VIDEO PHOTOS Meet Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom 2 and 16 and Pregnant

Chelsea Houska from 16 and Pregnant Season 2 with boyfriend Adam and daughter Aubree

Another week, another episode of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant with SERIOUS baby daddy drama! Episode four features Chelsea Houska and baby daddy Adam Lind of South Dakota and judging from the preview clip it’s going to be slacker boyfriend number four!

UPDATE (Winter 2010) – Chelsea and Adam are back together!

Here’s the 411 on Chelsea:
Full name: Chelsea Anne Houska
Age: 18 (17 when pregnant)
Daughter: Aubree Skye ??? (Don’t know if it’s Lind or Houska)
Aubree’s birthday: September 7, 2009
Hometown: Vermillion, South Dakota
Baby daddy: Adam Lind of Hartford, South Dakota
Dad: Randy Houska, a dentist
Older sisters: Emily, Angie and Melissa
Grade: Senior in high school
Favorite Movie: Step Brothers
Favorite Cereal: Fruity Pebbles
Favorite Actor: Bradley Cooper
Tattoos: 1 on my hip (love in cursive), 1 on my wrist (blessed in cursive) 1 on the back of my neck (2 tiger lilies)
Favorite Colors: Orange and pink
Car: Orange Volkswagen Beetle convertible
Relationship status: SINGLE!

According to Chelsea’s Formspring account she tried to make it work with Adam, but found out he was cheating on her with other girls and they eventually split up permanently. Three weeks ago she was still hopeful that they would get married, but on Tuesday she answered these Adam questions:

are you with adam still?

You think its a good thing that Adam isn’t in Aubree’s life? Or do you wish he was? Also, what made you want to name your beautiful daughter Aubree? Cute Girl!
umm…i think right now its for the best that he isnt, just because i dont think he’s mature enough to be a dad right now. but i always wish she had a mom AND a dad. i’ve always liked the name, i think its very cute and girlie..thank youuuuuu!!! :]

It seems, much like some of the other girls on the show, Chelsea and Adam have had an on again/off again relationship and they’re currently Off with a capital “O.” The two were broken up around Christmas time but apparently got back together on New Year’s. From Chelsea’s Formspring:

what made adam change the way he was?
he cheated on me over christmas break and i was f***ing over it. like done. and he came to my house on new years and tried making it better and idk i decided to get him one more chance and he’s doing a ton better

Here’s a photo from New Year’s posted on Adam’s Facebook page showing the happy couple back together:

16 and Pregnant's Chelsea Houska and boyfriend Adam had an on again/off again relationship
Chelsea Houska and baby daddy Adam get back together on New Year’s

But, speaking of Adam’s Facebook, the most recent split between the two has turned rather vitriolic. Here are a couple posts by Adam from the last couple days:

Adam: f**k 16 and pregnant i did it for the cash :)

[Friend’s comment] Do you really mean this adam?? seriously you have one of the cutest baby girls in the world you should really take advantage of it… and i also don’t understand how people can actually like this status.. kind of disgusts me!

Adam [response]: wut does my status have to do wit my daughter i will always love her but i hate that stupid f**kng show and i hate stupid f**ng chelsea i dont give 2 sh*ts how many ppl like her statuses and how many ppl talk sh*t bout me to her and how many of my friends talk to her they can go right ahead but only a few ppl know the truth bout the crazy a$$ thats me and schlutz and cody so ya i am sorry thats just the way i am now all cuz of her

And in response to Chelsea’s quote on her Facebook page that reads, “any boy can make a baby but it takes a MAN to be a daddy.” Adam posted, “takes a girl to have a baby and take care of it but it takes a WOMEN to treat her man good and not be a complete f***ing PHSYCO!”

Yeeeesh! My take on these shows and teen pregnancy in general is that the girls aren’t able to live in denial because they see their growing bellies everyday, but it’s easier for the boys to pretend like nothing’s different. Plus, after the birth it’s usually the moms taking care of the children so once again it’s easy for the dad to not be forced to grow up. I suppose that’s an obvious observation, but I think it helps explain why 90% of the boys on these shows come off as jerks. They are jerks, but that’s mostly because they are teenagers who haven’t been forced to deal with the fact that they are fathers. (That doesn’t explain the psychotic viciousness of Nikkole’s Josh or the alcoholism of Jenelle’s Andrew.)

I’m not defending these boys, just saying that the show reveals that mothers can’t really pretend and act like they’re not pregnant. They can’t keep partying, they can’t go to the mall without people knowing they’re pregnant – they have to deal with it.

Chelsea Houska and daughter Aubree in the hospital

Here are a couple more interesting Q&As from Chelsea’s Formspring, including addressing being a party girl:

do you think that the partying and such led to you being less responsible about having protected sex?
probably ya

did u drink or smoke during your pregnancy?
never ever…EVER.

ah! who was ur favorite on team mom, i love maci,ryan and bentley and Caitlynn and tyler. Maci and ryan are so cute I hope they stay together
ummm..i like maci and farrah. i hope maci doesnt stay with ryan :/ he’s a jerk

What made you want to be on 16 & preg, and what was your reaction when you found out you were chosen?
welllll you see, i never actually thought i would get chosen, or that they would even write me back! hah. i watched the first season and i was pregnant at the time and i really was able to relate with some of the girls and watch how they handled certain situations, and i wanted to be able to do the same for other girls

We look forward to next Tuesday! Chelsea sounds like a fun girl with the maturity to step up and deal with the responsibilities of having a child while being a teenager. To see photos and videos of her beautiful daughter Aubree, hop on over to Chelsea Houska’s official Facebook page and become a fan!

UPDATE – In case you haven’t heard, Chelsea Houska will be one of four 16 and Pregnant Season 2 girls to be featured on MTV’s second installment of Teen Mom set to premiere January 11, 2011! You can CLICK HERE to keep up on all things Chelsea!

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  • justine

    adam is a fricken dead beat!!

    • kecey

      chelsea is a risponsible mother! Adam is hot but he is the biggest a** in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • monica

        wow adam is treating her bad she does eerything and she gets treated horrible that is so wrong i feel so bad for chelsea :( u can do so much better!!!! add me pplz on facebook monica shaw

  • Jayde:)

    So far my favorites are Nikkole and Chelsea, XD they don’t annoy me

  • dana white

    Chelsea just slurped me up last week…and swallowed my nut, adam f**k off.

  • Corey M

    Chelsea your real cute. if adam don’t want you, then i’ll take you and the baby. she’s adorable. :) Just like you. Ya’ll can do better

    • kecey

      How sweet you have her back!

  • http://imonfacebookandmyspace MERCEDES

    hey girl i was watching u on tv just let me say u r not ugly or fat your babys dad is a pathetic dead beat who needs to put u down cuz he cant man up to his responsibilitys so he needs to make himself feel better which he really just sounds ignorant i know its hard cuz u want him in your lil girls life and u care for him alot but any guy would be lucky to have u and your adorable daughter in their life DONT LET ANYONE EVER PUT U DOWN CUZ YOUR A GOOD MOM AND PERSON TAKE CARE

    • Sara

      I never write or even look at people from TV shows, but I feel like I understand where you are coming from. I was 17 when I was pregnant and my ex was exactly the same as yours. A part of me always felt like I wanted to be with my ex and involve him in my babies life. My mistake was I married my ex. My ex would call and tell me what a piece of crap I was just because I went out once. You appear to be a good mom and just remember it gets better and there are great guys out there who don’t care that you have a baby and will love the both of you.
      My daughter is now 7 and I am expecting a another baby with my husband who is wonderful. I just wanted to share that life without a jerk makes your life better even though at times you may feel alone in the long run your life will make more sense because you really learn who you are without anyone but you and your child. I hope this helps you.

  • http://16andPreganant? Alexis

    Chelsea, Okay Hun I Know You Want Him In Your Life &l In Your Baby Aubrees Life.. But The Way He Treats You Will Only Get Worse He May Be Doing Better Now But In The Long Run He’ll Turn Around &l Do The Same…By Him Telling You That Your Not Being A Parent Is So Stupid Your Being More Of A Parent Then He Is Maybe You Should Just Tell Him You Need A Break &l Can’t Take His Crap Anymore, Im Almost Positive That He’ll Step Up Cause You’re Stepping Up Rather Then Letting Him Step All Over You!
    Well There is my opinion.

  • Kait

    Chelsea the way Adam treated you was horrible no one deserves that. Aubree is freakin adorable and any man would be damn lucky to have you two in thier lifes. I know that you want Aubree to have her dad in her life, I mean what good mom doesn’t but she only deserves a daddy who treats her mommy right cause we may not know it but babies can feel the tention between the two of you. What he said to you was horrifying, it was asinine, ignorant and pig headed of him to say and what he said about Aubree should be illegal for anyone to say ” just tell me where and when to sign the papers over for that mistake” what a f**king d**k head. You and Aubree deserve so much more & I completly agree with you changing her last name… I love you and lil Aubree!!!! : P

  • Ginger Kibel

    Opps had aother one LMAO! anyway, i saw the marathon yesterday and watched your story among many others, and yours touched my heart so much! i just want to first say what NO ONE else said on the show (well, what was shown from the show, but I hope and pray you hear this a lot) but baby girl, you are a d**n good mommy! I am so proud of you, your efforts, and your strength! i know it’s hard, but you keep doing what’s best for your little girl. She is an angel. No one can EVER take that away from you, and trust me she will know later in life when you are her are best of friends, where her “father’s” place in her life is. you are way better off. I was a teen mom, pregnanat at 16 too, had my first child at 17, he is 15 now, WOW and a hand full, but at 32 today he will be graduating when i am 36 and oh yeah, i will be the hot mom in the stands the day he graduates LOL … anyway i married his father at 18, and had 2 other kids with him, but 15 years later we divorced – i have been on my own now 3 years and wish i would have done it sooner, best thing i ever did. That’s a whole show in itself lol – but i have been where you are right now … your dad is the greatest dad in the whole wide world, and you will find that for your little girl some day, i promise. your beautiful, and smart and you have a lot of family support … you dont need him and it’s clear to me now that you realize that. I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU, AND YOU ARE A GREAT MOM CHELSEA! STICK WITH IT, E MAIL ME ANY TIME. TAKE CARE SWEETIE!

  • Britney

    Hi Chelsea!

    I loved your story, you are one of the best moms Ive seen on 16 and pregnant. You can tell how much you love your daughter. As for Adam, hes a complete immature idiot. Thank god your beautiful daughter got her looks from you and not that ugly moron. You are so gorgeous and I know in the future you’ll find a man that is truly a man and not a boy, who will love you and your daughter the way you two should be loved. Adam will realize his mistake in the future when he matures, their is nothing more important in life than family. Have a Amazing life, your an incredible person!

  • Fábio Tuga

    very simple:

    you are Hot
    your ex is a mother*****
    kiss from portugal

  • Cheyanne

    Adam is doesnt know what he is missing on it brought me to tears everytime i see your episode your daughter is gorgoues just like her mommy. My friend looks just like you I was like o.m.g. Chelsea keep up the good work and give aubree a kiss for me.

  • Annonymous

    Uhm lets not forget the fact that ur a minor holding a budlight…wheres ur daughter at on her 1st new years??

    • sierra

      you need to shut up and leave her alone ok

      • kecey

        yea i agree! a** hole leave her alone

        • Mindy

          haha! you guys can get defensive all you want, but its true! She is a minor and she’s drinking. I understand being a teenage mother, but instead of being out drinking with your baby daddy who treats you like sh*t, you need to be home taking care of your newborn daughter. Anyone who defends are is just as bad of a person as she is! Its not fair to her daughter to pawn her off on someone so you can go out and have a good time. You’re a mother now whether you like it or not, you’re the one who chose to have unprotected sex, and you’re the one who chose to have a child, you need to take care of your responsibilities and act like the adult you claim to be. And no I’m not a hater, i have nothing against Chelsea, I think her and her daughter are both very beautiful, but I’m just stating facts. So go ahead and talk all the sh*t you want but like i said if you defend her, you’re just as bad as she is!

    • Cassieee

      HAHAHAHAHAH notice how you wrote the cmnt bein annonymous. come on bitch grow up. shes a teenager, she should be able to have fun everyonce & a while. shes a GREAT mother.

  • sierra

    I love chelsea alot Adam ur a horrible friggin dad and no wonder Chelsea took ur last name off aubrees name ……..She will find someone way F******* BETTER THAN UR DUMB @$$ ……..Chelsea you are a beautiful young woman and i love u and Maci alot and i wish the best to you and you kno right now you dnt need a man the man you have is your daddy and he loves you very very much and wants the best 4 u and you ARE VERYYYYYYYYYY VERYY STONG KEEP YOUR HEAD ON TIGHT …….And email me anytime i would love 4 you to email me back best wishes sierra …..xoxo Sierra

  • kathy

    Hey sweetie I just saw the show and I had to write you, I was a single mother with two kids and now they are grown and they are happy and smart despite the absence of there dead beat dad. You need to run with that gorgeous little girl as far away from adam as possible he will NEVER EVER change… heed my advise honey this comes from experience, my ex was verbally abusive as well, listen to your father, he knows what he talking about, you are young and pretty and smart listen to the ones around you who really care about you… Adam is the biggest loser ever, you and that precious little girl deserve way better
    kat from cali

  • Dave

    It seems Adam Lind is still a spoiled illiterate child who would not survive a week outside of the comfy confines of his extremely limited environment. People like him never grow up simply because they don’t have to.

    Fortunately, Chelsea has one mature and responsible father in her life (her dad). Hopefully she will lose Adam for good and focus on what is really important in her life.

  • Destiny

    I honestly cant believe Adam said that honestly thats cruel he did 16 and pregnant for the money like come on and honestly i think he needs to get his stuff stright like sesorlyy?? come on

  • chelsea :)

    Wow i feal bad that mother****** was in ur life. wow he needs to get his prioritys strait if he wanted a child he had sex and if he didnt then he shouldnt have sex………………………well (this is to him) TAME YOUR PENIS!!!!!!!! st op flinging it all over the place
    Love u chelsea good luck

  • jackson hole

    Chelsea looks like someone who would have a baby at a young age….traaaaaashyyyyy.

  • http://Starcasm Gabrielle

    I think she needs to dump Adam :) he’s a jerk.

  • Jessica

    I would like to know how Chelsea did to get her hair done blonde. I love it and I would love to try to do it like her. Thankz lots

  • CrystalMichelle92

    I looove chelsea sooo much . i really dnt understand how she back with adam thooo he aint nothing bt a peice of sh*t and he not even cuteee ugh i heard she suprised by a new babyy dam i hope it aint with that busted a** redneck looking mf’er ! , anyways love yuuu chelsea ur daughter adorable n yur dad seems like a nice dad. dnt ever get back wit that peice of trashh . :)

  • alyssa

    yea i think tht adam is a HORABLE schoice and if she were 2 say with him it wouldnt be good.! and chelsea girl ur beautiful and i love u ur my facorite on the show.!
    -looove alyssa

  • Kenzie Ree

    you don’t need Adam he is just a stupid jerk that won’t ever change
    I love aubree she is so cute you are a wonderful mommy to her keep up the good work

    take care
    Kenzie Ree

  • monica

    wow i feel so bad for chelsea she doesnt diserve this shit

  • Caroline

    ok so you’re all lame for stalking and idolizing someone just because they’re on tv. Theres probably 300 other girls on your block alone in the same kind of situation. Just let her get on with her life and by the way that interview is bullshit and fake.

  • whitney

    hey im a hugee fan of teen mom 2, chelsea ur my favorite on the show and i think ur a great mom! :) and adam might get frustrated at times but u can tell hes trying to be the best dad hes young soo maybe its just hard for him lol, plz reply 😉

  • ashleigh mcfalls

    hey my name is ashleigh mcfalls an im 16 an pregnant im having a boy an when i watch ur show it mmakes me hope my baby daddy wont be like adam. but so far hes staying an is very prtective & btw i think that your a great mom to your daughter & could get such a better man!! adam is a d!ck-head who dosnt know what he has at all && trust me karmas gonna b a B!t%h for him for later on who knows he might get an s.t.d….

  • Daniel

    Seriously, I’m surprised this show even has a “following” like it does. People are praising these “kids” for having kids of their own? Pathetic, if i’m honest.

    It honestly doesn’t matter if they’re “great mothers” as some of the prior comments have stated, or if the dads are dead beats, they shouldn’t be having kids in the first place.

    And to those who’ve essentially condoned the whole underage drinking situation in the above comments, grow up – seriously, you’re everything that is wrong with this country.

    These shows, in my honest opinion, do very little do discern those who are even “considering” having a child – in fact – if anything, a fair amount, seem to even encourage it. Have sex, get on TV, become famous, is that really the message we should be sending to “kids”/our youth? I’ll agree that there is always at least one exception, and perhaps – just perhaps, at least one of the mothers will look back in the future with no regrets – but for the rest who’ve risked their education, and the like? I can’t see it.

    I’m disappointed with how things are going in the world, quite frankly. It appalls me. And this isn’t coming from an “elderly” – I’m in my early 20’s and… I just think this is pathetic.

    If they’d put have the effort into actually making something of themselves, and focusing entering a “working relationship”, they’d have a much better future ahead of them. And they’d have the option of having a child at the right time, when they have the correct means to provide for them, by themselves.

  • NakedTruthTN

    I wouldn’t mind backing my tail up on to his crotch like she’s doing in the NYE picture!