to these events, and as a victim of them, I found Chris’s statements to be credible and believable.

Having obtained this information, I felt confident that it was factually accurate to state that Kail had allegedly attacked Chris and had allegedly broken into his mother’s home as part of this attack. I made these statements as part of a criticism of reality television actors, like Kail, who try to show audiences a cherry-picked, seemingly ideal picture of their daily life, even though audiences watch such programming because they want to see authenticity.
I did not harbor any doubt in my mind that my statements regarding Kail at issue in this case were factually accurate or were expressions of my own subjective opinion.
I did not receive any form of pre-suit notice from Kail or her attorneys before she filed her Complaint.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Transcript of Briana DeJesus’ Instagram Live

… ten, (indecipherable). Okay, so let’s go back to all the drama. I started, I joined Teen Mom 2, I was asked to be a part of Teen Mom 2, I was the fifth girl added to Teen Mom 2 and some people didn’t like the fact that I was taking away TV time from others. But that’s not the point.

Anyways, I messed around with somebody’s ex-husband; I get it, you hate me for that. I tried to say sorry, I apologize; we’re past that. Me and Kail squashed the beef, like there’s no hard feelings about it, we literally let it go. I told her that me and you cannot be friends, but we could, you know, just be cordial. We have to sit on a couch at a reunion, like we can do that. Kail doesn’t want to do that, I understand. I messed with her ex-husband, I get it, whatever. Me and Kail were never friends, never been friends, me and Kail have never texted each other, me and Kail never sat down for dinner, me and Kail were never buddy-buddy. It was just, we did one surgery together, and everybody thinks we were best friends, and I f*** with the girl code by messing around with her ex-husband, which I shouldn’t have, but we live and we learn and I apologized, and we’re past that.

So now, here we go, fast forward to what’s going on right now. I heard, I got some information about Kail and why she wasn’t on tonight’s episode. I got true sources, true facts from the people that were in production, that were part of the team and TV, I know the real story, I know what happened and Kail wasn’t on tonight’s episode because she no longer wants to film about her true life. She doesn’t want to film about the issues that go on with her and Chris, or her and Javi or her and Jo. She’s trying to soup up the bad girl act, and portray herself as this woman, which is great, you can do that, kudos to you, so proud of you, so happy for you. But when we are on a television show that documents our day-to-day life, it’s not fair to the crew, to the cast mates who actually pour out their whole life. Right?

So, I made one comment. Someone asked me on Instagram, “Why wasn’t Kail on tonight’s episode?” and all I said was we had so much footage that we filmed, me and Jade, not just me. We had so much footage that we filmed that took over Kail’s story like, that there was nothing for Kail to film during that time. So what production did was cut her story for tonight’s episode and use the Jade and me in Miami and me helping Jade. That’s all I said.

I don’t know where things got tangled in the web, like I don’t know why Ashley got into, I don’t know why Ashley got aggressive. All I said was, me and Jade had a lot more things to film, Kail did not want to film about the situation with the domestic violence, about her getting arrested, about her breaking and entering into Kail’s mom, I mean into Chris’s mom’s house. She didn’t want to film about her hitting Chris, because Chris cut her son’s hair. She doesn’t want to film about any of that. So it’s not my fault that she got cut from the episode. I was just stating facts. Right?

So that’s what happened. And then Ashley, poor Ashley, sweet girl. Poor baby. I think she just, I don’t know, I honestly don’t know what her beef, what her beef is with me. Like I’ve never, I’ve never said anything about her, never ever, nothing about her has ever came out of my mouth. Nothing. I don’t know why you guys are calling me drama queen when I literally just said one comment, about tonight’s episode, but whatever, y’all can hate me all you want. But Ashley got into it because she’s with Kail, I’m assuming, for Kail’s podcast. But she felt the need to say that I’m fake, or whatever the case is, and I don’t think Ashley should have butted into it because it was none of her business. But hey, whatever, that’s just what it is. And yeah, I don’t know what Ashley’s beef is with me. If you guys can tell me, I would love to know. She apologized to me a few days, like a few weeks ago, and I wrote her back and I said, “You know, me and you, we’re never going to be friends, but we could you know, be cordial, and sit on the couch together,” like I said with Kail and we both agreed to that. And then now, like, she wants to get all crazy, and defend Kail, which I get, that’s her friend, she can defend Kail all she wants, but don’t get ghetto with me because I haven’t done anything to you. And I never said anything to her or about her.

And then, I feel like, it’s all okay for others to talk about me, but the moment I want to express my feelings, it’s always a problem. If I want to express what’s inside my brain, it’s always a problem. So yes, I did clap back with some real tea, that is confirmed, from different people, that yes, Ashley uses a fake, a fake house to film, um, but that’s another story for another day, and I just don’t think it’s fair. My whole point in everything is that me and Jade always film everything. We’re true to ourselves. We (indecipherable), and it’s not fair that other girls get beat around the bush.

Also, the production, people in production always, always tell me and Jade that we have to film, that this is our job, this is something we have to do. So that when we get little stories, and we hear about other girls and what they’re doing, and they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do, it just gets a little frustrating, because I worked really hard to be on this TV show. I film everything. It, it just hurts, it just hurts I guess. So, whatever. That’s what it is. I’m not jealous of anybody. I’m going to continue sharing my story with Teen Mom 2 as long as I can. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I don’t know why everybody, I don’t know why they’re so pressed because I made a comment about tonight’s episode, but, yeah. That’s it.

“If you don’t care about them, why waste your time talking about them?” I don’t care about them, but it’s about the principle, it’s about us all working together to be on a TV show. Now when you start fabricating your story, now people aren’t going to want to watch because now you’re lying and you’re not being your true self, and then those are bringing ratings down and then sooner or later Teen Mom 2 is gonna be cut. So now you’re f***ing with my money at the end of the day, and I don’t think that’s fair either. So, it really isn’t a big deal. I think all this is very, very theatri – what’s the word? I don’t even know what I’m saying. But I just feel like it’s becoming, I don’t know, it’s just unnecessary, I guess. All this drama stuff is unnecessary.

“Didn’t you fake a text with your baby daddy?” No, I did not fake a text with my baby daddy. I did not fake anything, actually. And, the reunion was already filmed, guys. Sorry to burst your bubble. The reunion was filmed a few weeks ago. We all went to New York, to film the reunion except Ashley; Ashley had to deal with some family issues at home with her baby daddy, so there’s that. But the reunion was already filmed, and I think it’s a great reunion because you really see me and Jade sit down and talk about the whole Miami trip and going into detail because I don’t think they’re really going to show everything from Miami.

Um, what else? I don’t know why people care so much. I don’t understand. Thanks (responding to comment on Instagram). My fiance doesn’t really care, to be honest. My fiance does not care.

But yeah, I think that’s all I have to say about tonight’s episode. I watched it, um, I thought it was a great episode. There was a lot of footage of Jade and I that they filmed, and they didn’t even show all of it. Like, there was so much more that I wish that they showed, but it’s okay, it is what it is. It happens, but um, I thought tonight’s episode was a really good episode. And next week’s episode is still going to be good, it’s still gonna be me and Jade in Miami. And then the episode after that is still going to be Jade and I, so for the next three to four episodes it’s literally still going to be Jade and I in Miami, and then Jade … it’s just going to be a lot. So stay tuned for that, you’re – it’s, it won’t be done with us. And hopefully me and her can go on a girls’ trip soon because we definitely need one.

I don’t have any issues with Kail, so let’s get that straight. I don’t have any issues with Kail, I don’t hate her, I think she is a beautiful woman, I think she is very successful, and she deserves the world, she deserves happiness. I want all of that for Kail. And same thing for Ashley, I don’t hate Ashley, I don’t even know Ashley, I don’t know anything about her. I never watched her story, I don’t know what she brings to the table for this Teen Mom 2 sh*t, like, I don’t know anything so I can’t hate her if I don’t know her. I never met her, I don’t think I ever will meet her, so that’s just that.

But no, I don’t hate anybody. I don’t have beef with anybody. And I’m sorry that I had to clap back because I’m tire of people always trying me – trying to tarnish my name when I literally didn’t do anything, I’m just existing. And I think somebody was just a little bit mad that they weren’t in one episode. And they’re not getting paid for that episode.

So, and “now what about Kail breaking into Chris mama house.” Honestly, I can’t even get into that, I just heard a story, someone told me something about something, and that’s why Kail didn’t want to film and that’s why she won’t – that’s why she wasn’t on tonight’s episode. People tell me things, and I just listen. So there’s that.
I don’t know what Ashley’s mad about. I’ll never know. Ashley, I don’t know. I don’t have anything bad to say about her, so I’m not gonna say anything. Um.

Actual court documents

Here are the actual court documents split into two separate pdf files. The first file includes the motion plus the first exhibit, which is the transcript of Briana’s Instagram live included above. The second file is the rest of the exhibits, including Briana’s declaration. I did not include the full articles, just the first pages. The Hollywood Life article article is linked in the story above, and The Sun article is here.
Teen Mom 2 Briana DeJesus’s motion for summary judgment in Kail Lowry defamation lawsuit Part One
Briana DeJesus’s motion for summary judgment in Kail Lowry defamation lawsuit

UPDATE – Kail’s lawyer has responded with a 95-PAGE FILING! Click the link for a full recap on that!

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