VIDEO Teen Mom Jenelle Evans caught crying and cursing after drug-related conviction

Jenelle Evans leaves court with boyfriend Kieffer Delp after pleading guilty

As we reported in a previous post, Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans pleaded guilty to a drug paraphernalia possession charge in North Carolina court yesterday and the punishment was 24 hours of community service and one year of probation. (The additional charges of breaking and entering and possession of a controlled substance were dismissed by the judge in the deal – click the above link for all the details.)

Jenelle seemed a bit calm as she and boyfriend Kieffer Delp returned to her car after the verdict was handed down, but this video clip from “Hollywood Caught In Action” reveals a very emotional and scared Jenelle as she discusses the probation sentence with Kieffer. It’s one of those rare moments that Jenelle seems to fully understand the consequences of her actions:

Here’s a transcript of what I could make out:

…because if I am that’s a violation of probation. If I’m living in the house with any alcohol in it I’m going to get in trouble. So if my probation officer stops by my house and sees the wine, the beer that’s in the refrigerator from mom and Mike, I’m going to get a violation of probation [inaudible]

[Kieffer says something.]

It is like that! If I get any violation of probation I’m going to jail! And then I’m going to be charged with whatever was gonna be dropped.

So like, after all I f***ing did, after everything, like, I’m the one that gets probation. You don’t. I do!

I’m not drinking a f***ing drink every month, I’m not doing that because that s**t’s nasty and I’m going to throw up and I’m going to be sick – I’m not doing it.

[At this point I think Kieffer points out that jenelle will have to give up smoking marijuana as well]

And that’s going to be so f***ing hard because I get so f***ing anxiety-ridden I have to [smoke?] [inaudible] won’t give me any f***ing go***mn medicine.

And they say the D.A. is trying everything in their power to press charges on me because of the whole fight that happened.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s a very difficult video to watch, but I think it is a good sign for Jenelle. Whether or not her mother’s overbearing nature played a major role in shaping who she is, Jenelle needs to make the necessary changes herself, and the first step is admitting she has a serious problem. Hopefully this is the “rock bottom” that will help her snap out of it.

All of that being said, I agree with her that it seems quite amazing Kieffer walked away without so much as a wrist slap!