90 DAY FIANCE Josh Batterson’s high school senior photo is my new favorite thing

90 Day Fiance Josh Aika throwback

I now have a new second favorite 90 Day Fiance throwback photo! Actually, I suppose Anfisa’s Russian schoolgirl photo is technically a Before the 90 Days throwback photo, so maybe this is the new number one?

While digging into the past of Season 5 star Josh Batterson (fiance of Aika), I ran across his high school senior picture (below), and it is EVERYTHING!

90 Day Fiance Josh Batterson throwback high school senior portrait photo

Josh is sporting a sweater over a collared shirt as he casually relaxes on one elbow in front of a weathered wooden barrel. He’s got his hair feathered to perfection and his ear lobes are still untarnished virgins as he looks ready to grace the cover of Tiger Beat magazine — or perhaps audition for the role of a bully in a Karate Kid movie.

(In case you curious, online records indicate that Josh graduated high school in Iowa in 1992.)

In addition to the senior photo, we also found this throwback photo of Josh from not quite so far back in which he is rocking some blonde tips:

90 Day Fiance Josh Batterson throwback photo

Mmmmmm… not really feeling the blonde tips so much. But, I do like them better than the long-haired shaggy mug shot look from 2010. Something tells me that Josh’s co-star Molly Hopkins has a post-worthy senior photo too — can anybody help with that one?

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  • twelfthnight

    So Malfoy grew up to be a guy who looks like he has prison tattoos and chlamydia. Good to know.

  • melinehclassy

    He looks like the cartoon “HEY ARNOLD” but if ARNOLD was on meth.

    • tammy


  • Gidget911

    This man is so ugly and insecure, he is trying to push his insecurities on Aika.

  • boomdeyay

    That guy is aging like an open beer.

  • sahali735

    So the guy who has been convicted of domestic battery….his last name is BATTERson?……