Leah Messer doesn’t want her kids around David Eason, Jenelle isn’t too happy about it

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Leah and Kail feud

Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer recently appeared on co-star Kailyn Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast and talked about all kinds of stuff, including the fact that she and Addie’s dad Jeremy Calvert are currently co-parents with benefits! But this post is about the fallout from Leah’s concerns about Jenelle’s husband David Eason.

The Coffee Convos episode with Leah isn’t out yet, but The Ashley’s Reality Roundup got an advance listen and provided some excerpts. “My friend [who went with me] was terrified [after David pulled out a knife],” Leah said of the now-infamous New Year’s Eve special recording at which David reportedly pulled out a knife and began popping balloons after being told he couldn’t have any more booze. “She was right there and she thought one of the producers was going to get stabbed in the face, which is not OK! I don’t even remember if it was because they were not serving any more alcohol or…but we were there for work! I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate.”

Kail agreed with Leah and said that she has concerns about David as well, after which Leah stated that her daughters will “never go back to a Reunion.”

Jenelle caught wind of the David shade and took to Twitter to share a rebuttal. “Hey @TM2LeahDawn, last time I recalled… the kids weren’t at the New Years party we were ‘working at'” Jenelle wrote, before missing the opportunity to use her signature catchword by adding: “Stop being so dramatic.” Jenelle then iterated her anger over the other cast members insisting on talking about her, which previously inspired her to send out cease and desist letters to her co-stars. “My name or my husbands should never come of if your mouth,” Jenelle angrily tweeted, “but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake”

Jenelle then replies to some comments and seems to suggest that Kail is a Teen Mom 2 puppet master of sorts — well, except for Chelsea, who doesn’t trust anybody:

Jenelle Leah and Kail Tweets

Jenelle is not completely without an ally on the Teen Mom 2 cast, however, as her co-star Briana DeJesus once again had her back:

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Briana Kail Leah tweets

One Twitter user openly wondered: “I’m confused! Why is this coming up now??” Jenelle explained: “Becuz she HAD to go on kails podcast and talk about it of course lmao.” Jenelle then hinted that she might start her own podcast! “Why is my life your everyday topic for your show? 😂 maybe I should be the one with a show then… 🤔” If that happens, I think we can assume that Briana will be her first guest. #Brianelle Hmmm… What will Jenelle call her podcast? Hatter Chatter maybe? Some other suggestions would include Audio Uppercut, Podcastical, and I Heard Ya Wif Juhnelle!

Meanwhile, Kail and Leah haven’t really responded on social media. To listen to the full Coffee Convos podcast with Leah Messer, just search for Coffee Convos on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts — it should be up in the next couple days.

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  • TA

    You can tell by all the mistakes how furiously Jenelle is typing on her phone to lash out at a moments notice.
    You’re on a TV show, people are going to talk about you, some of those people may even be your “co-stars”.
    Grow the eff up already and be the bigger person.

    • Jessica

      Jenelle isn’t the only one that needs to grow up. All these girls act like they are little junior high girls. So catty and immature it’s ridiculous. None of their stupid drama should be argued about between each other over the internet.. who literally does that?! These girls are crazy.

      • TA

        I completely agree! They never matured past 16 thanks to this dumb show.

  • DoogieHowser

    Hmm a good show for Jenelle to host is Bites and Fights. She can invite haters or friends to bash their haters and also review foods (prepacked obviously since her blue apron gig is done and she doesnt really cook) she can hawk via paid promotions.

  • It’s me

    Maybe Jenelle was mentioned because their guest Leah happens to be on a show with her. When they interview an actress they always bring up the co stars.

    Plus no one said kids were at the party they are just talking about David’s Psycho actions & they don’t want that around their kids. I think he also flipped out at the reunion in front of at least 1 kid

    • Nicole

      The way that they talk about and scream at Barbara right in front of Jace really bothers me

  • Nicole

    Leah didn’t even say anything bad about her. Jenelle points the finger at everyone else. People are going to be afraid when you’re husband pulls out a knife while he’s been drinking!!!

  • theStevieJBus

    this is clearly just Kail stirring the pot. If Leah had concerns about David (which are justified) she should have gone to the producers not on Kail’s stupid podcast.

    Also Brianna I get that the other girls treat you like crap so you need an ally, but Janelle is not it.

  • rb

    Leah take the high road. do not respond to this moron. And you are right to keep your sweet girls away from that monster.