VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E6&7 After Show and bonus footage break down

It’s time again for our Wednesday break down of the Teen Mom 2 After Show and bonus footage. And this time we have double the baby-daddy trouble as MTV dropped a two-fer on us last night.

For this go around we’ve got Leah and the wonderful news she received about little Ali, Chelsea and her inability to ever let Adam go, Kailyn and the joy she experienced during Isaac’s first birthday and Jenelle explaining the comparative temperaments of herself and Kieffer Delp and how marijuana was her security blanket.

Episode #6

Episode #7


They start off with Corey being along for the trip to the geneticist. It was a relief for Leah that Corey took off work and was there for the appointment. Leah comments on how she always worries and that Corey gets frustrated with all of the medical scenarios for Ali and just shuts down. Leah says Corey just made up his mind that there was nothing wrong and that was that.

Leah addresses the developmental differences for her daughters at the time. Aleeah was walking and Ali wasn’t. She was only sitting to be exact according to Leah. She did emphasize that little Ali can talk (and talk and talk)!

The results come in and Leah can’t even describe how overjoyed she was that the news was good about Ali. At the same time she felt bad for not believing in her daughter and trying to diagnose her on her own. Leah got so worried that she wouldn’t even eat and the moms in the audience agreed that’s just part of being a mom. Leah explains she’s always handled things on her own and that she’s drawn from that experience to be strong for Ali.


Before I start with Chelsea we need some theme music for our girl’s Adam problem.

Of course Chelsea was thinking that Adam might be living with her when she gets her new place. Next up was her bff Megan’s pregnancy and Chelsea says that her heart dropped when she got the news. She added that Megan and her baby-daddy weren’t married or together long and that a baby deserves to be in a stable situation with a married mom and dad. Chelsea said she can’t believe her friend was about to go have a baby of her own after seeing the struggles she just went through. Chelsea was a little disappointed and just blown away that Megan didn’t take all precautions after seeing her own miserable situation with Adam.

Chelsea explains that she wanted a job because it would help her feel independent and to feel better. Adam shows up in a bad mood to help her move and Chelsea sends him “packing.” Once again Chelsea seems incredulous at the idea of how Adam continues to disappoint her. Chelsea acknowledges all the comments out there about how fans of the show can’t understand why she can’t let go of Adam.


Happy times with Isaac’s birthday party. Kailyn felt great about it even though Joe and her mother wasn’t there.  She felt that she did most of the first year by herself so it was in part a celebration of that fact too. Kail discusses speaking with Janet about the letter next and she explains that it is her feeling that Janet didn’t really try to understand. She feels that Janet should have been able to relate better considering that she was at one time a teen mother.

So Kail totals her car and she can’t emphasize how important it is for a single young mother to have a ride. The moms in the audience were in the same frame of mind. Too much responsibility to imagine having no ride.

Kail explains why she waited so long, as host Pak put it, to file for child support. She says she felt guilty because Joe’s family helped her out so much in the beginning. She says Joe was upset about it and he thought it wasn’t necessary because he helped with parenting. Kail and Chelsea are still dumbfounded as to why their guys can just ditch responsibility while they’re left holding the diaper bag.


The #delper is out of jail! Jenelle says she feels that Kieffer will keep his promise of no more physical altercations. Jenelle’s asked who’s temper is worse and she says without a doubt hers is even though Kieffer displays his in a different way. Delp gets quiet while Evans gets loud. That sounds pretty accurate. This leads to all the girls commenting that they want their men to show their emotions more.

Jenelle wasn’t concerned about spending time in jail but she was really ticked about having to quit weed. She explains that marijuana was how she self-medicated and it helped her situation. She likens it to Xanax. She adds that if she was sad she’d smoke or if she’s angry she’d smoke and there was a pattern. It was like her safety blanket had been yanked away.

Jenelle says she meant it when she said she would stay with Kieffer at the time no matter what happened in court.

Kieffer shows his jealous side when he discovers Jenelle was hangin’ with an ex. Jenelle says this emotion was a new one and that Evans’ ex was giving Kieffer a hard time about partying with her. Jenelle admits she got depressed when Kieffer shut her out. Jenelle doesn’t know what he meant when he said she wasn’t ready to be his girlfriend.

Kailyn wonders how he can say that when he’s the one who isn’t ready to be her man. The host says she believes that Jenelle was out of her mind when she went chasing after the car. Jenelle still can’t believe it when she sees the scene. Evans did say that now (at the time the After Shows were shot) she is able to better handle Kieffer. Hey, it’s a start.

As with everything else we’ve got twice the extra spice for bonus footegery. First up is Kailyn discussing Isaac’s quality time with Joe and “the letter” with her friend Steph.

I enjoyed last week’s clip of Isaac refusing to smile during some photos but I might like the next one even more! We’ve got Bahhhhbra, a cute-as-usual Jace and a shifty Jenelle who’s trying to bait Kieffer with a fake Facebook profile. The real closer is hearing Barbara say poopoos real loud after Jace spends some quality potty time with the kitty cat.

See you next week!