ONLINE BONUS CLIP VIDEO – Valerie Fairman from 16 & Pregnant tries to ask for help from baby daddy Matt


This season of 16 & Pregnant the baby daddies are 3 for 3 in the deadbeat department, with last episode’s Josh being the reigning champion with his sociopathic ways.

The father of Valerie Fairman’s child is a young man named Matt, who has aspirations of skipping town and never seeing Valerie again. In one poignant scene’s he’s takes a break from singing along to a rap song with his homie to comment about how he doesn’t need the drama Valerie brings to his precious, unemployed life. His astute friend and adviser recommends that he get a DNA before he

Below is the bonus scene where Matt tells Valerie basically not to talk to him unless it’s about the baby. He doesn’t want to be friends, or have any sort of relationship with her until he “gets some things sorted out inside.” In an odd turn of generosity however, he does offer to be available for any of those esoteric things that the baby needs. Eventually though, Matt finds an out for even this empty promise by moving 200 miles from Valerie before the baby’s born.

Dialogue from the above scene:
Scene: Sitting in a parkValerie: Are you going to be?

Matt: Here for the baby shower?

Valerie: Yeah. I would like it if you were.

Matt: You really would? I can’t, sorry. I’m really sorry.

Valerie: I just wanted us to just work stuff out and just be like it used to be.

Matt: I don’t want a relationship, like, period. You know what I mean? I just want to get some things sorted out insdide and everything.

Valerie: So we can’t, like, be friends or anything?

Matt: I don’t want to do that ’cause it’s just gonna lead to stuff. Put it like that.
It’s gonna lead to things.

Valerie: So you’re saying like, if everything works out with you, then you can start thinking about . .

Matt: A relationship, yes.

Valerie: But if it doesn’t it’s like I’m just a girl who’s having your baby, and that’s it.

Matt: I guess you could say probably as of this second.

Valerie: This sucks. I can’t just like wait around until you’re ready cause what if I need help with the baby
from you.Like if I need you to watch her or something.

Matt: Call me up, I’ll do it. I’ll definitely do that. Only time will tell this stuff between
me and you, but I definitely want things with the baby to be okay no matter what.

Valerie: I just feel like I’m doing it all by myself.

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