90 DAY FIANCE Pedro’s mom’s website uncovered! Is she a divorce lawyer? Was Family Chantel right about harvesting US dollars?!

90 Day Fiance Chantel's mom and Pedro's mom

On this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Family Chantel continues to be suspicious of her husband Pedro and his Dominican family. On more than one occasion, Chantel’s mom and dad have expressed their concerns with Chantel that Pedro’s mom Lidia is using her son to harvest US dollars and flat screen televisions.

On Sunday night’s episode, Chantel’s mom cracks open her “evuhdense” binder by claiming that Mother Pedro has a website which “finds stupid Americans to match with a person on the island in order to harvest the American dollar.” The comment sparked curiosity among viewers, and some dedicated 90 Daytectives on reddit have dug up a since-deleted website associated with Mother Pedro!

The website is (was) www.ServiciosLegalesDR.com, but it is currently defunct. Thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine, we do have some snapshots of the website prior to its demise, and it looks to be an online legal services business. Here is a list of the services offered, which was preceded by the message: “If the service you are looking for is not listed, you can tell us what it is.”

Incorporation of Companies – To formalize your business in the Dominican Republic, we offer you the constitution of different companies governed by Law No. 479-08 on Commercial Companies.

Transformation / Adjustment of Companies – To transform or adapt your business to the new Law No. 479-08 on Commercial Companies you must choose according to your needs among the different companies that it offers.

Sales Contracts and Transfer of Real Estate – We offer our clients the necessary procedure and legal support for the acquisition or sale of real estate.

Sales Contracts and Transfer of Motor Vehicles – This service consists of carrying out the procedure to sell or acquire motor vehicles. We will take care of the preparation of the contract according to the conditions indicated by the client.

Cancellation of Conventional Mortgages – This service consists of the drafting of the “Cancellation Act of a Conventional Mortgage”, duly legalized by a Notary Public.

Trade Name Registration – Trade names are those that distinguish a company or establishment from the others. The first step constituting a company is the registration of its business name in ONAPI.

Divorce by Mutual Consent – It is a procedure by which the spouses voluntarily subscribe and by common agreement a Notarial Act of Stipulations and Conventions where they establish the conditions that will govern their divorce.

Trademark Registration – We help our clients when looking after the intellectual property of their company. We become the client’s representative when registering your brands, guaranteeing a fast service and from the comfort of your home.

You will notice that “US husbands for dollar harvesting” is not listed.

I can confirm that Mother Pedro lists the website as her employer on Facebook with “project manager” as her job title. I also uncovered this video advertisement for the website, which includes a rather funny cartoon depiction of various issues those seeking legal counsel might me suffering from — including “estafas” (aka scam):

Here’s a screen cap that I’m sure 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After fans will have some fun with:

90 Day Fiance Pedro's mom Lidia website ad offering legal help with scams

Meanwhile, another reddit 90 Daytective uncovered a divorce announcement in which Mother Pedro is listed as an attorney for one of the parties — so at least part of her legal expertise is with divorce law.

Mm hmmm.

As far as background info on Mother Pedro, she graduated with her law degree (I assume) from Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago. I am unsure if that particular university offers courses in US dollar harvesting.

On an unrelated note, yet another reddit 90 Daytective uncovered what looks to be a dating profile for Mother Pedro on the website CaribbeanCupid.com! Check it out:

90 Day Fiance Pedro's mom Lidia Caribbean Cupid dating profile

Hmmmm… Perhaps we will see Mother Pedro on the next season of 90 Day Fiance or Before the 90 Days! If Lidia came to the US, then she could certainly raise her harvesting profits and save a ton of money on TV shipping!

UPDATE – It seems I was spot on! Check out the tweet below!

Be sure to keep up with all the Family Chantel shenanigans (Family Chananigans?) with new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC!

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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