TEEN MOM Bar and Ashley announce wedding date with denim-on-denim photo shoot, MTV crew was filming

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant Bariki Bar Smith and Ashley Jones Wedding date announcement

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant couple Bariki “Bar” Smith and Ashley Jones had perhaps the most dramatic relationship of all the couples on the popular new MTV show, but by the end of the Season 1 finale, Holly’s parents had managed to weather all of the chaos and were still together. And they both appear quite confident that they will make it long term as they have just announced a wedding date!

The announcement came via Instagram in a denim-on-denimmaculate photo shoot by San Francisco Bay area photographer Samantha Nickole:

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Both Ashley and Bar posted the photo above, and both captioned it with the date 09/29/19 as well as the ? wedding ring emoji. Just in case there were any doubts, Ashley followed up the photo with a text graphic that reads: “Tag a good Bay area wedding planner please ❤️.”

But mom and pop weren’t the only ones feeling denimaginative as they were joined by daughter Holly in the blue fabric:

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“I was showing her how to clap ❤️” Bar captioned the picture. “I love my little angel ?? Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads that are involved in there kids life because those are the real fathers!!! ??”

Photographer Samantha Nickole also shared some of the photos online, and she may have hinted that a Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 2 is in the works with one of her captions: “Today i [had] the pleasure of working with @ashleysiren and @barbadbreedmtv,” she wrote, before adding: “And all of the mtv crew (: .”

Hmmmmm… It is possible the network was there capturing the photo shoot for the Reunion as an update on the couple, so please don’t take it as any sort of Season 2 confirmation at this point. That being said, it would have been just as easy to use some pictures from the shoot for the update, and there really was no need for a full MTV crew to be there. My guess is that the future of the show is still up in the air, but MTV wanted to capture the wedding announcement shoot just in case.

As far as wedding particulars, neither Bar nor Ashley have shared any additional details — but, judging from Ashley’s request for a wedding planner, that could very well be because there aren’t any more details. They also haven’t revealed any sort of wedding registry, and a quick online search didn’t turn anything up for me. Of course, it is more than a year away, so that all seems fairly normal.

If you’re curious, I don’t think Bar’s mom Shen has responded to the wedding announcement yet. She had yet another falling out with the couple last week, and despite numerous posts defending her actions during the surprise birthday party attack featured in the Season 1 finale, she has said nothing about the wedding date. However, Shen is ALL OVER the internet doing live streams and what not, so I could have missed it. Regardless, my money is on Shen crashing the wedding whether MTV cameras are rolling or not!

We will continue to monitor things and will update as soon as we hear anything definitive about whether or not there will be a Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 2.

PHOTOS: Samantha Nickole Photography

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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