PHOTOS Blanket Jackson and family promote Mr. Pink’s Energy Drink

Michael Jackson's children Paris Prince and Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson’s family has been in a bit of disarray over the last few months with custody battles and even a heated security tape altercation, but the children united with Aunt La Toya Jackson for a good cause Thursday night… to promote Mr. Pink’s Ginseng Energy Drink?

Actually, it appears that La Toya and older siblings Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson were the one doing the promoting while 10-year-old Blanket Jackson looked as though he’d much prefer to be somewhere else:

Michael Jackson's son Blanket Jackson

It’s almost as though he had been drenched in the energy drink! (ie “wet Blanket”)

Here are some more photos of Blanket and fam with Blanket’s emotions seeming to range from irritation to complete disinterest.

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Paris Jackson Prince Jackson La Toya Jackson and Blanket Jackson ar Mr. Pinks event  Michael Jackson's children Paris Prince and Blanket with La Toya Jackson  Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket Jackson

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson grown up

14-year-old Paris Jackson looked great in a floor-length navy gown with a scarf tied around her waist and a diamond necklace. Sporting her relatively new bangs, Paris looked a bit like a young Lucy Lawless don’t you think? “I was kinda bored…and my friend dared me to do it,” Paris tells E! News about her haircut. “My grandma [Katherine Jackson] kinda tripped a little bit because I cut it really uneven and short. She’s used to it now and she likes it.”

She also talked about Mr. Pink’s Ginseng Energy Drink. “I’m actually happy to be here with my brothers right now,” Paris told CBS’ KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. “I’m happy to promote healthiness.”

Michael Jackson's children together Paris Jackson Prince Jackson Blanket Jackson

Meanwhile, Prince Jackson was sporting a pair of Michael Jackson inspired sunglasses, which made him look more like Corey Feldman that his dad. Prince’s response to questions about why he was there to promote Mr. Pink’s energy drink? “It’s a healthy drink, and a lot of people drink energy drinks, so, I mean, if they’re going to drink something, they might as well drink something healthy.”

Here are a few awkward Q&As with La Toya, Paris, and Prince — apparently Blanket isn’t much for interviews.

La Toya Jackson mentions in one of the interviews that “Mr. Pink was a friend. He’s a neighbor. He was a friend of their dad’s as well.” And apparently Michael Jackson wasn’t the only friend he had! Ol Mr. Pink seems to have a lot of pull, with his hey day being back in the 1990s. In addition to the Jackson family, the event was attended by David Arquette, Wayne Gretzky, and Lindsay Lohan. There were also celebs in attendance who had their break more recently, including Anna Kendrick, Audrina Patridge, and Kimora Lee Simmons.

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