Leah Calvert explains child support situation with Corey, apologizes for cursing in front of the girls

Leah Calvert cursing in front of daughters Ali and Aleeah on Teen Mom 2

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, fans saw Leah Calvert and ex Corey Simms get into a heated argument while exchanging Ali and Aleeah. During the argument, Leah continued to press Corey to put the pressure on his insurance company about Ali’s wheelchair and Corey countered by implying Leah was being neglectful taking Ali to her physical therapy after she reportedly missed two sessions.

Following the heated exchange, the MTV cameras continued to roll on Leah and Jeremy as they drove home with Ali and Aleeah in the car. The two were still incited at Corey’s seeming unwillingness to put pressure on his insurance company as well as his implications about Ali’s physical therapy, and as the couple fumed, they dropped more than a few profanities.

Some fans reacted negatively to Leah and Jeremy’s cussing with Ali and Aleeah present, and Leah later took to her official Facebook fan page to apologize. “I am writing to update my fans on last night’s episode, 9/10/14,” Leah begins. “I am admitting that I shouldn’t have been using bad language in front of my children. It was in the heat of the moment and it was a scene where you only saw certain parts of the filming!”

Another source of conflict for Leah and Corey this season has been Leah’s claim that Corey has not been holding up his financial obligations in the child support arrangement they had in place. Leah explained the situation in depth:

As for the child support issue, He was ordered, by the State of WV, the $1200 a month in child support. I wanted to work with him and was willing to accept $800 a month. Approximately 6 months after that he wasn’t paying his half of the medical bills, to which all of them were in my name and I was getting collection letters. I agreed to lower his payments to $200 a month so we could pay off the medical bills. This agreement lasted for a year and they never were paid. This is when we went back to court, to get the bills paid and out of collections! Also, to restore my credit.

Leah also advised fans to “Keep watching the show for more details about the wheelchair,” which Starcasm readers will know has a happy ending. Leah also seems to foreshadow that she will be vindicated. “The truth will reveal itself in time!!” she proclaims, before reminding us once again that there is a great deal of editing that happens on the show.” Remember what you see on TV is only 1/3 of what is actually going on!!”

Leah concludes, “Thank you for your support, I love each and everyone of you!”

To see what happens next, tune in to new episodes of Teen Mom 2 airing Wednesday nights at 10/9c on MTV.

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