VIDEO Javi Marroquin plays Shag, Marry, Kill with Chelsea, Farrah and Jenelle

Farrah Abraham and Javi Marroquin wedding

Teen Mom 2 dad Javi Marroquin recently sat down to answer some “rapid fire questions,” including a game of “Shag, Marry, Kill” choosing from Teen Mom stars Chelsea houska, Farrah Abraham, and Jenelle Evans. I know that 99% of every post on the the internet claims “the answer may surprise you,” but I know for a fact that Javi’s will!

SPOILER ALERT: Javi would marry Farrah!!!

Here’s the full video in which Javi explains his controversial choices while answering a few other fun questions to boot:

CASEY: Shag, Marry, Kill: Teen Mom Edition.

JAVI: Oh geez, here we go!

CASEY: Jenelle Evans, Farrah Abraha, or Chelsea Houska?

JAVI: Oh man! I’m not going to marry Chelsea because Cole is one of my good friends. So, I’m not going to say Chelsea “marry.” Um, I’m going to kill Chelsea just because she’s getting married to Cole, and I love Cole, so I’m going to kill Chelsea — no offense. I’m going to marry Farrah, and I’ll shag Jenelle.

Erf! I’m thinking Cole would be more angry that you would want to kill Chelsea instead of marry her! And I’m sure the internet (and Farrah) will have something to say about being Javi’s spousal choice. (In Javi’s defense, Farrah does come with her own engagement ring, so that’s a positive.)

Things sure would have been much easier for Javi if he had just been given a different “marry” option:

Javi Marroquin Babs Evans

Here are some of the rest of the highlights from the “rapid fire” session with Javi:

Reality show in addition to Teen Mom 2 that he would like to be on: Chrisley Knows Best

Celebrity Crush: Crossfit athlete Brooke Wells

Favorite sweaty activity: Crossfit

Choice for last meal on Earth: Honey chipotle chicken crispers from Chili’s

Blondes or Brunettes? Blondes

Male celebrity he’d most like to have a bromance with: The Rock Dwayne Johnson

So it sounds like heaven for Javi would be guest starring on Chrisley Knows Best alongside The Rock and Brooke Wells in an episode in which they all do some crossfit training before heading to Chili’s for some chicken crispers. I confess, that sounds pretty good to me too! (I didn’t include the parts where he kills Chelsea, shags Jenelle, and then marries Farrah.)

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