TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle & David attack Kail, respond to report that MTV crew is scared of him

It was reported on Wednesday that MTV is having difficulty maintaining a full film crew for Jenelle Eason’s segments because many of the crew members are reportedly afraid of what David Eason might do — even though they no longer film on The Land and David is not allowed on set.

Here’s an excerpt from The Ashley’s story with quotes from just one of her sources:

“They no longer feel comfortable working on Jenelle,” the second source told The Ashley. “There are some people who no longer feel safe going down there anymore because David has made it clear that he does not like the people from MTV, and that he has a ton of weapons. There have been multiple discussions among various crew member groups about the possibility of him coming to a location where we’re filming and opening fire if he’s in a bad mood or something, even if it’s just to scare us.

“His videos and [recent] actions make people think he’s erratic and unpredictable,” the source added. “Some of the people who used to work Jenelle’s shoots don’t want to risk being anywhere near David.”

Jenelle’s co-star (and current nemesis) Kail Lowry responded to The Ashley’s story on Twitter by concurring with the crew members’ concerns. “I will not be attending any type of reunion on the same day or weekend as Jenelle & David for the same reasons,” she wrote.

Even we got into the reaction business with a not-so-funny tweet of our own:

On Thursday, Jenelle took to Instagram to address the report in a series of text graphics in her Instagram story. Here’s what they said:


MTV doesn’t even come to my house to film, where David is.

I solely film with my mom at lunches or with the kids and my mom. David is never involved.

This was my contract “terms” to begin with. Everyone still has to make a huge deal about David when he isn’t involved.


My husband DOES NOT interfere with filming. Producers get angry when David is going to be at my child’s soccer games, or if I go to LA to do business etc… they CHOOSE not to come.

David never “waved” his guns at anyone since they’ve met him. They just don’t understand #CountryLiving and how protective someone is of their family and their land.


And you think David would risk losing EVERYTHING over “having a bad day”? Lose his family, house, wife, kids.. forever?! Get the F**K out of here.

I think the whole point of The Ashley’s article is that there are numerous MTV crew members who absolutely do believe that “David would risk losing EVERYTHING over ‘having a bad day'” and “Lose his family, house, wife, kids.. forever.” That is certainly the impression that David has been giving online over the past five months. I mean, the Secret Service visited their house because they thought there might be a chance that “David would risk losing EVERYTHING over ‘having a bad day’.”

David also took to his own defense, but unfortunately he did a slightly worse job than Jenelle as he focused on Kail Lowry:

Jenelle then went back and forth with folks in the comments section of David’s post:

JENELLE: Kail shouldn’t still be tweeting and talking sh*t about us and David wouldn’t say a damn thing

COMMENT: But then how else would she get the attention she so desperately craves? Lol.

JENELLE: I know even her own mom doesn’t want sh*t to do with her ??‍♀️

COMMENT: But wasn’t she afraid of Brianna ??

JENELLE: she needs to be worried about me lol

COMMENT: but she wasn’t talking sh*t, just said she wouldn’t be around you or your crazy yeehaw husband ?? you are literally the one craving the attention.

JENELLE: ok… and probably Leah and Chelsea and everyone else might feel some type of way but they don’t run around talking about it for attention. ??

COMMENT: At least she got all her kids ?

JENELLE: and I got custody of 3 out of 5 altogether… guess I’m a piece of sh*t ??‍♀️

COMMENT: If this is baseball stats we talking, those are good numbers ?

JENELLE: sure…and you can keep putting me down to make yourself feel better but you aren’t going to ruin my day. ??‍♀️

That’s pretty much all of the fallout from The Ashley’s story. Soon after that, David returned to being David by making a post insisting that the movie Bird Box is racist because all the white men in it are bad. “Bird Box? You mean a bunch of crazy white people and two flawless black guys?” he wrote. “Its mind control, they want u to hate the white man!” He explained his take a bit more in the comments, but I won’t bother recapping that for you here.

So what do you think? Would you be willing to work on an MTV crew filming Jenelle?

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