Jenelle Evans says a person purposefully hit her car with her kids inside

Jenelle Evans Water Park Incident



After photos of Jenelle Evans consulting with a police officer were shared on Twitter earlier today, rumors that cops were called on her and Nathan Griffith for fighting in public began. However, Jenelle says that is far from the case — and that she and Nathan were actually the victims of a random crime.

“That person followed me into the myrtle waves parking lot then hit my car on purpose with both children inside,” Jenelle responded to someone on Twitter after people claimed she was the one arrested. “They were at fault and it’s being taken care of.”

She elaborated to us that the man who hit her car apparently has a bad case of road rage.

“[He] wouldn’t move over at left turn at an intersection, so I passed the van and made it to the left turn light,” she said. “We made the left turn at the intersection and he followed me into Myrtle Waves with his entire family in a black Mercedes van and he was tailgating me.”


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Jenelle said that as she turned into a parking spot, the other driver seemed to purposely hit her car.

“I jumped out and said, ‘You hit me! My kids are in the car!’ He’s like, ‘You cut me off,'” she explained. “Then I’m like, ‘Oh, so that’s gives you the right to hit me?'”

Jenelle said the argument escalated to the point that the man’s wife “almost swung on me” and he told her “you deserve to die.”

“I said, ‘What did you just say to me? I deserve to die?’ He said, ‘Yeah you heard me,'” Jenelle told us. “I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s communicating threats, dude.”

Fortunately, a Myrtle Waves worker intervened at that point and sided with Jenelle.

“[He] said he saw the entire thing and they should not have been following me whether they were mad or not,” she said.

However, the police determined the man couldn’t be held at fault because the incident occurred on private property and no one was injured. “So my insurance has to fix his van and his insurance has to fix my car.”

As Jenelle said, the good news is that no one was injured.

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