UPDATE Jenelle files charges against Nathan, arrest warrant issued

Nathan Griffith wanted poster

The New Hanover County Police Department is learning quickly that their newest resident, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, is going to mean a much heavier workload. One day after Jenelle returned from her Florida vacation to find her car and its contents missing, she has filed charges against her ex, Nathan Griffith, who now has a warrant out for his arrest.

Fortunately for Nathan, his name was on the title of the vehicle in question, along with Jenelle’s. As a result, the charge he faces is only for misdemeanor larceny because of the items that were in the car.

“It’s a misdemeanor larceny charge,” Lt. Brewer of the New Hanover County Sheriffs Office tells Radar Online. “She claims he took a car seat, bracelet, tanning lotion, clothing and some other items with a total value of a $1000.”

Radar spoke with “a source close to Jenelle” who reveals more details about what exactly is missing. “He took jewelry, an iPad, a car seat, stroller, her kids’ jackets, her jacket, tanning lotion worth a lot of money, and more,” says the source.

Grand Theft Auto Nathan Griffith

We previously assumed that the car was taken from Jenelle’s house, but it has since been revealed that the Grand Theft Takeback Auto incident took place at the airport after Jenelle left her car in long-term parking! “Nathan knows where she parks the car when she is out of town and he has spare keys,” Radar’s source says.

The source also says that the loss of her whip won’t impact Jenelle too much. “Jenelle is going to get a new car, so she could care less about that,” he/she says. “But Nathan’s not the greatest person for doing it in the first place and it hurts Jenelle so bad that he would do this to his own son.”

Jenelle was reportedly advised by her attorney to press charges against Nathan in the incident, but the big question still remains: Since Jenelle is back in North Carolina now, does that mean she is being represented by the inimitable Dustin Sullivan once again?!

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