Jenelle Evans says Randy Houska ignores Aubree, calls him a ‘creepy Teen Mom troll’

Jenelle Evans Randy Houska feud

As we reported yesterday, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans WENT OFF on the father of her co-star Chelsea Houska after he posted a snarky tweet regarding a scene in which Jenelle was screaming with her mother Barbara in front of her son Jace. Jenelle called Randy Houska a “fat f**k” during a string of irate tweets that she later deleted. But, just because she deleted the tweets, that doesn’t mean she isn’t still upset about the whole thing.

Jenelle later spoke with Radar Online about the Twitter spat, and it’s clear she is still furious at Randy — not just for the tweet about her screaming in front of Jace, but for previous derogatory comments he has directed at her over the years.

“He just makes it look like I’m psycho,” Jenelle says. “He never has anything nice to say and I don’t say a damn thing about him. I don’t get it.” She insists that his opinion of her is not accurate. “I’m not as bad as a person Randy thinks,” Jenelle insists, “but if he wants to spend his time checking Twitter daily like it’s his job, then so be it. He’s just now another creepy Teen Mom troll in my book.”

Jenelle then goes from defense to offense as she turns the table on the South Dakota dentist. “Maybe that’s why Aubree is ignored…his attention is dedicated to Twitter, not his family.”

In case that “Aubree is ignored” comment threw you off, Jenelle is referencing the current season of Teen Mom 2 in which producers are pushing the story line of Chelsea’s daughter Aubree not getting as much attention since the birth of her little brother Watson. “He should be more focused on Aubree being ignored,” Jenelle adds, “since all they show is me yelling and if that’s true and that’s all we do 24/7…then I guess MTV is true about Aubree being ignored since Watson has been born.”

Much as she did in her deleted tweets, Jenelle insists that all of her anger issues are her mother Barbara’s fault. “The only time I’m angry is if my mom comes around,” Jenelle explains. “Yes, of course my mom brings out the worst in me so we are bound to argue sometimes, but it’s gotten better and everything is a lot more calmer on my end.”

Jenelle Evans Buddhist monastery photo

At the time of Randy’s tweet, Jenelle says she was having a romantic dinner with her fiancé in California, a day after attending the MTV Video Music Awards. “He ruined my dinner with David in Santa Monica, making me cry because I was so upset by him making these comments over the years,” Jenelle reveals. She then says Dr. Randy might be facing some scolding from producers over the incident. “Larry my producer texted me telling me he was extremely sorry for Randy’s actions and agreed it was wrong and will be reaching out to him about his behavior.”

Randy Houska has still yet to respond.

UPDATE – Randy just referenced FatF**kgate with a funny response to one of his fans from New Zealand (!!!) who complimented him on Twitter. “You’re hilarious, honest & raised a great daughter,” the person tweeted. “If my dad was half the man you are I’d be stoked. #1NewZealandFan” Here is Randy’s response:

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska quietly celebrated her 26th birthday on Tuesday! She shared a photo of a cupcake with a single burning candle and penned this caption:

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes and love yesterday! I spent the day with my family and I could not be happier. Year 25 was one hell of a year and I’m not sure how I’m gonna top it, but bring on 26! I can only imagine what amazing things life has in store next ? I am so grateful.

On a side note, I highly recommend the JEmoji App! Now we just need a Randemoji App to go with it…

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  • Whatever

    Why was she reading twitter while on a romantic dinner with her fiancee?

    • Ashley

      My thought exactly.

    • It’s me

      What you expect the 2 of them to have a conversation with each other…without cameras?

      • Victoria

        What does David do for a living? Jenelle said he work’s but babe is always at home.
        And who is paid for the ring mtv

        • Denise

          No, her mother said that he quit his job a couple of months after being with Janelle. She probably wanted him to stay home to take care of the kids. SMH

    • Victoria

      Please everyone knows jenelle lie’s I’m team randy on this one

  • Just a thought

    Maybe Jenelle should quit social media and focus on herself and her family.

    • It’s me

      Yeah right & i suppose you think she should actually get a job & be a productive member of society

  • shira275

    sorry there is too much wrong with her i don’t know where to start. it’s only randys and babs fault, you know guys!!! i just arguing when my mother is around. i never arguing with my boooyfriend/fiance/maybe husband/ who knows/who cares. i’m yelling in front of children because my mother has them always with her. i don’t get it! do you have your children 24/7? randy ruined my dinner with david…
    sorry i can’t. it is very sad that she really thinks someone believes her and will have compassion. will she ever grow up and begin to realize that if it is always the other that may be she is the problem or at least tries to avoid such situations. because at the end of the day you are responsible for your behavior no matter what.

    • Victoria

      Her and David never argue though lol

  • Meh..

    Same old low-life f*ckery from this little unevolving twit. All of those kids should be nowhere near her and her felonious sidepiece-of-the-year. It’s good Barbara has Jace in therapy, maybe the only saving grace from all of this.

  • TinaBelchersGroan

    I pray to the Teen Mom Gods that Chelsea pulls an Amber and confronts Jenelle’s ungrateful ass at the next reunion. Don’t bring kids into your childish behavior and if any of these kids are ignored it’s Kaiser and Jace.

    • Guest

      You don’t think it’s childish of a grown-ass grandpa to make snarky comments online?

      • Chewy

        If I were Randy I wouldn’t waste my time with little ms swoosh eyebrows Arby’s beef sandwich. But I do think he is calling her out on her bad behavior and proving how unstable she is by her reactions. She fell into his trap because she has no brain. What Jenelle does to “her” kids is disgusting. The mind games, yelling, etc is gross. She will never change and continue to look like an unfit fool of a “mom.” I would applaud her if she got help, got on meds, and got her life together but until then….

      • TinaBelchersGroan

        Quick thank you to Starcasm for not posting my first comment ??
        Anyway. Jenelle doesn’t need Randy to make her look bad. She does that on her own with the stuff she puts on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat and everything that is filmed. If she were so happy with where she is in life Randy would be a non factor. Do I think Randy sometimes becomes too involved? Yes. But let’s not pretend that what he’s saying isn’t true. That’s why Jenelle got so mad. Because everyone knows who she is under her fake Instagram and Twitter posts. Jenelle was, is, and always will be a crappy person. She could get her life together and even get Jace back (HA!) and I’d never consider her a good mom. She’s inflicted too much emotional/mental/physical damage onto people including her own mother, kids, and even her pets. You can’t wipe that clean. You can’t start over from that. Her kids will have life long problems stemming from her actions and how she treated them. Do you remember the picture she posted of Jace holding Ensly for the first time? That poor boy looked so unhappy. You could see it in his eyes how heartbroken he was that his “mom” had another kid while he was tossed aside. She is ugly inside and out.

    • theStevieJBus

      There is a big difference here though. Farrah and Simon were the ones starting stuff with Amber. Janelle (for once) was minding her own business, Randy is the one who started this mess.

  • DeeDeDee

    Randy can be a twitter troll, but why is her behaviors or reactions seemingly never her fault? She will never take responsibility for anything, ever.

  • Ashley

    HA trust me Jenelle, Randy is not the one making you look “psycho.” That is all on you!!

    • Victoria

      She lie’s just like jace texted her a one page essay how he wants to live with her

  • sysmjp

    Yea bc if not for Randy Houska no one would have thought Jenelle was psycho. Does she actually believe her nonsense? Randy should be a non-factor in her life. This rant alone reaffirms her psycho.

    • It’s me

      She is so jealous of Chelsea (she cried because people were happy for Chelseas pregnancy & not hers & other dumb stuff)
      If it was anyone elses dad she wouldnt say anything.

      • Victoria

        Yeah she’s copying Chelsea
        She’s even copying her wedding idea. Sad like this marriage will last

  • LA79

    Chelsea, where you at? No response at all here? Maybe Jenelle is intentionally trying to goad Chelsea into a reaction, but I would have already lost my shit on that white trash junkie when she made the first comment about her dad. Now she’s brought Aubree into it….

    Jenelle is the real troll. She’s just too stupid to realize it.

  • Chewy

    Jenelle is the poster child for borderline personality disorder.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      As someone with bpd, I agree lol

    • Victoria

      They had a therapist tell her that remember when Gary “strangled” her

  • It’s me

    “He just makes it look like I’m psycho,”
    No Jenelle you fo that all by yourself

  • ameliaBedelia76

    checking twitter everyday? Don’t most ppl who tweet do that anyway? Plus, dave was just complaining about her laying bed all day on the phone so…

  • theStevieJBus

    As messed up as Janelle is, she is right about Randy. We are talking about a grown ass man of 50+ years old trolling a 20 something reality star. Especially considering he’d be pissed if some of the other TM co-stars started pointing out Chelsea’s issues.

    I’m really hoping Janelle goes into full meltdown mode and starts spilling some tea on Randy and Chelsea, MTV loves to paint Chelsea as some perfect mom but I have a feeling she has dirt just like the other moms.

  • BreeMorey

    She just sad that her Fiance has melty face……

  • Caty P. :)

    Chelsea turning 26… sometimes I forget how young these ladies are still. Some of the general drama might (might!) mellow with age, you get old & tired & can’t be bothered, lol 😉

    I do not expect Jenelle and/or Randy drama to quit, though, anytime soon.

  • DanaD

    Jenelle seriously commented about Aubree being ignored?? ??? Somebody send her montage of all the times she ignored Jace. I will never forget that scene of him staring out the screen door while she without hugging or even saying goodbye. How does she keep forgetting ALL this is on film!

  • Kail’s Fake Ass

    Oh this is rich coming from someone who ignored their own kid for like, 7 years.