Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus reignite Twitter feud, Jenelle joins in

Kailyn Briana feud continues

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is still recovering from her multiple plastic surgery procedures courtesy (literally) of Dr. Miami, but she is apparently healthy enough to return to Twitter and do battle with her co-star and nemesis Kailyn Lowry!

Briana reactivated her account moments ago and immediately went in on Kail in response to Kail sharing a series of derogatory tweets about Briana after she did a post-surgery Instagram live stream session:

Kail Lowry shares tweets about Briana DeJesus

“Don’t talk about me on ur podcast and expect me not to say anything,” Briana replied, referencing Javi’s appearance on Kail’s Coffee Convos podcast that ignited their previous Twitter spat earlier this week. “Own ur sh!t girl,” Briana added.

That inspired this bit of discourse between the ladies:

KAIL: The thing is that you KEEP TALKING.

BRIANA: B!tch idgaf. U play the victim. I told u on the phone if u mention my name or my kids ever again there was gonna be a problem. And u didn’t listen. Not my fault

KAIL: Ok hypocrite. Ya mention my ex, my kids, my parents, etc. it’s only ok when you do it? What’s the problem briana? You can’t even get out of bed.

BRIANA: Ya? Ya is too many names. I have not talked about u! But the moment u wanted to use my name for listeners is when everything went down hill. So like I said, own ur sh!t girl

BRIANA: U act like u can talk about me but when I say something about it.. u run to Mtv and cry to them and tell them I’m being mean…. let the hurt go ma

BRIANA: And I can get out of bed btw (:

Briana also called out Kail for teasing some tea about Javi that she never revealed. “Everyone’s asking where the tea is at but javis been through enough so I’m not gona put him through more sh!t 😂” Kail tweeted earlier today after her teases on Friday. “If you got tea, spill it,” Briana demanded before calling Kail “STOOOOOOOPID.”

Kail and Briana’s co-star Jenelle Eason chimed in, and once again demonstrated that she is #TeamBriana:

Jenelle Eason Briana DeJesus Kailyn Lowry tweet

One thing’s for certain, MTV had better hire some additional security because the Teen Mom 2 Reunion sounds like it is going to be EPIC! Word of advice for Kail: watch your peripheral for flying high heels!
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  • Leasha

    Kail is a mess.

  • DramaLlama

    DUHnelle has to try and stay relevant somehow. And Briana has all this work done but doesn’t have those hideous moles removed. You know, the ones they’re always airbrushing out in pics.

    • Leasha

      & Kail has dumped thousands on her body and teeth but can’t get rid of her double chin. Get over it.


        Lmao 🤣

      • DramaLlama

        Awww, we have a Briana hood rat coming to her defense.


        Briana is that you? lol

  • Lauren

    I thought Jenelle was so happy with her land & family that she no longer engages in Twitter fights? 😂 These girls need to get up off their asses & get a job. Any functioning productive adult doesn’t have the extra time to fight each other on Twitter. I like Kail but she needs to let the petty drama go. She does ask for it.

    • IsKyleSlow?

      I wouldn’t say I like Kail but I don’t hate her as much as everyone else seems to. Duhnelle needs to have a stadium of seats.

  • LA79

    Why don’t these 2 just throw down and be done with it…it’s not like either of them have class they would lose by fighting, and frankly the nearly incoherent bickering is starting to get old.

    • LA79

      I will say though that my money would be on Kail. Briana is a bunch of hot air, stupidity, and trashiness. Kail will hulk SMASH.

      • Kel2707

        If they actually physically fought my money would be on Kail too, but you know Brittany will jump in

        • cali

          Kail would sit on Brianna and then it would be game over 😂

        • Alisson Leech

          Brittany probably has never been in a fight. She seems to be all talk.

      • Whatevs

        Kail will definitely win! Don’t you know she has experience hitting people, like the time she beat up Javi.

      • Alisson Leech

        Briana is only hot air on the internet. In person she is completely quiet!


    Wait! Wtf is Brittany bitter behind at?! I’m surprised that she hasn’t chimed in yet 🤨🤭🤔
    I swear Briana and Kailyn are the same people.
    If the other moms were cool with Briana she would be paying Janelle dust and it’ll be them Twitter fighting instead. But then again the year just began so they’ll get into it before the spring time

  • PotMeetKettle

    Kail strikes me as a wannabe righteous person. People forget – she is not particularly attractive, and most importantly, she is a spectacular failure at relationships and loyalty. At her young age, she has divorced two decent, responsible men – and fathered a child by another. Briana is not any better, but she seems to be picking losers thay do not stand up for her. She does this because she had no father. Unlike, Kail, she has never had the opportunity to have a stable relationship. What is Kail’s excuse? She strikes me as self-centered and a bit cruel.

    • VaselineHabits

      I don’t think Kail actually married or divorced Jo.

      • jamorgan6

        She didn’t.

    • cali

      I agree, Kail forgets she’s trash also.


      I’m no kail fan but it looks like Briana keeps reigniting this war for attention or out of boredom.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Of course Jenelle pops her nose into other people’s drama. Like she doesn’t have enough of that going on already.

    • Caty P. :)

      Right? Girlfriend definitely has enough stuff of her own to handle.

  • Nicole

    Briana is ratchet

  • Liz



    Briana, here’s some advice: GET OVER YOURSELF. No wonder javi dumped your ass. I would’ve too! You love javi but disrespect the mother of his child?

    Ghetto ratchet hoodrat.

  • FYO

    Kailyn is a mouthy b!tch but I fully believe she would be the fzck out of Briana. And Briana talks enough crap on the internet that she has it coming. So does her sister and mother for that matter. They’re all just a bunch of loud mouth b!tches that need to be checked.