Teen Mom 2 tragedy: Good friend of both Leah Messer’s boyfriend and ex-husband was murdered at a party

Adam Lytle's mug shot

There’s a tragedy in Teen Mom 2 land. Early last Wednesday Jeremy Smith (23,) the best friend of Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer’s current boyfriend, and good friend of her ex-husband (and babies’ father) Corey Simms’ was fatally shotby Adam Lytle (19) at a party in Roane, West Virginia.

Lytle is charged with first degree murder, but right now there is no known motive. He first denied firing the gun, but evidence and information from witnesses at the party implicate Lytle as the person who shot Smith twice with a 12 gauge shotgun while he was sitting on a couch.

According to Leah’s Facebook page, Jeremy Smith’s wake was Saturday, and his funeral was today. Jeremy Calvert was a pallbearer.

Our hearts go out to Jeremy Smith’s family, friends, and girlfriend Morgan Hoff. Utterly heartbreaking.

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