Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans lost custody of son Jace to mom Barbara Evans

Jenelle Evans custody battle with mom Barbara evans

Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is no stranger to controversy; she admitted to smoking pot while pregnant, constantly disrespected her mom Barbara on camera, and made a habit of leaving her newborn Jace with Barbara (who works 40 hours a week at Walmart) so she could go out partying, and has been arrested several time (most recently for pot possession.)

Now we’ve learned that Barbara and Jenelle had a bitter custody battle over Jace (his father Andrew, a former model and alcoholic, is out of his life.) There is MTV footage (to be aired as part of Teen Mom 2) of Jenelle pushing her mother out of the door frame during a fight over Jace’s custody.

Despite Jenelle’s protestations, she did lose custody of her son to her mother Barbara Evans (57). On June 10 Jenelle signed over “primary legal custody and primary physical custody” to Barbara.

According to hollybaby.com, here are the stipulations of the agreement “The plaintiff [Barbara] is the maternal grandparent of the minor child. She is currently exercising physical control of the minor child by the consent of the defendants [Jenelle and her baby daddy Andrew Lewis, 25].”

Jenelle also reportedly ranted on Facebook that her mother was trying to charge her with multiple felonies.

It remains to be seen if Jenelle with face any penalties for shoving her mother on camera. Amber Portwood (of the original Teen Mom series) was recently jailed for a day after being charged with four felonies for physically abusing her baby’s father Gary Shirley on camera in both seasons of Teen Mom in front of their daughter Leah.

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  • hanna

    Little girls, like Jenelle should’t have babies and she should get her babie taken off herl asap.

    • jacki

      i agree with u hanna

    • Crystal

      She is not alittle girl, she is a teenager and unless a teen is a danger to their kid, they don’t deserve to have them taken from them.

      Though in Janelle’s case, I agree she does. The grandmother also shouldn’t have custody. Not only is Janelle the product of ehr parenting but she’s a horrible mother. Instead of emotionally supporting her daughter and encourging her to be a mother to her son, she decided to take over as the kid’s mother. Hopefully Barbara Evans will be too old to try too steal her great grand children when Jace and any future grandchildren have kids.

      • April

        I do not agree with you that the grandmother should not have custody. She was left with the baby alot and really had no choice but to take care of him. She has always took Janelle back in over and over and keeps telling her to smarten up and take care of the baby.

    • shadow

      hi theses showslike real world teen mom jeaser shure seem to reward degnrate people whicth why does reality tv have to be like that when real world first straed it had good intension i admt i have trired out for the show n was a fan it just changed in the wrong directon now teen mom my advise for jenneal is to get help for her self take dr drus advice haaving a baby young is just iresponsibity to the baby n un fair for young girls especiliy in that inviorment n young peole shoud not be having sex if not ready or protected janel should go to a place get help n maby she doeshave adisorder like ocd or buy pollor or just bad relationship with her mom whicth i somtimes do the way they acked she has to find a goal for hesrlef a hoby finsh school or get ged get awy from keflfa n losers like that whicth most girls do like sad to say become her own resposnibel person maby a housing type programe
      with therpy she has to care about herself i had problems n a disability learning that i had over comab im in kung fu i draw love movies i put a goal to myself n made myself bettr shes got realises she has a problem n get in coreected n get out of that enviorment n her mom has to learn how to control her anger work things out more jannel needs to grow as a person for her n her daughter cause she was mature engouh for sex but learn from her mysteak n make her self bettr n get off the drugs n awy from the bad drama n take dr dru advice h knows what hes talking about lets help she gets bettr n her mom improves so they can live forwerd n for get the bad n move on

  • MaryJane

    I’m a 22 year old female, without kids. Proud of pot, there really isn’t a problem with it. It’s medicinal and does not cause a person to become violent. However, I feel completely bad for Janelle’s mom. 40 hours a week and Walmart and for the remaining hours of the week, having to basically raise her grandson because her ungrateful daughter can’t.
    Janelle keeps threatening to take Jace and leave, i’d like to see her try.
    Her mom needs to stand up for herself, she doesn’t deserve that, and shame on Janelle for treating her mother like dirt and making a bad name for stoners everywhere

    • bbaby

      Live a little longer.

  • Rashida

    This show is a classy show

  • hdandsh

    This girl is a disgrace to motherhood. She should be so thankful that her mom was there for her through having a child and standing by her side. It’s a shame how unappreciative she is and how she doesn’t take care of that beautiful baby boy. I hope she is never near him and I’m glad her mother is taking care of this innocent baby because it’s NOT his fault that his immature mom decided to be ungrateful for such a precious child.

  • Jenna

    um no. jenelle actually does love her child. her mom doesn’t even let her take care of him when she wants too. didn’t you watch the show “mom, then why can’t i change his diaper? why can’t i dress him” her mom said “beecause ur busy texting” SHE WASNT EVEN TEXTING THEN. plus jace is jenelle’s child, instead of jenelle’s mom bitching at her all the time, and trying to take her son away. how about she nicely talks to her. all her mom did before was bitch about andrew and everything else, well jenelle got rid of him and fixed the other things AND HER MOM IS STILL BITCHING AT HER.

    • hanna

      jenelle does not care about jace cause she parties all the time

      • even though she has done something that are bad. that does not mean that she could and would never be a good mom! come one poeple i am sure some of you have done things you should have not. i have heard of people drinking and gettting drunk while there kids where in bed and having parties. come on guys her mom was always on her about everything she did. it was never good a enough. she just need to grow up some more and get help then try to get him back. just because you have a record does not mean you can have custdy of your child. sometime it take these thing to make people to grow up.

    • mommy of two

      Jenna u are off ur rockers. If that was my child I would have taken her but out literally the idea of this ungrateful disrespectful wh**e. She should b the one scared cuz rthe first time she raised her hand to me would be the last. I blame her mom for not kicking her butt long ago but how dare u say she’s a good mom. I’m really hoping u NEVER have any kids the thought of iu with kids or her keeping hers is a disaster to society. Grow up little dumb girls

      • kitt3n

        We are not little girls, and were not dumb. Amen to Jenna’s comment because she was the firt commenter to know EXACTLY what the heck was going on. With you talking like that on a gossip site, come on. Help ur kids with homework or something.

    • Alanna

      Jenna, I remember in that epidosde Jenelle said something along the lines of it’s okay for her to go out because her mom is there to watch the baby. Right there shows that she is not a responsible parents, because she is relying on her mother to take care of Jace while she goes to party.
      You also have to remember that there’s more to what was happening with them than what we see on tv. Now, maybe you’re a personal friend of Jenelle’s and that’s why you feel that way, but regardless you probably don’t know what it’s really like at home. If you listened to what the mother was trying to say, she was telling Jenelle that it’s cold when the AC goes on and the outfit Jenelle had dressed him in was falling off. Again, the grandmother of the baby has his best interest in mind while Jenelle just wants to be able to “dress him”

    • Jalissa

      What world r u in cuz Jenelle is the most immature teen I’ve ever seen. She’s pathetic I think u and her should go on a serious reality check

    • M E : )

      I #DEFF think that janelle is trinq to be a normal teen & a mom . Iaqree with Jenna , on that episode alls janelle was doinq was tryinq to be a qood mom and she couldnt because of her stupid oss mother , Janelle cant do anythinq for jace kause of her MOTHER !

      • hillsy

        i don’t like jenna’s mom at all, but to say “jenelle is just trying to be a normal teen and a mom”? You can’t be both! A good parent doesn’t act like an immature child and party all the time and pawn their child off on other people while they do it. She’s too immature to be a parent and her mom’s a wreck, jace would be better off going up for adoption.

    • suzy q;)

      Jenna, i definetely agree with u, except think about Kieffer, jenelle dated him after andrew was never seen again. But it is true that on 16 and pregnant, her mom was really acting like a child. she asked her friends questions like “girls, does jenelle need to grow up …”. And I couldn’t believe SHE MADE JENELLE TAKE JACE TO A NIGHTCLUB=(.R u kidding me!? obviously, she seemed to not love or want jenelle. she said “what if i took jace and moved out and you never saw me again?” i would LOVE to see her do that, and I’m positive that her mother wouldn’t be upset. barbara would either not care or be happy that jenelle would be gone. Plus, it’s very sad how many parents think kicking their child out on the street is the best way to discipline them.NO! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!

  • Jacki

    She should have given Jace up for adoption. He deserves to have a family that wants him and treasures the blessing that he is. I feel so bad for Janelle’s mom. She may be bitchey, but I would be too if I had that dissappointment as a daughter!!!

  • Natalie

    Jenelle is trash, plain and simple. She’s an ungrateful bitch with a huge sense of entitlement who doesn’t give a crap about anyone other than herself. I feel bad for her mom, who works and has to take care of Jace, since Jenelle is too busy being a trashy hood rat and partying to take care of him. I feel horrible for Jace, but thankfully his grandmother is loving and compassionate enough to step up to the plate and take care of him like his OWN mother should.

    • grasshopp3r

      I think that Janelle is a very disrespectful little girl who has alot of growing up to do and who is not capable of taking care of a child YET.. What she needs is a mother who can show her how and help her along the way. Her mother is also an ignorant parent who should of had help in her life so that she can see how terrible she is acting as well. I don’t know what it is with parents who allow their children to go out with out any kind of rules and when they have children they want to take the babies and raise them as their own. Its like they want to start over because they have failed as a parent and cant control their teen child and just give up. How great of a parent are you when you kick your child to the street.

  • kiki

    i think jenelle is sooo disrespectful to her mother. if i ever cursed my mom out, i wouldnt be here right now! jenelle is an irresponsible mom. she smoked pot while pregnant with jace, she has bad temper and is barley home with her son. all she does is give him a bath and put him to bed so she can go out! she doesnt even work. what does she do all day? her son is in daycare. i’m glad barbara got custody of jace, he is a precious child who deserves a good family who will love him. its quite sad how grandparents are raising the grandkids these days.

  • Proud Mommy

    So basically your tryna talk shit about someone whos shoes you’ve never ever walked in.? Thats bullshit.! Jenelle’s young she’ll live &; learn it’s a part of life people c’mon now lets be serious thou.! I love Jenelle &; she will be in my prayers (; That show isn’t with her 24/7 so therefore you really don’t know what goes on so be coo.! I’m 18 yrs old with a 5 month yr old son &; my mother help me out &; we’ve got our moments where we fight &; argue when your young you disrespect your parents when my mother does what hers does i do the same thing doesn’t make me an awful parent.! I smoke GOD put it on earth for this reason it’s a plant &; if yu happen to set it on fire there are some effects in the words of kat william.! Lmfao &; I go out every other night after i put him to sleep AGIAN doesn’t make me a bad mother.! Get a life &; quit talkin about hers.! I love Jenelle & Jace

    • MJ

      Yeah actually that does make you a bad mom.

      • steph

        Gosh, you sound as immature as Jenelle if you think she’s right! There’s no shame in being a young mom but there should be shame in retarted choices and statements; such as the one you said about GOD putting the plant on earth. Other drugs are from plants too doesnt mean they are meant for that use. Lame excuse! These girls need to grow up or they are going to reap what they sow when their child is one day a rebellious teen blaming them for everything & going wild.

    • Jeannette

      Are you serious??? Yeah she will live and learn but at what cost? Her baby’s childhood? What is her mom supposed to do when Janelle curses her out and gets physical? Hell yes she should be kicked out. She shouldn’t be near her son when she obviously cannot control herself. Not saying the mom is perfect but look at who is there for the baby? Her mom takes care of the baby when her crappy disgusting excuse for a mother goes out and parties etc.. or is too lazy and tired to get up with the baby. And I love how Janelle threatens to take her son and leave. Ha ha yeah right! Who would she use as a constant babysitter then so she can go out and party and hang out with her friends!?

    • Lindsey

      So you are saying since Jenelle decided to have sex irresponsibly, get pregnant and have the child she has a right to dump her kid on her mom while she goes and drinks all night??? You are a f*cking moron. It should be illegal for people like you to produce considering how retarded you are. I don’t care if you’re 11 once you decided to have a baby that’s your responsibility. Jenelle should have absolutely no custody of him and if that was my child I would kick her ass out and take the child and make sure she never sees him again until she got her shit straight.

    • Andrea

      I must say that you are truly very immature. If smoking weed is so acceptable then walk out on the streets and smoke!!!! Probably gone get locked up! Exactly, I am in law enforcement and was also a teen mother at 17. When I made that mistake I made sure nobody else felt those consequences but me. I did not depend on anyone,not even the child’s father. I dare not ever disrespect my mother or my child by continuing down a destructive path. If you are so grown and living life then take your child and move out on your OWN and then your mom dont have to keep the child you slipped up and got. Your mom dont have to sit in the house with the baby while you out getting high. If you gone act grown gone ahead and go all in! get your own place, your own money and then you have that right to talk trash! But you got life messed up to think that you have some GOD given right to live with your mother and bitch and smoke and party! You probably stank and house filthy. Its obvious in your writing that you have low self-steem and morals. I wish your were my child, I would put your *** out! PATHETIC

    • cj

      Dear stupid little girl,

      I am also a mother to a 4 year old. However, I am 27. You obviously lack the maturity and responsibility that one should have before having a child. What harm is that selfish little girl going to do? Oh, I don’t know, cause emotional distress for not only her mother, but her child. She’s unfit to be a parent, and so are you. Wisest thing you could do is give that baby up for adoption because it’s very plain that you lack motherly skills.

    • hillsy

      Yea proud “mom”, just about everything you said makes you a bad mother. Disrespecting your own mother and defending someone who got physical with their mother, what does that teach your kid? You smoke and party every other night after you put your kid to bed, so are you there being a mother when that child wakes up at night? No. You’re mom isn’t just helping you out, she’s basically raising your child. I got preganant at 19, had my daughter at 20, and I left all my selfishness behind. I got an apartment with her dad, finished trade school and went to work. Anything that wasn’t good for my daughter was gone. Now at 26 and married, I’ve been trying to have another baby for over a year and spent a fortune but can’t get pregnant while sorry excuses for parents like you and jenelle have kids. You don’t “live and learn” at the expense of your child. You are way to immature to have a child. There’s a family out there (like mine) that would love to give a baby like yours all the love and attention it deserves, not the half-azzed “parenting” you do.

    • kc

      You are a horrible mother.. .you party EVERY OTHER NIGHT? Please… And btw weed is ILLEGAL…so umm yeah real responsible there when your in JAIL because of an ILLEGAL drug.. dumba$$

    • LIsa

      What would happen if after you put your child to bed and you left to party and two hours later spiked a 105 fever and started seizing. You wouldn’t be home to give permission to any medical personal to work on your child and if you are out partying, will you be too f*cked up to take care of your baby!!! It does happen and if you were a “good mommy” you would know this. And why is your mother helping you with your child, your old enough to spread your legs then be old enough to take care of your child on your own. I bet your on some kind of public assistance, so that means I’m supporting your child and your drug habit too!!!!!

  • Amber

    To all those that have ‘faith’ for Jenelle need to understand this. If you can not give up friends, or your old lifestyle for the health of your baby then you don’t deserve to have it. All the scenes of her on camera just show how disrespectful and unaware of how much damage she’s really doing to not only herself, but her family and her son. The fact that she blames her mom on getting pregnant(at the end of that one episode of whenever..) just shows how ‘responsible’ she is. She needs a therapist, rehab, and NO BABY. Her mother is a strong person for not straight slapping Jenelle because if I was her mother, she’s be tasting the grass.

    I am 20, almost 21 with a baby that’s almost 1 and would NEVER disrespect my mother let along take away time from my child so I could go ‘party’. To all the girls that are prego out there. Seriously, if you’re not ready to give up your underaged partying…give your child to adoption because chances are, you’re not fit to be a parent.

    • Michelle

      I think there is a lot more to the relationship between Janelle and her mother than what we know. I too would never disrespect my mom in the way I have seen Janelle do, but, I probably didn’t have the same type of upbringing that Janelle had. I think her mom gave up on her a long time ago, and Janelle has talked about issues she has had with her mother for a long time. The relationship was damaged to the point that Janelle lost respect for her mother. Janelle needs counseling, so does her mother, so they can work on that. Janelle is young, she can learn and grow, but there needs to be some professional intervention. Now, the mom is the better of the two to raise Jace, but to me it is the lesser of the two evils. I don’t think anyone can compare their experience to someone else, you don’t know all the facts. I wanted to strangle Janelle in the beginning too, until I paid attention to the interactions of her and her mom, and the after shows where Janelle explains a little more of the relationship they have.

  • Rachel

    Both Janelle and her mom are retarded.

  • Jaydd

    jenelle is a pathetic excuse for a mom AND she gives potheadz a bad name grow the phuck up yu lil b*tch!!! quit actin like a child when yu have one!!!

  • udiwo

    The people who say, ‘give her time, she’ll be a good mother one day’ make me laugh. Are you serious? That’s f*cked up dude. At whose expense? Jace’s? That’s even more wrong. At what point will she ‘become a better mother’? When she goes to jail for neglecting her child? Some of you people are so stupid, and I hope Jenelle grows up. Like, now.

  • Kylie

    jenelle is a product of an overbearing and controlling mother who enables her to act the way she does. I think she probably gets off on the control she has.As a mother she should have tried to stress the importance for counseling cuz Im sure her daughters anger and drug issue just didnt pop out of of nowhere.Her mom is a snarky bitch who is as just as much responsibke for the dysfuntion of her daughter as jenelle is.

    • Carol

      thenn why not blame g”ma? If she’s grown enough to have a baby, she’s grown enough to take responsibility for herself. Her mother didn’t shove that joint in her mouth and there was no gun to her head when she laid down with an unemployed alcoholic.

  • Nicolaa

    I’m 30 and just had my first child. They are a lot of work. Watching Janelle is so painful. She has no clue what it takes to properly raise a child. I have so much more respect for my own mother. This show frustrates me sometimes. When a baby comes into your life it is no longer about you and your freedom or partying ways. It’s about providing the safest, most nurturing environment possible. Janelle should thank her lucky stars for her mom.

  • Jade

    im sitting here readding what you all have to say and you guys sound worse than janelle. i watch the last episode and she is improving. she is not a bad mom. but she does need to grow up and she has been. you really dont know exactly whats going on only what they want yo to see on tv. i think she is getting better but you guys are the ones who need to stop being disrespectful.

  • Tammy

    I read recently that Jenelle was trying to get pregnant and isn’t sure who is Jace’s father is. I have a question… Was she trying to get pregnant in hopes that she would be picked for 16 and pregnant?

  • brit

    You guys are so cruel. You are a product of your environment and janelle’s environment under her mother’s roof is totally negative, upsetting and dysfunctional. Her mother has f***ed up issues of her own which is obvious but she constantly overreacts and is straight upc cruel to her own daughter. You guys are putting janelle down for her behaviour? F*** that. if you had to be around a condescending witch like her crazy mother, I doubt you would be so far off from janelle. I feel awful for her and get upset everytime I see her mom up in her face and shrieking at her over a piece of paper. F*** that. F*** her b!tch a$$ mom. Props to janelle being independent from her psychotic mother

  • Tresie :)

    Ok so I couldn’t agree more with the fact that Janelle is a pitiful excuse of a mother!!! But her and her mother have a terribly damaged relationship! Not that I blame Barbara for her frustration with Janelle, I think both need extensive counseling bc it’s not healthy for Jace to grow up with the constant arguing!! Janelle needs a reality check and Barbara needs help to learn how to deal with Janelle! Dr drew help these people!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brittney

    Where to even start… To be a mom is one of the hardest/best jobs a woman can have. Janelle, yes you became pregnant at 16 but that only falls on you and not your son. I feel that maybe if your mother was a little easier on you, you would make more of the right decisions but we can not begin to start blaming your mom for she is the one raising your son. On 16 and pregnant i was very disappointed to see that you did not take the role as mother but yet decided to run around and act your age. I do not believe you or your mother are right but you are that baby’s mother and should take care of him. They are only little for such a short time and one day you will regret not watching him grow up. You have got to get your priorities straight for your son! He should be number one!

  • Cleo

    You’re all a bit hard on teenage mothers, aren’t you? There’s a reason the show is called TEEN Mom and not ADULT mom. These are young girls we’re talking about here. It’s hard enough being a mom at 30, imagine having that heavy responsibility at 16. As a teenager it is part of your own personal development to socialize, make mistakes and learn. Teen years are big intellectual development years. What I find interesting is how no one puts into question Barbara’s parenting skills. Let’s not forget that Janelle is still a kid herself. Barbara is a classic case of an overbearing, controlling mother. Instead of setting boundaries she resorts to verbal abuse and acts of spite and hatred. This is very damaging to a young person’s psychological well-being. Not having a father and being constantly yelled at and condescended to must be extremely taxing on Janelle’s mental health. There are much better ways to educate and interact with her daughter. It’s no wonder that Janelle is in the position she is in. With one parent that is non-existent and another that is so abusive. Saying that if Jenelle is old enough to get pregnant that she is old enough to be a good mother is anything but true. The fact is, she is not old enough where she should be expected to have the skills of mature, emotionally and financially established adult mother. As a parent you are responsible for your kids until the age of 18. If your teenage daughter gets pregnant then you, as her parent and legal guardian, are responsible for that lack of proper guidance. In short, I am sure that had been raise with love and intellectual structure, rather than by a cold, condemning and unloving mother things might be quite different for her today.

    • John-in-NM

      Wow Cleo, tell me your joking! You sound like the typical kid that is on every one of these types of shows, lets blame the mom who yells to much, or lets blame the dad who wasn’t around, give me a break. Jenelle IS TO BLAME AND NO ONE ELSE. I’m so tired of people like you who want to blame anyone except the person who is at fault. Have you even watched the show? I have and I must have missed the one were Jenelles mom goes to her room and tells her,”Hey baby its 10pm, time for you to go out and party all night. Dont worry about YOUR baby boy I will stay up all night with him, you go out and smoke pot, get drunk, and sleep with guys. Have fun sweetheart cuz your only 16 and your still a kid yourself.” Is it the moms fault that Jenelle goes out every night because “Im still a teenager and I deserve to have fun”- For one Jenelles worthless butt never even ask’s her mom if she can watch the baby, she just leaves. Two, and this is the one that gets me,she NEVER,NEVER, tells HER little boy buy or kiss’s him goodnight. THATS HER FAULT because all she is thinking about is herself. Just like every other girl on that show! The moms fault….Ha thats the dumbest thing I ever heard.

      • Kitt3n

        Cleo was absolutely right about what she said. What you said wasn’t very nice and maybe get the facts straight. Yes, Jenelle’s mom shouldn’t have treated her like crap all her life and her father should have been around more. It is true that Barbara isn’t a very good mother either, and she’s no better than her own daughter, who smokes pot and has been in jail. Instead of hating Jenelle for her serious personal problems, Barbara should have loved her and treated her better earlier in life. Plus, with her doing nothing but b!tching at Jenelle, there definetely seemed to be a lack of structure. sometimes, there were moments when jenelle was showing interest in taking care of jace, but her mother didn’t let her take care of him because she DOES NOT understand that no matter how bad her daughter was, it was still possible to change. anyone can change, no matter how good or bad they are. it all depends on their attitude.

  • Happiness:)

    Janelle was very up tight about everything she was always trying to have fun instead of stepping up and becoming a mother. I mean I know its hard when you still want to be a teen but thin about hoe Jace will feel when he is older, he will thtink that she didnt care at all. I believe that her mom is making it even worse by yelling at her 24/7. She just need to love her daughter instead of downing her I mean Janelle had her flaws but try to see whats wrong intead of downing her something is obviously not going right if she pushing you because a child should NEVER put her hands on their parents.

  • Mom of 3

    Ok.. personally after watching this show, I think both Janelle and her mother are ridiculous! I agree with Jenna’s comment near the top.. when she actually showed interest in taking care of her own son, her mother would step in and rip him away from her! Ok, now Janelle shouldn’t have been going out all of the time.. but WHY THE HELL did her mother let her? She set her up to fail.. If I were that mother, I’d tell her NO.. I’m not watching your child while you go out.. so you want to go out? Too frickin bad! Now, if it’s a once in a while thing, fine.. but she allowed her to go out all of the time. Janelle is a child herself. She needed guidance and still had a long road ahead of her in growing up herself! Her mom was happy to let Janelle go.. she was happy to allow her to fail. She failed Janelle as a parent. PERIOD! Look, I have 3 boys of my own and am a guardian of a 16 year old and her daughter.. It’s not easy.. 16 year olds think they have all of the answers. If they’re left to do as they please, they’ll run wild.. That’s why they’re children! If I let it happen, my 8 year old would eat ice cream all day.. a baby had a baby.. it happens. It’s unfortunate, but her mother’s job is to set an example for her to be able to grow up and raise her child properly on her own when she’s ready..

  • suzy

    I totally agree with Jenna. Udiwo, you made me laugh my head off. wow. first u said that others were wrong to say “give her time, she’ll be a good mom someday.”‘ That’s f*cked up dude”!? Then you say “and i hope Jenelle grows up, like, right now.” very funny dummy:) You all see Jenelle’s mother kicked her out because she’s nothing but a huge b*tch and doesn’t care about her. Plus, barbara has no mercy for young adults and only little kids like jace, and her a**hole boyfriend mike!!1 I also agree with grasshopp3r. those who agree with me thank u very much:) U all know what the heck the situation truly is.

  • suzy

    lindsey, u sound just as immature as jenelle! kicking your child out on the street for serious issues they need professional help on does NOTHING! what would happen if you kicked your kid out on the street and he/she ran away and never came back again. it would be all YOUR fault you were such an idiot parent. plus, if barbara had good social skills as a mother, jenelle wouldn’t be the horrible person she is today. Plus, barbara could’ve just given jenelle a chance to be mature and raise jace the right way! to conclude, when your kid has serious issues they can’t help all by themselves, a parent should never, NEVER NEVER kick their child on the street!!